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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Monday, 25 July 2011

Domestic Violence

Just in USA, every 15 seconds a woman experiences domestic violence. One in four women suffer with domestic violence. Men who do this are MENTALLY SICK and need to get help to heal.

To beat any woman up is inexcusable. When violence towards a woman is carried out in front of children, the children learn this behavior. They either copy the abuser or become recipients of what to expect as adults! Children learn from their parents.

Domestic violence is a global concern. Women are being mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually abused by their partners. Rape is not excusable in or outside a marriage - this is a violating and degrading act with deliberate intention. Rape is sexual abuse!

Not all men are abusers! Men are not born to abuse women. To abuse a woman goes totally against the nature of many men.

However not all men address their anger. Irresponsibile attitudes and actions are excused too often. The negative spiral of self-destruction might be learned behavior. Not everyone is in control of their own process. Self-esteem issues often apply too.

Women have been blamed too often for the short coming of males.

I would like to encourage all women to speak out and not be silent, if you are violated - find your inner voice. Do not stay silent especially if you feel intimidated by your partner. Find someone outside your relationship you can trust and speak to.

The mindgames that take place is to manipulate, abuse and control. There are people who think it is OK and even harmless to play psychological games. Think on! Playing such games in any relationship will plant seeds that grow later on.

Many women stay in violent relationships because they fear being hunted down and killed. Many women hope the problem will go away. There are women who will make excuses for their patners violent behavior - and those who leave but return home after saying 'sorry' - yet saying 'sorry' once is once too often.

Staying in a destructive relationship might cost you your life. Two people who are damaged can become a liability to theirselves.

When children observe love and respect, they know this to be the norm. When children witness abuse, disrespect and violence, they know this to be the norm too. A very serious and escalating issue that goes on in so many peoples homes.

Many men do not realise they are copying their parents behavior. Not everyone takes responsibility for their own process. When we are all faced to look at our selves and our behavior we have the opportunity to address our healing need.

When anyone ignores domestic violence - this is giving permission for it to continue and escalate, even to impact future generations. Do not turn a blind eye to what is really going on.

The following video is graphic and more serious because the abuser is asking young children to film it with other children watching. The psychological imprint of these children's minds are recorded for the rest of their life.

Healing need must be addressed head on. The reason I raise this issue is 'Do not Blame'. Be responsibile. Get help if you need help.♥

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life explained simply as a way to self understanding and spiritual development. Layers of awareness also apply.

We are living in times where enlightenment is being 'sold' to reach a higher consciousness. Unless we strive to live with a higher consciousness, with pure heart and pure intention, our 'awareness' can become clouded by limited thinking and self-serving ego.

You are in charge of your life. You choose your focus and intention. You decide if you want to progress to a higher understanding of life, spirituality and realise a greater purpose.

Your life, your choice. Your intentions reflect your actions. If you are sincere in your heart, this will reflect in your way of being. If you are sincere in your faith, this will be relfected in your being.

Millions of people all over the world are striving for greater self understanding and to develop a relationship with God too. We may not speak the same language. We might not all do things in exactly the same way. Look out to nature at the birds, the flowers and the trees. Everyone is unique and a being of life in itself.

We are all individual and our growth can be enhanced or hindered, depending on the choices we make. Love is an energiser for life!

The Power of Intention

Thoughts and intention has power. This powerful video shows why. What we think and say towards other people can energise or deplete their energy. With a higher consciousness, we can all lift the vibration of humanity and the world we live in.

Secrets of Kabbalah

Good documentary to show that in all cultures people are trying to gain an understanding of God and have a personal relationship with God too.

To this day there are people who reject God and there are those seeking to be reconnected, especially to bring harmony and balance in our life and the earth we live on. It is not in the interests of the few people who abuse on this earth to give you the understanding of realising a higher power beyond human manipulation. If you really want to know God, you will find a way.

People are all too quick to accuse another person of what they are doing, without perfecting their own process. I know that millions of people are searchng for answers and praying for peace. With pure heart and pure intention doors will open to assist your understanding. Peace begins with what takes place inside of you.

Instead of being divided and live with distrust of diverse faith, remember we are all human and learning different lessons. ♥

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Your Life - Your Choice.

We need to learn to live with love, compassion and care - to help each other to thrive and to live in peace.

There are many hurting people in the world, many who are healing too. When we understand that we are here to take care of this planet and eachother, not to destroy our planet and eachother, our world will lift out of a selfish mentality that has been existing for too long.

There is no shame to be a people's person and live with love. There is no shame to live a simple life, or to be true to who you really are.

Instead of regretting not making a positive difference - Reach out and make a positive difference where you can.

Live a life with meaning and purpose. Do not compare yourself to other people or think you are too small. Discover your greatness.

Everyone can make a positive differerence in this world.

Everyone who has gone off track in life can come back and put wrongs right. The clock is ticking! You decide what you want to do.

Peace, love and best wishes to you all my friends ♥

Life With Meaning

Encouraging everyone to make a positive difference in this world. The greatest lack in this world is love - The greatest gift you can give is your compassion and care. The greatest feeling in this world is love. When you live with love, you live a life with meaning. Touching hearts and exchanging smiles transforms lives ♥

Monday, 18 July 2011

Truth about Chemtrails

The toxins we consume will have a detrimental effect on our body.

People are waking up to evident deliberate actions to pollute our skies with chemical spraying, under the guise of global warming. The governments have made some commitment to allow this - the police will not enter discussion about what is happening. Apparently they do not know details and do what they are told!

So while our skies are being sprayed with toxins, very few police are wearing masks and even Judges in law courts might not realise what is happening. Some might know. Many have yet to find out!

A multi billion dollar industry (or perhaps more closer to a multi- trillion dollar industry) is generated to treat symptoms and conditions brought about by deliberate poisoning - so much profit!

We people can make healthy choices to some degree, but there are politicians who are negotiating wars and biological warfare. Biological warfare is affecting every one of us. It is lawyers who are agreeing the contracts to legally allow genocide - toxins in our food, water and deliberately pumped into the air we are breathing.

It is lawyers who can decide to work for justice and bring this deliberate contamination to an end. Already the term global warming has been changed and this is likely because of lawsuits after being exposed as a scam. Still the spraying continues. With respiritory conditions rising and presented in the following video, the functioning of the mind is inhibited - Maybe lawyers are too focussed on money making to consider working for justice. Perhaps they need to learn the law and retake their oath!

One of the substances found in the residue from chemtrail spraying is Aluminum which increases the risk of fire - Ongoing spraying over a period of time will increase the deposit of aluminum on the ground. The video is eye opening.

This video just touches the surface. A multilayered agenda can be exposed. The long term detrimental repercussions might not be a consideration for people who do not think. Who do you trust?

Lawyers may feel helpless - Just remind them to work for Justice!

We need to see ALL governments and law courts have Zero Tolerance for Corruption. We also need to see all official roles of responsibility are held by people who are ethical and work in the peoples best interest. We are such a long way from this still.

We need to progress from asking why. Action is called for NOW to bring an end to these violations! Ignoring a problem is not going to go away. If anything it will escalate. Who turns a blind eye to corruption, contributes to corruption. Who is an ethical lawyer?

The future of humanity is in our hands. People have been divided deliberately. People have been dumbed down and kept quiet for too long. Globally people are waking up to media lies being told!

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Monday, 11 July 2011

King of Kings - Do You Know Him?

Wow love this - Feel the power in your heart. Do YOU know him? ♥

The Ring of Power

Salic Law (German Law) came to my attention after an illegitimate child from a King was trying to be recognised. Illegitimate children have no dynastic rights to the Throne.

In Salic Law daughters have no dynastic rights at all - the inheritance would pass to a Son, or if there was no male heir, to the nearest male relation.

In God's law, if a King had no Son, the Throne would automatically pass on to a daughter. In God's law the King or Queen is the protector of people 'globally' - We are all equal in the eyes of God. Look around to see people are divided now by man made actions!

When Jesus was crucified - Roman rule applied with elected Kings. Since then, history has known many destructive goings on. The massacre of the innocents - killing off all potential heirs and two world wars are not by accident.

Building empires has not come without bloodshed too. This continues with war across the middle east since 9/11. The descendants of Jesus Christ came from the middle east.

I have no idea of how many descendants to the throne have been murdered over the years, but I have seen hunger for power. There are people who will do 'anything' for power; even rob graves. 'Tomb Raiders' is not just the name of a movie!

Umberto II was the last King of Italy until 1946 whereafter he went to live overseas. Such is history, all male heirs were banned from Italy until recent years.

Apparently Umberto II was good man and loved by people. His reign was short lived. His last meeting was in private with Pope John Paul in Italy.

His ring has been mentioned and there was keen interest to where this is located. Apparently 'HE' who holds the 'Ring of Power' is ruler and King of the World!

Some time ago, it came to light that it is buried, to signify an end to the past - The end of the dynastic rights to this Throne was made with this action.

There has sine been argument between who is heir to the House of Savoy - including public fist fights between claimants. Not a good impression to set.

There is protocol with marriage for Royal heirs. Permission must be sought and approved by a living Royal Ruler first. Umberto II had a legitimate son who did not follow this through. For this reason he jeapordised his inheritance - 'if' there was to be a King of Italy today.

There are many secrets hidden in the walls of the Vatican - good, bad and ugly. Secrets stay hidden, but sometimes truth must come out to bring things into perspective.

If history is anything to go by, there has been far too much bloodshed.

Man Made Laws have justified of wars, loss of life, property and liberty. Man made laws created for profit cause suffering. Man Made Laws are voidable by a ruling King or Queen.

God's Law was given to protect people - Man turned his back on God because he thought he could to a better job. The hunger for power has been the cause of so much greed and destruction.

The loss of life, land, property cannot be replaced. People have been fighting and grieving for a long time. Greed, corruption and injustice is still rife.

The search of the Holy Grail goes on - There are people still searching for the Ring of Power too.

Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords by his birthright - Are you ready for his return?

God Rules over man, even if man defies this. God will always win!

Peace is overdue - With a compassionate heart, a calling for healing globally is needed now. This is up to everyone of you.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2011 ~ All Rights Reserved

* Image from Google dated 30th July 2004. Lightening power and a Ring - Coincidence? Nothing is coincidence!
* Salic Law reference:

Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Way Seer

Seek the truth, not to win arguments.

Know Yourself and you will know a greater purpose to your life. Everyone is learning different lessons - Everyone has their own experience. Never envy anyone else because you miss the opportunity to fully appreciate what you have and what will be coming to you. Live with love and love will pave the way in your life. Love is already inside of you not a destination ♥

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2011 ~ All Rights Reserved.
Image from public domain with credit and appreciation to the artist.

2012 - Age of Enlightenment

The future is up to you - life is about perspective.

We are moving into a time that a major shift is starting to take place - a time of universal enlightenment.

There are many who are claiming to be spiritual teachers and psychics yet I can honestly say many crossed my path are blind to what I am about and that says it all really.

The many scare mongers around evidently lack vision and understanding.

Do you not know that any contract made based on deception, can also be made null and void>

People can refuse vaccines and medications for psychosomatic symptoms. No one is obliged to pay anyone else's debt.

This also means that all soldiers can put down their weapons now and hug instead.

If you want to know what is happening in other countries, do your research. Speak to someone and ask them - connect with people on facebook who know.

The media do not print the truth - the media influences you!

It is really sad to see so many people decieve and have limited knowledge and yet so many people financially exploit out of what seems to be a trend.

Move over all the charlatons - helping people requires moral and ethical responsiblity.

The days of conning people for profit is soon to be over. That is in whatever area this relates.

If you want to be enlightened, You would want to find your unique strengths and the way to personal fulfillment.

You would not be looking to make your wealth by cheating other people.

If you want to be in the helping profession, then list up your professional training that shows you are qualified to help people in the most ethical way.

Even professionals in the healing profession refer on patients to other ethical experts. Most definately they do not diagnose and treat people over the internet.

So many people on the internet claiming to be healers and telling people they do not need to seek medical help. This is beyond alarming - it is diabolical.

One lady said she had found a lump in her breast and was told that she would be healed the next day by someone on the internet. Fortunately she confided in me and from there got an emergency appointment and underwent a course of treatment.

Many people are waking up to the con artists in the world who come under different guises. People are being held back by those with limited vision.

All the self serving must end NOW!

You have the choice if you want to live in the darkness or the light.

Everyone has their own unique strengths and hidden talents. Very few people realise the value or their own abilities. The time of keeping people down and blind is over!

Live your own process - Everyone is learning different lessons.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2011 - All Rights Reserved

Let There Be LIGHT - Nikola Tesla

Honoring Nikola Tesla, who is also Baptised Othodox Christian - we are all given the Gift of the Holy Spirit. He evidently heard 'The Word' with Flashes of Inspiration that will have guided him in life - enhancing his natural strengths and technical abilities.

This might not make sense to everyone - However Nikola Tesla's contribution to the world cannot be denied. His name should be known worldwide!

Nikola created FREE ENERGY for all - Yet we all PAY for electricity to Corporations. The question we must ask is Why?

Nikola died a poor man alone....yet electricity is a multitrillion dollar industry.

People are tied to contracts - are these contracts legal? Have people signed contracts to pay for a free resource? We must pay or we get cut off.

Just exposing a little insight people might not consider.

Nikola functioned with pure heart and pure intention for humanity.

A great number of patents were registered and many more were not. The cash register minds must have been eager to exploit this genius - as many originators experience.

Some of Nikola's patents are listed here.

Any money made from use of his inventions should go to his family - However because his work was to provide a free service to humanity, any profit made from exploitation of his patents, might legally be returned to people.

Nikola did not marry or have children. He lived a celibate life!

When you hear the words FREE ENERGY - THINK 'NIKOLA TESLA'. Because all the contracts made that are using his technology could be null and void.

Imagine, free lighting and heating and that is just the start.

It does not pay to give people electrical cars, free television viewing, free telephone communication.....yes the latter is probably elible too.

Nikola Tesla may have died a poor man - old and alone, but he died knowing one day not only will the truth come to light, but someone will remind everyone that any contracts that exploit people associated with his name, cannot demand any payment.

Any exploitation and abuse taking place using his technology is accountable.

As someone Baptised in the Orthodox faith, it is an honor to be connected with Nikola Tesla as family and also an obligation to speak out, especially to protect his name.

All Nikola Tesla ever wanted was to lift the condtion of humanity.

Let there always be light in your life and with this, remember Nikola Tesla.

Regarding the video I would change the word wizard used to genius. I doubt very much he was involved with rituals.

Pauline Maria
Copyright © 2011 ~ All Rights Reserved.

Wealth of Motherhood

The most precious gift of all is life - The most important relationship in a childs emotional development is their mother.

A child born with love, has already experienced this bond long before it is born. The most important relationship to mend is with our mother.

Not everyone was fortunate to have a loving mother - not everyone experienced a close loving bond. Not every mother is ready to bring a child into the world. Not every mother has healed from her own experiences.

If you are fortunate to be a mother in this world, you are truly blessed. If you do not have children of your own, there are millions of children who need so much love. Even an aunty or trusted friend, you still have an important role in a child's life.

Women have a powerful gift that many have yet to realise. We all have the capacity to nuture and care about other people; and give unconditional love.

Even if you have not known a loving mother, as long as you feel love in your heart, you can give your love and care to other children and adults in the world.

The unconditional love of a mother to her child is priceless.

Celebrating motherhood. Because of our mother we were born.

With love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Love is The Way

Love is the way. Understanding love is the key to live with love!

If you are hurting, be kind to and gentle on yourself - This is love. If you have an argument or misunderstanding with someone, do you feel hurt by their words, do you react back? If you feel anger and hate - has someone hurt you deeply, someone close to you?

Millions of people have been violated and everyone is justified to feel their pain. We do not always remember this - Many people react and then later regret the words they cannot retract.

When we allow other people to influence who we like, dislike, who we love and that we should hate - it is time to be asking why.

Being human, we all have deep feelings that can unite us together in peace, or create divide. When we send out negative vibrations towards other people, they eventually come back to us. When we hit out at other people - humans often will retaliate. At the very least people will protect theirself, as you are entitled to.

If we feel hate towards total strangers with no reason - it is time to look in our heart and ask who has made us hate this way.

If you want to live with love you are entitled to. Everyone has to own their own feelings. Your feelings belong to YOU!

When you stop being kind to yourself, your inner self is divided. When you live with love and send positive energy out in the world, it comes back to you! Your love can change the world - infintity!

You can stand up for wrongs and speak out in truth. When your heart is feeling love, your intention allows other people to respond with love. You may not get the answers you want - many people who abuse will run and hide. People know when they have done wrong ~ Your Love for YOU is what makes YOU STRONG!

With love and best wishes ♥
Pauline Maria

Thursday, 7 July 2011

What is God's Law?

There is no bravery in speaking the truth - it is an obligation. I refuse to deny who I am or a lifetime of study to justify speaking out about what obstructs health and healing also why people are being kept down. This is unpaid work!

Jesus did not work for payment. Jesus did not live in a grand palace or amass great wealth in an averistic way to feel superior and powerful. He walked and talked with people directly. He healed and empowered people in truth.

The legal system is still promoting corruption whenever this is obstructing justice. The law courts mock God's laws every day when they allow perjury and fraud by those who took an oath, whether this be a lawyer or a witness. The legal system is violating innocent people expecting them to pay - in God's name?

God does not operate with currency. God does not take anyone's property or land - Land is given on trust that it will not be exploited or abused. People are not to be exploited or abused.

Every country has it's own unique problems to address - however corruption is number one! Corruption is detrimental to humanity.

You may have heard of the term parliamentary privilege and immunity given to lawyers that is to protect them being sued for negligence. We are at a point where there are lawyers who think it is their right to lie in court - so they can be paid. This is not only blatantly criminal but also out of order!

Abuses that are taking place cannot continue forever. We are all equal and no one is above the law. Accountability cannot be avoided by those who mock God's laws. Time will reveal all.

Millions of people who rejected God do not know HIS Law was given to everyone for a reason. Man made laws can be made void if they violate what was originally written. All contracts that have been made on deception and coercion can be made null and void.

People who expose the truth have media blackout. People have also been killed who know too much - ethical experts WILL expose the truth. People have 'disappeared' or scared to speak out. Unfortunately this is the truth.

Anyone who is reluctant to speak out about abuses taking place - allows abuse to continue. If you protect a crime then you are just as guilty of commiting it. More people are waking up to realise money is not everything. Unfortunately the people who are hungry for money and power are a liability to humanity.

You decide if you want to live your life by Man Made laws, or God's law.

Man made laws allow the legal corporation to flourish - for profit.

Lawyers do not contribute to life in any way - they are taking from people. Lawyers have created divide in people. Lawyers earn well from divorce. Family courts thrive with cases that involve children being taken away from their mother. Lawyers have made people homeless and destitute. Lawyers have also made decisions to terminate a human beings life.

There are lawyers who claim to work for human rights. Lawyers who work for human rights do not work for payment as a priority. Most certainly they do not obstruct justice in any way.

Action speaks louder than words. When effort is made to put wrongs right, then we will be moving in a direction that hold's respect for freedom, life and humanity.

Long overdue are law courts that do not punish innocent people, but enable people to put their life on track. Long overdue are law courts that ony allow God's law!

The only people to FEAR God are those who have abused in his name!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Know Thyself

You know your heart and mind better than anyone else on this planet. You do not need to justify yourself to anyone. You are entitled to heal and live in peace. You are entitled to love and live with love. You are entitled to be who you really are. ♥

Christ Consciousness

Being Christ like is to strive to be like Christ in consciousness - Pure thought, pure heart and pure intention. This takes discipline and application. The ancients strived to live this way. In the present day there are self styled teachers who do not meet the criteria to teach what they have not attained and do not fully understand. You are the one living expert on who you are. ♥

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The All Seeing Eye

The first people who will experience Judgement day will be the oath takers and the oath breakers. Many abusers are not going to be able to continue to violate people any more.

Millions of people have joined secret societies. There are those thinking they can get away with crimes and no one will say or do anything about it. Within secret societies people are watched very carefully. Outside secret societies people are being observed too.

Anyone who takes an oath to work and carry out duties that comes with the priviledge of responsibility, does not mean that this gives a clear road to go about violating people and breaking the law. Lawyers take an oath to work for Justice. Political leaders, Police and Laywers all take an oath to do their job.

Very few people resist temptation - In every structure of office there are people at the top who are ethical and those who do not have a conscience. Notice I do not fear speaking out openly about corruption and repeatedly tell lawyers to do their job. Their silence is deafening with a few hundred lawyers in UK blatently declined to work for Justice. Police and lawyers have even boasted about lying and innocent people in prison. Diabolical.

It is my obligation to show the root cause of suffering and many problems in the world. You are entitled to know the truth. To eliminate the problems in the world means removing the cause of the problem. Justice relates to God's Law - not man made rules!

Public office is a job that is to serve people in the people's best interest. Queen Elisabeth II should not be silent about corruption. It is her DUTY by the Grace of God to hold her position and state that Britain and all the Commonwealth has zero tolerance for corruption. For the people in USA - You can rightfully demand officials work in your best interest too. Confront any crime! Globally there is a calling to end the abuse that has been happening by those who have exploited for status and profit.

You can rightfully refuse to feed into destructive agendas. While people fear 'Judgement Day' - the Oath takers need to be concerned the most. The power game is a sick mentality that is played out in law courts and politics. Rise above the mentality who have abused their oath for self serving and profit.

Raising awareness to assist Global Peace and Healing.
Peace love and best wishes.

Awakening Consciousness - OM

When you are ready to embrace a higher consciousness - the right door will open for you. You will see that your life has been a learning experience to assist you with self understanding ♥

Thousands of years ago ancient civilisations and teachings existed. The focus was to maintain a connection to the divine essense with our soul. Prayer for healing and divine guidance were the norm. Meditation was the way to experience.

To this day, ancient wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation. Ancient Greece and other cultures maintained the quest for higher consciousness - this awareness is beyond drama, ego need and human manipulation.

The pathway to light is an experience that only each individual can experience personally. Your sincere heart will reveal all.

Meditation is a powerful way to assist inner peace and well being. Ancient knowledge is being shared in a diluted form today in the western world. To understand any truth we must seek out the people who know and understand true spiritual wisdom.

False teachings have prevented people seeking the right answers to questions. False teachers keep people down and blind. False teachers have divided our world by deception. False teachers seek to fulfill their own agenda, not empower you in truth.

Be inspired with love and truth. Enjoy the video posted below.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

Islam means Peace.

The fundamental meaning of Islam is Peace. Allah, God Almighty is all loving. We share the same understanding. Also I can see the healing need for everyone ♥

Sharing this powerful healing message that is given to everyone.

All Muslims hold Jesus (Isa) As their Most Important Prophet.

Islam and early Christianity we are reminded of God being Loving, Compassionate and Merciful. Early Christianity encouraged people to talk to God Almighty directly. Prayers are answered.

Muslims are taught to worship One God, the same - Allah.

Muslims are also reminded about false teachers and demon spirits.

The media do not always portray what you need to know - Truth!

Sharing to raise awareness for Global Peace and Healing.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

God Never Rejected You

In a time of chaos and confusion in the world - there are many false prophets sending out messages to people that are so way off mark. Many people have turned away from God because he has been portrayed as being the cause of war and human suffering.

There are now several people claiming to be Jesus Christ too.

God knows everything. His word is written - His essense is Always Love. War and division by deception are evils by man. God did not reject you - He waits for you. ♥

Just a little reminder from my heart to yours - Jesus did not live in a palace. He travelled around on his feet, speaking with people and healing where there was a healing need. He came to share his love, the most precious gift he could give.

Do you know that all Muslims hold Jesus As their Most Important Prophet?

The media do not always portray what you need to know - Truth!

You do not need to pay to pray.

Sharing to raise awareness of truth for Global Peace and Healing.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria