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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 31 July 2010

UFO - Crop Circles Decoded

What the government keeps hidden. So many people are hungry for power and some are involved with rituals; you are unlikely to read/hear about that in the media.

There is a higher dimension than limited thinking can comprehend.

We can access our higher mind and from this place, we gain an understanding beyond what we are told, also what is hidden from the public eye.

Humans have turned people away from higher knowledge!

In each crop circle there are messages to be decoded - there are people who have the understanding to do this. In this video a very important message is conveyed - I will share for your information:

Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises
Much pain but still time
There is good out there
We oppose deception
Conduit closing

This video has been sourced out of many that are out there because it has credible information and shows, no matter what attempts made to obstruct the truth being known - The Truth cannot be hidden forever!

Truth or deception - You decide!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

Monday, 26 July 2010


Fraudulent Misrepresentation is a great concern where it is known this takes place in the legal profession and blatantly exploited.

1) Justice is obstructed (a crime)
2) Misrepresentation is unpunished
3) The innocent party is landed with paying the bill - the loser pays
4) Injury is suffered as a consequence
5) Personal losses, including financial losses are incurred.
‎6) Human Rights are violated.

What most people do not realise is - Everyone is entitled to a fair hearing. Evidence is needed for redress, yet it can be withheld.

It is known by ALL lawyers when they are dishonest. FRAUD is seen to exploit because the ego drive is to win by ABUSE for Profit!

The main reason why justice is obstructed is because people are intimidated; even people in the profession are scared. It is also unlikely you will get a dishonest legal professional willing to prosecute someone else. The closed shop is being exposed!

There is a massive problem in UK with human rights violations in the courtroom where lawyers not only lie, police do too. When officers of the court boast of innocent people in prison and state that 'I got off lightly' - alarm bells were ringing. I was injured in a car accident. The ex police driver boasted of her intention to lie. The police have refused to prosecute despite three attempts.

Having telephoned hundreds of lawyers up and down the country - I know the reactions out of their own mouths. People have told me they also had to pay lawyers cash without a receipt - I am certain not all of this cash has been declared to the tax man.

Ethical lawyers in the profession say they are fed up of the dishonesty. Apparently it makes their job impossible to do. The corrupt lawyers abuse the court process and make a mockery of the Judge and Oath. Perjury is a crime that must be prosecuted.

ALL LAWYERS must take responsibility for the lives they destroy for profit and how they all contribute to the greater problem locally and in the world we all live in; that stems from corruption.

Millions of people have been vaccinated with toxins - known to be detrimental to the health and well being. Whether a child or adult, the brain is affected at a cellular level. Vaccines are not free - there are investors and huge profits. Just take a concept of creating a health scare to then vaccinate. Imagine the potential to make many millions of dollars - based on fear. What about force?

The air we are breathing contains toxins that are escalated based on a lie of global warming - These same toxins break down our immune and cause other detrimental health conditions that affect the quality of our life. Industrial pollution is replaced by worse.

Lastly, for now, our food contains additives and preservatives - some are even genetically modified products. We only need to look at the replacement of sugar; artificial sweeteners ie aspartame, nutraweet, aminosweet and all other relevant names that have been known at that time of testing to give brain tumors to rats. Serious health conditions have been identified!!!

Why do lawyers not prosecute?

It seems the focus is exploiting a legal contract to make money. Out of lawyers own mouths they tell me 'there is no room for care or conscience in this profession' - I share their alarming attitude and words. I invite every lawyer to rethink their values.

We may never know how a lawyer feels about their consumption of toxins in the air they breath, food they eat and even in drinks. I am not sure how they will feel if a member of their family has illness from these toxins and even dies as a consequence.

Is there any heart in the legal profession?

Is there any lawyer that stands for truth, integrity and justice?

Deceiving people for profit is a crime. Murder is crime. Even war is a crime - Deception is an excuse for profit, even control of nations.

Divine Justice will prevail even if Justice in the law courts is obstructed!

Ethical experts will always speak out in truth - in the peoples best interest. The real truth can never be completely silenced!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

Al Gore Slammed by Congress

Just because you see someone in a position of authority, even someone seemingly at the top, never be put off to research and expose the truth. We must confront corruption for prosecution.

In my personal experience, corrupt lawyers and those who are in positions of power caught out are like slippery snakes. When you hold evidence, they often duck and dive. Admission is liability.

Never lose sight of the need for honesty and transparency.

NEVER ignore ethical experts who know more than we do!

Never forget even right at the top, some people are ethical.

It is those who are social climbing and hungry for power, we all need to be aware of. Chip away at their hard faced front and see what they are running away from. The skeletons are there!

When anyone has a vested financial interest and promoting a product or ideal, they are motivated to sell to you so that THEY are to benefit in a big way from your co-operation.

Billions of people around the world, YES BILLIONS of people's health is being detrimentally affected by toxins pumped in the atmosphere under the banner of global warming. Al Gore does not care - he is raking in many millions of dollars.

This guy, Al Gore is not even a scientist - he studied law and according to this article did not get his degree. He was offered a noble peace prize too.

All these honors given to people who are contributing by their decisions to health problems. How much is our government giving to this scam? Anyone who promotes war make a mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize and confuses what peace actually means.

If anything I am alarmed to learn that people who are honored for their role in Peace and yet they are the same who called out war. Liars are clearly paid very well. Did Tony Blair lie about WMD?

It is clear in some peoples word everything is reversed!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

Wikileaks the Truth

If it was not for Wikileaks, even more information would stay hidden.

The authorities are allegedly embarrassed with the truth being out. Actually to be honest, 'embarrased' is my words. The authorities should be ashamed with hiding information from the public - also when not working in the public best interest.

People do not need to be put down or be treated like cattle. Ordinary people have far more to contribute to this world than the egotistical power mongers; some who clearly get some thrill from destroying humanity! There is concern of this happening.

The truth is according to the Daily Mail, the authorities have reacted with fury after wikipedia published '90,000 top secret files that expose the horrific civilian cost of Afghan war'.

While authorities might be angry (at being caught out) - it is the people who have been lied to. You have every right to express your feelings and be angry too, especially at the truth withheld.

We only need to look closer at the level of increased spending and national debt. Perhaps the public should be told that we can expect economic collapse - however the majority of people do not want to see or know. Perhaps they have been brainwashed or just closed off their mind because they cannot cope with the cold hard reality of war in this world - that might just backfire on us all!

When we understand the meaning of responsibility - we do not go out to deliberately create debt. Yet the debt creators are many; who do not care or have a conscience - after all let someone else pay the bill. Who cares? Arrogance is seen in their actions.

While blowing trillions of dollars on the war for profit, a name given because it seems far more accurate - our public services have been affected. The cutbacks have been hidden, although more information is coming to light - a few years later.

The media is still selectively reporting. With ethical practice and also ethical leadership there is a plea for the sake of humanity for transparency and truth!

The risk with working for any authority or the media is being told what you can and cannot say. People should be empowered with TRUTH. Everyone can then make informed decisions about their life and learn responsibility. Lessons must be learned!

Conspiracy theorists are many and often ridiculed. There are still people focused on 9/11 and that is exactly what the illuminati want the people to do. The distraction is an ideal excuse to keep people numb and occupied - those who are still thinking.

Anyone who is ethical with nothing to hide is not going to argue when there is a valid argument to be made. When confronting abusers - they might threaten and first and then duck and dive.

Knowing who to blame is a decision - start right at the top. Stay with what is visible and remember, even wars are negotiated well in advance behind closed doors. War is not an overnight decision. A strategic plan will have been made.

Where possible I will always access credible evidence and share this with any insights accordingly. It is important to let the factual evidence speak for itself. An opinion can be informed or not!

In my world peace means exactly peace, without weapons or fighting - without people feeling fear. There is long overdue healing need and this can only happen when those who are making destructive decisions within authorities, stop and allow healing.

My closing is with the wise words of a friend "This world is separated into two industries: the War Industry and the Peace Industry." Yoko Ono

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

Did Man Land on The Moon?

Is it possible that $40 billion of your money was spent on the most expensive movie ever?

Look at the evidence, hear all the testimonies - more deaths have taken place too. People being silenced is all too common now.

Notice the flag waving - there is no air on the moon to cause this!

No stars are visible in the sky.

Shadows are not aligned in photographs as they would be from a natural light source!

And there is much more evidence presented to open your eyes.

When we consider the press conference with the astronauts together about this vitally important event, one thing stands out. They did not look happy or even comfortable with talking.

When ethical experts speak out we cannot ignore that the entire world might have been lied to - primarily for a huge ego trip. The ego need to be first and powerful, can release a monster mentality that has no hesitation to lie and kill innocent people.

John F Kennedy was vocal; in particular being strictly opposed to secret societies and hidden agendas - He was assisinated.

People internationally are entitled to know the truth.

You can choose to continue trusting all you are told. Or you can look deeper and search for the truth. The choice is yours!

Did the moon landing happen?

Something is still being silenced to this day!

The truth will set you free!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

Neil Armstrong speaks out

A very powerful short speech from Neil Armstrong. Here Neil acknowledges the importance of truth. Evidence of this emotional speech is not to be ignored. Truth cannot be ignored forever!

Everyone has every right to uncover the truth - despite all the protective layers. The problem is people do what they are told and keep quiet out of fear. People in the know - know the truth.

We must relinquish our illusion.

Did you know the media allows lies and this is not against the law? This is why so many people have been brainwashed and you have been lied to for far too long. You are only told what the authorities want you to know. Spin is a term used to present a story as truth - This can influence the public according to a given agenda.

The television and movie screen can manufacture any concept they want to entertain the audience. This is big business - this is their business. The general public are all just a means to an end. That end usually includes big profit, also mind your control.

Unfortunately the media, television and movie screen has the ability to manipulate people to even control thinking and behavior. People acting out aggression in society and also following trends is not by an accident. Everything is by design!

The truth is known within however, many people ignore the obvious. Not everyone listens to their instincts or notices inconsistencies. Not everyone feels free to speak out!

Many people are ashamed - many more people are frightened to speak out. The calculative authority who deceives is to blame!

Many whistleblowers are no longer alive because they knew too much. Sadly too many people are still silent. Being brave is lost!

Then there are people like me, who exposes deception and corruption on a grand scale. Someone has to speak out!

Knowing the truth will allow you to claim your right of choice to be who you are and not to be manipulated for a corporate gain.

Free Will is your God given birthright!

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved

Flouride and Intelligence!

According to scientific study, flouride can be detrimental to intelligence. Concerns have been identified with recommendations for further studies, in particular due to increase flouride presence in food and drinking water supplies.

When Ethical experts speak out and go to the lengths for research in the public interest, then it is always in out best interest to compare what they have to say.

The full report is included in this article where you can read for yourself. This Scientific Study was carried out by Q Xiang, Y Liang, L Chen, C Wang, B Chen, X Chen, M Zhouc Shanghai, P.R. China

"SUMMARY: The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was measured in 512 children, aged 8–13 years, living in two villages in Sihong County, Jiangsu Province, China, differing in the level of fluoride in their drinking water.

In the high fluoride village of Wamiao (water fluoride: 2.47±0.79 mg/L; range: 0.57–4.50 mg/L), the mean IQ of 222 children was significantly lower (92.02±13.00; range: 54–126) than in the low-fluoride village of Xinhuai (water fluoride: 0.36±0.15 mg/L; range: 0.18–0.76 mg/L), where the mean IQ of 290 children was higher (100.41±13.21; range: 60–128).

The children’s IQs were not related to urinary iodine, family income, or parent’s education level.

Higher drinking water fluoride levels were significantly associated with higher rates of mental retardation (IQ <70) and borderline intelligence (IQ 70–79). The Benchmark Concentration (BMC) for the concentration-response relationship between IQ <80 and the drinking water fluoride level was 2.32 mg/L, and the lower-bound confidence limit (BMCL) of the BMC was 1.85 mg/L.

Taking dental fluorosis and other sources of dietary fluoride into account, the reference value concentration (RfC) for fluoride was calculated to be 0.925 mg/L, which is very close to the current national Chinese standard of <1.0 mg/L. In endemic fluorosis areas, drinking water fluoride levels greater than 1.0 mg/L may adversely affect the development of children’s intelligence."

"In view of reports of increased fluoride levels in many foods and water supplies, it is urgent that further studies be conducted to examine whether there is a link in animals and humans between fluoride and disturbances of the development and function of the central nervous system. High-fluoride levels may occur in artesian well water"

When Ethical experts speak out and go to the lengths for research in the public interest, then it is always in out best interest to compare what they have to say.

Fluoride Vol. 36 No. 2 84-94 2003 Research Report - 11 pages.
No ISBN available.
Read full report here:

$78.8 Trillion US Debt Obligation

Do you really care about your country and the world we live in?

Do you really want to live in peace?

We must be willing to look at what is obstructing peace!

National debt has been incurred and is escalating. We cannot afford to ignore the reality. When we look at the truth and the bigger picture, the illusion of what we have been conditioned to believe, will transform and change with new awareness.

Fox News report in 2009 - we are now in 2010, with national debt increasing.

$78.8 Trillion; United States Debt Obligations - How is this going to be paid?

The debt incurred breaks down as following:

$7.8 trillion owed by the public.
$16 trillion U.S. insurance guarantees
$55 trillion in future Social Security and Medicaid obligations.

The U.S. debt of $78.8 trillion actually exceedes world GDP $78.4 trillion in 2008

GDP - Gross Domestic Product. The total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year

If we are all responsible for our own spending and lived within our means, debt would not be incurred. For almost 50 years I have watched politicians make decisions at huge financial cost to people. People are expected to pay taxes - this should cover healthcare, education, water and even utilities.

War is fueled by an alleged threat. War is big profit for the corporations involved; they know it! Insurance is big business. Big Pharma is Big Profit. Do not blame just banks for the global crisis. Look at who is blatantly exploiting for profit.

Being of the understanding the Federal Reserve is a private bank - as a corporation then it is not your responsibility to pay their taxes. I am not negating this issue. However decisions for war costing over $ trillion - comes at a cost to the people.

Any bank can call in their debt at any time. What will US do, take control of another planet? If only our governments were honest and transparent! We must be alarmed at the debt 'borrowed' knowing someone else will foot the bill.

Article by Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved