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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Beverly Hills Revealed

Three years back I had an extraordinary dream' 'as if' real life experience. If I recall that day four seperate dreams were interconnected. These types of dreams are not necessarily literal although they are important to reveal what we need to know. So with this I will share the first dream, relevant information with spiritual insight and also provide some validation on what is relevant to know at this time.

In my dream I had gone with a lady doctor friend for a drink of orange juice in a country inn. There were other people there, although the setting was quiet, laid back and peaceful. I had with me a white carrier with some grapes in cartons. (In real life I bought some grapes that day from the store) As we were leaving, the owner said 'would you like to take some fruits home with you?' He was offering this as a gift and I declined with appreciation of him asking, because already I had plenty at home too.

As we stepped outside the building, across the road were stone cottages and a little narrow bridge to the left, that would just allow one car to pass over. On the other side a beautiful hill that was green and lush with trees. The sun was shining. There was no traffic on the road. The environment was very peaceful indeed.

Still standing on the doorway, suddenly shooting past me can only be described as lazer lights with a sound that I cannot explain. My eyes were taken to look towards the Hill to see a Huge Golden Heart projected there. The experience and feeling was so amazing, it filled my whole being tingling with love.

This dream throughout was a physical and powerful emotional experience. The Golden heart projected and remained on the hill. Then I took my attention to where the lazer lights appeared to have come from. Looking up towards the heavens, the skies were light blue and a pale cloud was forming an image of a ring with an oval shape top. This then changed to another ring, like a wedding ring. The lady by my side did not notice anything. Then I woke up .

While in my dream I felt this was Malvern Hills - I could only see the hill. Immediately on waking up 'Beverly Hills' came to my mind. I thought of my nephew and niece, back then the only other person who came to my mind as living there is Simon Cowell. I have always related Beverly Hills to be a place where the sun shines and people are motivated to make a positive difference. Los Angeles is known as the City of Angels.

This is a Photograph of the Malvern Hills - Notice the Pyramids.

The following day I recieved an email to join an exclusive networking site. I wrote to say my life was not in order with dealing with legal corruption in UK and to thank the person for their invitation. Still I was invited to join and decided to accept when noticing the email was from someone who lives in Beverly Hills. The sign was being given to join and follow this road.

Quite a few people sent friendship requests. One lady caught my attention to write and say Hello because she is involved with humanitarian work. Kimberly Moore has made a commitment to make a positive difference too. Kimberly is seen as having A HEART OF GOLD and loved like a sister. In one of her programmes she has helped over 20,000 people in LA. Kimberly's office address is in Beverly Hills. We were meant to connect together.

Before writing this article 'Beverly Hills' came to mind and also 'The Temple'. I thought of the 'Temple Mount' as in the mountain and connected them together. While there has has been lots of talk of rebuilding the temple, we must not forget that the temple that houses our soul, is our physical body. Wherever we are we can communicate with God, at any time and at any place.

Temples remind me of the Athena Temple in Athens in Greece and remembering my mother whose name was Athena. Jewish people speak of rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem. I can fully appreciate the importance of this if it is to be a labour of love and unity for everyone, such as there are countless people who visit the Acropolis in Athens, even when it is in ruins, every year.

The Temple is being rebuilt in Athens in Greece over these years. The Greeks and the Jewish people have a spiritual connection that is being revealed. The Ancient Hebrew People came out of Egypt - the Israelites. Israel is the name given to Jacob - the Israelites are the children and descendants from this lineage.

Athena was the ancient Goddess of Wisdom. Isis is Wisdom too. Isis is associated with the Crescent Moon so I went to find out more. There are a few listings with the name Isis and Healing, also The Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Not knowing if there is a Temple in Beverly Hills I logged onto Google Maps and found 'Temple Hill Drive' and noticed 'Reconcile Productions' is located there. At one end is Helios Drive. On the end of the road at the other end is Argyle Avenue. I discovered there is a Temple of Emanuel on Burton way.

Burton reminds me of Richard Burton (Richard is my father's name) and Elisabeth Taylor when she played Cleopatra, the last Greek Pharaoh Queen of Egypt. Their love story was a deep and passionate love that played out in real life. 'Burton Way' invites us all to understand the efforts to control the Roman Empire.

Helios is related to the Sun and also Egypt. Helios was the Guardian of Oaths and the God of sight - the light bringer. Heliopolis is the ancient City in Egypt - The City of the Sun and Eye of the Sun - the All Seeing Eye is revealing what we need to know. The All Seeing Eye is the All Seeing and All Knowing!

The temple of Ra, known as the Great House in Egypt was also a depository for royal records. The priests of Heliopolis were best informed in matters of history of all the Egyptians. The Temple was destroyed as have other locations that kept records of royal lineage and descendants. This is not a coincidence - Nothing is.

In the hunger for power, there are people who will do anything - some dark and sinister goings on are not being elaborated here today. However, the future has already been written over 2500 years ago. We must seek spiritual understanding and the truth with light, will be revealed. If we refuse to learn the lessons of history, then history will keep repeating itself.

Next, I looked up Argyle to discover the Argyle Diamond Mine is one of the world's largest suppliers. Th3 website identifies an open pit mine in the rugged East Kimberley region of Western Australia - (Kimberly being the name of my dear friend in Beverly Hills)

Americans are familiar with the All Seeing Eye on the dollar bill.

Pyramids are relevant because on the dollar bill is an unfinished Pyramid. In an earlier article I wrote about Lady Columbia and this is relevant - The Lady who is standing on pyramid steps shining a light to the people. The link between The Son of Man and God is a Woman. She has been known by different names throughout the ages, Wisdom, Athena and Isis are just a few names of this Royal Lady. She will always shine a Light of Truth.

Before writing my dream above, I heard 'Pyramids' and 'Beverly Hills' - Many people use the pyramid in their logo, architecture and also in their business name. Then now I am sensing the Transparent Pyramid and 'Da Vinci Code' and found a restaurant named 'DaVinci' again in Beverly Hills!

Also I was hearing the words 'Like a Diamond in the Sky - with Rihanna singing and not even the right words to the song. Just this line singing over and over. Rihanna's name reminds me of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna and her descent to the underworld, which is here! Sumerian - reminds me of Sunshine in Summer!

Beverly Hills is shining like a diamond in the sky with this message conveyed. My Greek Grandmother told me that My grandfather was joint owner of a diamond mine with his uncle until he sold it to pay someone else's gambling debts. It would be twisted irony if cheating was involved, after all, so many dirty tricks have been done at different times, especially that relates to taking possession of land around the world. Nothing would surprise me any more. American Indians have a story to tell, so do the Africans, the poor Indian people; Jewish people too. Everyone has a story to tell.

This information has come to me through dreams, divine revelation, personal experience and insight through understanding. Where there are people trying to manipulate agendas and force change with self serving ends - My intention is to assist peace and healing in our world....What will be, will unfold.

Just a final thought came to mind to see if Egypt and Beverly Hills have another connection. Here you are for your eyes to see. A suburbanism in Egypt named Beverly Hills. If you seek truth, the truth will be revealed to you! Seek reliable resources - The Boss!

It is written in the Book of Revelation 22:16-18 "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book. "

This is His Living Water flowing to you...

Peace, Love and Best wishes
Pauline Maria

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