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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Being in Love....

Having listened and experienced the turmoil of a man in love - scared to love and sabbotage his potential future because he cannot heal the past, I can relate to the stupid things they can say, and then when going to far - maybe to test how far they can go, to say 'I Love You' - and each time this happens, I am not the only person who has wondered, how many more times....When women love, and I mean really love - we love unconditionally. But we can still hurt deeply. We women when we are really in love - we are vulnerable too. There is nothing worse than friends meaning well, but often their opinions, fears and ideals are based on their own perceptions and not everyone says 'what do you really want? Is this the one for you? If you love him or her, go for it!!! This week I have been caught up in helping a couple communicate with each other and listen to each other...not what they think the other person is thinking. When they got together I recall saying, This is YOUR relationship....only YOU know what you find special in each other and if anyone tries to interfere - especially to create doubts, ask Yourself - are you prepared to give up each other because of what someone else says. These are some hard lessons I have had to personally face....When we seek real lasting love in our heart and soul - nothing less will do. When we find that soulmate relationship, it is a relationship that tests us to assist our healing and help us grow. Some of these relationships are lasting..others will part ways, for a greater love. In the heart of both individuals, is the knowledge if a relationship is mutual; based on unconditional love and meant to last a lifetime.

I wish you much love and a lifetime of happiness!!!

Pauline Maria

Article By Pauline Maria Copyright 2009 ~ All Rights Reserved

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Hi Pauline,

I read some of your postings here. I like the essence of the contents, especially about 'soulmate relationship'.