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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Truth About Santa

Gift giving has become an important part of many people's Christmas. Millions of children will wake up on Christmas morning to gifts from Santa. No one can deny with so many children in the world, Santa needs many helpers to deliver the presents.

This year many more children will have a Christmas surprise.

Adopt-a-Letter is a programe started by my special friend Baroness Kimberly Moore. As CEO of the prestigious Echelon Club based in Beverly Hills, California, Kimberly is inspired to be a leader in community service. One area in particular where Kimberly has chosen to focus, is underprivileged children and families in the most impoverished areas of Los Angeles.

The Adopt-A-Letter campaign has been running for five years. Letters are collected that are written to Santa by children in need around Los Angeles. People are invited to sponsor or “adopt” a child’s Christmas wish. The letters are posted on the website to browse through. I encourage you to find a letter that inspires you!

20,000 children in LA had their christmas wishes granted when their letters to Santa were answered. Kimberly and her helpers deliver the gifts personally.

What is most unique about the Adopt a Letter campaign that makes it stand out from the rest -

100% of money raised goes to buy gifts.
100% of gifts that are donated are given
100% unconditional love, commitment and dedication to make a positive difference can be seen. This is Kimberly's motivation.

Adopt-a-Letter has become a major event over the Christmas holidays in Los Angeles area. The city of angels attacts many people who enjoy the gift of giving to those less fortunate.

Fox News has even reported on Kimberly's dedicated work.

How this progame has grown to be so successful is by the help from people like YOU.

This year the need is greater than ever. Today Kimberly wrote:

"Adopt-A-Letter & change a life! Please help us adopt a letter for a child in need this Christmas! So many children are asking Santa for simple things this year such as blankets, grocery gift cards, warm meals, clothes, toys because their parents can not afford a Christmas this year! Let's help bring a smile to a child this holiday. I will personally deliver their wish! We need your help!"

These children come from the poorest backgrounds in LA. One day they will grow up and be adults in our world. Many of these children are gifted, some will be major contributers in the future to society. When children are given a helping hand, support and encouragement to grow, they learn this naturally and will do the same.

These children are unlikely to forget their chistmas gifts or they way feel when they experience giving. If you would like to help Adopt-A-Letter please visit the website for contact details.

Adults world wide give children hope and emotional security when we live by example and in peace. We are the inspirational teachers to the little ones today. We enable children by nurturing their strengths and providing their needs to assist their growth.

Every child is important in this world.

Children are the leaders and teachers of tomorrow!

Pauline Maria
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