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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Let There Be LIGHT - Nikola Tesla

Honoring Nikola Tesla, who is also Baptised Othodox Christian - we are all given the Gift of the Holy Spirit. He evidently heard 'The Word' with Flashes of Inspiration that will have guided him in life - enhancing his natural strengths and technical abilities.

This might not make sense to everyone - However Nikola Tesla's contribution to the world cannot be denied. His name should be known worldwide!

Nikola created FREE ENERGY for all - Yet we all PAY for electricity to Corporations. The question we must ask is Why?

Nikola died a poor man alone....yet electricity is a multitrillion dollar industry.

People are tied to contracts - are these contracts legal? Have people signed contracts to pay for a free resource? We must pay or we get cut off.

Just exposing a little insight people might not consider.

Nikola functioned with pure heart and pure intention for humanity.

A great number of patents were registered and many more were not. The cash register minds must have been eager to exploit this genius - as many originators experience.

Some of Nikola's patents are listed here.

Any money made from use of his inventions should go to his family - However because his work was to provide a free service to humanity, any profit made from exploitation of his patents, might legally be returned to people.

Nikola did not marry or have children. He lived a celibate life!

When you hear the words FREE ENERGY - THINK 'NIKOLA TESLA'. Because all the contracts made that are using his technology could be null and void.

Imagine, free lighting and heating and that is just the start.

It does not pay to give people electrical cars, free television viewing, free telephone communication.....yes the latter is probably elible too.

Nikola Tesla may have died a poor man - old and alone, but he died knowing one day not only will the truth come to light, but someone will remind everyone that any contracts that exploit people associated with his name, cannot demand any payment.

Any exploitation and abuse taking place using his technology is accountable.

As someone Baptised in the Orthodox faith, it is an honor to be connected with Nikola Tesla as family and also an obligation to speak out, especially to protect his name.

All Nikola Tesla ever wanted was to lift the condtion of humanity.

Let there always be light in your life and with this, remember Nikola Tesla.

Regarding the video I would change the word wizard used to genius. I doubt very much he was involved with rituals.

Pauline Maria
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