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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 12 February 2010

The Hunger for Power Exposed!

The driving force within an individual determines if someone will be self serving or generous and considerate to others. This is formed in childhood, reinforced in teens, applied in twenties and becomes ingrained as part of our 'make up' throughout our years.

Not everyone was brought up to share or consider other people. Not everyone cares about anyone other than their own self. Not everyone is comfortable with strangers - some people are influenced to see foreigners detrimentally. Many people fear people from other lands. The influence for how we see and interact with other people starts from our childhood and influences.

If we are not taught good manners, moderation, fairness, honesty and sharing between family members and friends - we may not realise how we our words and actions greatly impact other people, family, friends, colleagues and strangers further down the line as adults. Consideration is lacking in this world. People talk of fight to survive. The dog eat dog mentality has come from people who do not know any different. The rat race is a road to nowhere!

When greed takes over, other people are going to suffer and do without - the gain is money but very little else. When someone is capable of lying, cheating and stealing from another without care or conscience, people are asking why and how do they get away with it? There is a saying 'Birds of a feather flock together'

Behind closed doors of those who are selfish, are people who may not realise that giving and consideration in the long term will win friends and favour. Who would trust a friend who will steal from you - is this a friend? Seemingly successful people have flaws in their personality; some an emotionally impoverished life. When greed and hunger for power is a priority - can this be a life filled with love? Behind closed doors we must all face our reality!

The masquerade to portray public image, also reveals where there are flaws. Open your eyes and mind - listen to what people say. Watch what they do. Inconsistencies are rife. If someone cannot deliver what they say, why are we trusting. If someone is full of empty promises - why do we even give them the time of day.

Time to take stock! For too long the public have been brainwashed by spin. Much is hidden from the public eye. Some years back someone in authority said 'it is because they would not understand'. The lie is clear to see - a hidden agenda applies!

Personally I am not one to glorify any President or Prime Minister. I was taught not to trust blindly or to invest hope in other people. I was also taught if I did not have money to do without; to share too. My time has been given freely many times when a consultancy fee could apply. Charity work is direct giving.

When people are collecting honors or gain a assumed respectable status for being on the take, earning from charity work and deceiving the public in a big way - this does not merit respect. It is not the first time I know of a Member of Parliament be really put out after being reminded they are a 'Public Servant' - reminding MP's to 'serve the public in their best interest'. To argue they are not a servant, shows this person does not acknowledge their role. My worry is how this affects society. Will he be self serving too?

The ego may need to be important - this goes back to childhood. Imagine a poor working class family where parents were hard done by. Children had to muck in together. Living just 3 miles from where Cherie Blair was raised as a child this is an industrial town. I am told at one time a family would share a bath - even just once a week. I arrived to this area, from down south because of my father's business that employed quite a large workforce locally. My eyes opened to how people view wealth. I have seen and heard people speak - there is an 'us and them' mentality.

Having known people from all walks of life; with friends who are nobility and people who have very little at all - the values each person holds within their being and what they are taught actually shapes who they are. We are all responsible for our choices and actions. We can all learn valuable lessons - we can all relinquish selfishness and greed at any time. The fact is, some people actually believe they deserve to be rich and resent anyone who is raised to be Noble. It is not shameful to emanate honor and integrity - to do right by others and society? This is expected from all nobility!

In my experience, people who come from privileged backgrounds know what integrity means. Many people are brought up knowing responsibility - not to lie and cheat to get ahead. Many people try to do the best by their children - to nurture their growth and give them the best start in life by setting an example. Education is important - yet today we have an unknown amount of adults who cannot even read or write - not even encouraged to go to school. What parent does not encourage their child's growth?

Few people are willing to embrace accountability; far too many people do not care at all. We live in a blame society when we must be empowered and take control of our own lives. With reluctant gratitude to both the Blairs, I have seen what I call shameful self-serving - exploitation of public money and considering the many millions they make, it is shocking that Cherie Blair would even consider to apply for free legal help. They became research interest after I presented legal corruption in UK to both.

So while we know there are selfish greedy people - some even from our own family, there are also those who turn a blind eye to wrongs. It 'Pays' to hush? A child learns to fear consequences - punishment or rejection. Fear is inherent in self-serving people. When someone is upright they have been brought up accordingly. They will have zero tolerance for abuse and exploitation. Everyone has a right to speak out and stand up for truth.

It brings sadness to witness those trying to climb to the top - while many ignore the voices of the little people. In my journey I have known financial struggle due to legal corruption that is fobbed off and justice obstructed. I have witnessed people do without and struggle - with a greater understanding how difficult it is to make ends meet. I trained for many years in the helping and healing profession - to be injured in a car accident and Mr. Aggrey Orleans a London barrister denied all. HE LIED to be paid? Evidently I had to open my eyes to stop sending people to trust the law courts.

As much as the class system does apply - there is also a mentality that classifies someone. When police and lawyers lie - to then prevent access to justice and also prosecution is refused - this is alarming. While people suffer at the hands of the legal system, I can appreciate only now when the locals refer to police as 'pigs.' When I see and have personally witnessed lawyers lie in court to get paid - they have to be the lowest form of scum on this earth. Perhaps how these people corrupt relates to their upbringing. A lack of respect for justice deserves disrespect. Karma applies.

In our society mixed messages invite challenge. Official roles in authority do not hold a pre-requisite to be upstanding, honorable and with integrity. When this applies, radical moves will be seen and made to prosecute all those who are corrupt, after all the Rule of Law applies to everyone. Innocent people are in prison! Our respective upbringing will continue to dominate our personal process until we mature to be responsible and accountable!

Do not be deceived - Some people do come across as snobs, yet with breeding not one person of honor would turn their nose up at abuse of a profession that is regarded as a noble profession. If anything those who abuse are seen with disgust by us all!

In the bigger picture of your life, class status does not really matter. You can never run away from who you really are or your upbringing - no matter how much money you make or personal success. Deep down we are all the same, we all have feelings and trying to get by in life. Our differences are not that many. What lacks in this world is the promotion of honor - to do right by everyone. Imagine how everyone would benefit. There would be no war; or deception and lies. Integrity is worth striving for.

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright 2010 - All Rights Reserved

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