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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Tudor Rose and Three Marys

Nothing is coincidence - There are signs and symbols everywhere.

Here we can see a barrier, three roses, crossed swords with one orb - the swords and just one crown and a world above this! There are other details but this is enough to share some insight.

With One Empire - One family. In ancient times Queens gave birth to Kings. Empires held together by the Queen Mother and her Son would be given power to rule by her. This is happening today!

The Virgin Mary was Queen by Divine right and her Son was recognised 'on the cross' given a Crown of thorns and a sign written in Greek, Latin and Hebrew 'King of the Jews' - By Divine Right Jesus Christ was King of the Global Empire and His Mother was Queen because of her Lineage. No one can take this place.

People have been turned away from the Jews and yet it is the Jewish people who actually hold the Key to Peace. Biblical Israel represents Peace and Prosperity. People want to live this way!

Ancient Zionist Jews were Levites - The Virgin Mary was a LEVITE MESSIANIC QUEEN - Lady of Zion. Through Mary peace endured. The Virgin Mary's Royal bloodline hold the key to Global Peace.

Every Greek Orthodox Christian is baptised and anointed into the royal priesthood. This lineage has continued through ancient Greek and Egyptian heritage. Around 80% of Europeans are from the ancient royal bloodline. Around 40% males have the same YDNA as King Tutunkhamun. Many women feel a 'spiritual' connection with the Virgin Mary because we are related to her.

The Vrgin Mary, her Aunt Mary and Mary Magdalene, we learn, they were united at the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Here three roses are seen (Three Marys) one is with white and middle gold at the foot of the cross. Together the roses are united together too.

The Virgin Mary is associated with the White Rose of Athens - She was consecrated to Serve God before she was born. She had a totally pure heart and was ALL HOLY. As a young girl she went to the Temple in Jerusalem and was raised. The Virgin Mary was divinely inspired and by Divine Right she was Queen of the World.

When Serving God there is no division of any people because God is for all humanity. Mary continued to serve God throughout her life - She is known to have lived in the hills in Smyrna, the Royal City of Ancient Greece. This city was burned to the ground in 1922 and in the destruction 3000 years of history destroyed.

What remains today in Constantinple is St. Sophia - Holy Wisdom. This cathedral was designed built, named and consecrated in the Virgin Mary's name. The Byzantine Empire and Constantinople may have been conquested, and yet the memory of the Virgin Mary has never been lost. The All Holy Queen is THE Empire even though she is not here today. Being divinely inspired is relevant!

In a united family of Israel - (Jacobs family) all thirteen tribes will be together as one humanity. No matter what attempts there are to manipulate the world to people's detriment, there is always a higher power working to put wrongs right. Faith is Tested!

The Global Empire is held together by God Almighty and for every act of destruction, rebuilding is taking place. Every effort to silence the truth of history, the truth speaks louder. For every effort of war - people are waking up to who is obstructing peace.

When governments try to change history, some of us Know history can never be changed or erradicated. If people do not learn the lessons, history will keep repeating again and again.

Jesus Christ even to this day is King of Kings in this World - he was resurrected. Muslims wait his return. So many millions of people are suffereing in the world and even homeless especially in Britain. To bring an end to this we must return to HIS Holy Empire.

The Levites have an important role in humanity to Serve God and restore faith in Humanity. The Levites were chosen to be the Government and it is the Levites who know the truth of the Ark of the Covenant. The family of Christ is the Linage of King David.

Red Roses are given for love and loss. White roses with Purity of Heart. The Tudor Rose represents a unity and yet our world is not united unless everyone is included, especially Jewish and Greek people who have been denied their heritage. This heritage is to bring people back to God Almighty and Peace in the Holy Land.

The 'Tudor Rose' has ten petals whereas the "Rose of Israel" has thirteen. England represents only ten out of the original thirteen Israelite Tribes. War is not the way to peace. Conquesting territory by war and creating debt is not the way to unite people together in peace either. Money does not bring anyone power.

There is a far higher power who sees all and knows all and He has already planned the future long before we were even born. When we open our eyes we start to see the many different ways that God works to show everyone the way. When people who are spiritually blind are running the world - they are not considering everyone.

All this compeition about religion has nothng to do with faith. There are people who are sitting in lofty places who collect a fortune and even look down on ordinary people. Their blindness cannot see truth and how extraordinary everyone really is.

Keeping people down and blind does not serve a positive purpose. Above on the image there is a gate - it is not solid. We can still see. The evidence of ancient times can be found in museums and the ruins of the ancient temples are still around. Temples of God have been destroyed through ignorance. In their place, mosques and churches have been built. God cannot be forgotten that easily!

It is time to smell the roses. The rose bloodline relates to the three Marys. The MtDNA passes from mother to daughter to this day. The rose bloodline is the way to peace. The three Marys and their descendants travelled to different parts of the world. The early 'Christian' faith continues today because of these ladies.

Rivers of tears have been cried by many millions of women who have lost their husbands and sons in wars. It is now the time to allow the women of the royal rose bloodline to help heal the world. There has been too much suffering in the world.

A Divinely inspired Queen will always put the peoples needs first and there will be peace. Man has been making decisions for war.

It is in Christ, We are the rulers of this world. We are born to take care of this world and each other. In complete faith I write openly.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

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