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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Friday, 29 January 2010

Shine Your Light

In my life and spiritual journey, I recognise that everyone is meant to be here...Everyone is entitled to be here and there is a greater force beyond than any human can fully understand.

We are all connected. Some people will replenish each other. There are people we will meet for a short while and move on. We are all in some way instrumental in each others lives. There will be people who will cause turmoil and even those who hurt other people, we can learn and grow. We do not see the bigger picture.

One friend wrote a heartfelt message and related us being a leaf on a tree, I like this! We 'all' have a connection to nature and our place in the world. We are by comparison all lights connected to the divine. We are all shining individually and illuminating each other and the world we live in with our own divine connection. No matter what, the light that shines from within you, shines brightly.

When we can accept that everyone is entitled to be on this planet and we all have our own light, that cannot be extinguished, then perhaps we can let go of the need to control and hold expectations from each other. We have no right to tell people from different nations how they should shine their light, or even not at all. From the brightest of lights - People like Mother Theresa and Princess Diana, their light will not be eradicated from history. From those who are seen as dark destructive forces - they took orders, they were influenced and we also judged. We are all wrongly judged.

When we can see the light in our friend and neighbour, even a passing stranger and smile - we light up their world and in this our light shines much brighter. When we can see everyone from our caring and compassionate heart, we can begin to realise that everyone has a heart and in the right environment, they can be caring and compassionate too. When we see the light in those who hurt others - we must realise they have been hurt and influenced. Many people are reacting from past hurts and violations. The people who are seen as a threat, may be desperate to heal pain, even from generations. When we acknowledge our light we illuminate the truth. We shine our light for need in this world.

When we see the light in each other and every person who is on this planet, we discover there no need in society to steal from another or keep someone down. And just because someone is misguided or trying to extinguish the light of another person - that does not mean you need to follow the same action. In this present time, many atrocities are going on in the world - People are being killed, some because they happen to be in the wrong place in the wrong time. Many wrongfully blamed. We are all human who are shining divine light - we have no right to take anyone's life.

The universal laws of life apply. Cause and affect - For every action there is a reaction. What is happening in this world has come from consequence. When people play GOD, they get it very wrong. The law of Karma gives us many opportunities to learn lessons. The same lesson may be presented in different ways several times. We must put right 'our' wrongs or we will pay the price - eventually!

There will always be a universe of lights shining brightly - each illuminating each other. Light will go on. Nature will nurture. We can see those who are caring and compassionate and those who are consumed with greed and hate. We can choose to be inspired by anyone we want. We can also choose to fight or live in peace.

When we embrace the real meaning of unconditional love, then this nurturing love will enable everyone to progress forward to live in peace and harmony. We still need to learn how to share and care about humanity. There is so much to learn. We must open our minds and accept everyone's birthright - to shine their light!

When we are able to be people united in the real world, we can all help each other. Everyone has their unique gifts and qualities that are an asset in this world. In the cosmic plan we must evolve now not regress. It is the unconditional love from your your heart to everyone that starts something really exceptional in this world. Your divine light and unconditional love holds all the power!

Thank you for your love and shining your light into my world.

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

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