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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Next Queen

If she is Royal by Divine Right, she will be Divinely inspired by God, She will uplift humanity. She will remind people to be true to theirself and listen to their heart. She will encourage people with love and remind people they are loved. She does this already!

At the end of this video notice the Starbucks Logo!

She will share the throne. In ancient times this happened and will happen again. The Bride of Christ is a Divinely inspired Queen. Lady of Zion, Daughter of Zion, Daughter of Jerusalem and Queen of the South is the Queen of Wisdom. This is Sophia Wisdom.

Watch how this young girl is carried over the barriers, brought up to the stage and encouraged to sing the song and she is taking the lead at times too. The are on top of the pyramid of steps that the Throne is mounted on. The little girl gets up dancing and taking center stage shining her light.

This young girl has made a positive difference and got everyone in the audience singing and dancing. Another shining star who will never forget her experience. She will hopefully continue to shine and make a positive difference. This is how powerful gifted people are, who are guided accordingly to fulfill the Divine Plan. Out of a crowd of thousands of people, she was the chosen one for this.

When Queen Elisabeth II was coronated, the throne is on pyramid steps too.

Just because someone is not sitting on a Throne, or living in a huge palace and surrouded by opulence, this does not make anyone a lesser being and insignificant. There are people sitting in high places who are refusing to do God's Will. Such is the arrogance of those who are corrupt....but this is to show that no matter what, the message that is important for people to know will be put to people anyway. This is revealing that God's Will is still going to take place anyway.

The people who have their hearts open are helping people and doing what they are guided to do. The people who can see, are those who are meant to see. The people who are meant to rebuild our world are already chosen too....Everyone is revealing their true colours for quite some time now. The Divine Plan is unfolding.

There has been a need to assist healing and empowering people for years - the need is in England and America too and Yet England are determined to block this. The English legal system have persistantly refused to work for justice too and would rather protect the crimes of officials than to put wrongs right. The clean up is long overdue.

There are laws that need implementing to protect people - Child marriage and female genital mutilation are two areas that have been waiting to be addressed for years. There are so many man made laws that need to be made null and void. Here in England women have been gang raped and men walk free from court. Here the loser pays the legal bill. The gutter mentality are sitting in lofty places making these decisions.

The Next Queen who is divinely inspired will be ushering a New Kingdom on earth, with the rules that prevent people being violated by officials - who all took an Oath. God's Kingdom and the preperations for this are already happening.

The Queen of Justice has a compassionate heart for humanity.

Thoughts have power and no matter how hard those who abuse people try to keep people down, more people will speak out even in rebellion. The attempts to destroy Christianity made the religion of Christianity Grow. The attempts to destroy the truth about the Queen of Wisdom - resulted in men seeking Wisdom and understanding with Philosophy. In the attempts to turn people away from Christ, another divinely inspired princess has been born. There is more than one.....

So many times people have said to me that I will never bring and end to the abuses that are happening in the world. The people who trained in the healing and helping profession have been guided to do so for a reason. Royal Blood is the healing blood. Without the healers and visionaries in the world to build our world would be a very different place.

I really do feel sorry for the impoverished British people who are deliberately kept down and conforming. Here in England people are saying openly that they do not want Human Rights Laws. This is why there is a rise in Human Rights abuses.

To show people another way, is subtle. Eventually people will wake up and get the message that they do want to live in a world that is filled with justice, peace and love for humanity. Eventually they will be demanding it....

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