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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Police and Lost Leaders

On the 8th August 2011 Croydon in Greater London was set alight with fire. The people have been ignored fro too long. Money is being spent on war and promoting war - for anything other then what will serve and benefit the people. For too long keeping people down might be a deliberate move or due to lack of awareness to empower people. Governing officials to do their job can impact society in a positive way, or to their detriment.

It is the following video also I particularly want to invite everyone to watch. The above is before and below is the day afterwards with the clean up process. The following video is inspirational and people are uniting together in true community spirit - in friendship. The police need to be learning from this, not the people. The people are the teachers and inspirational leaders in our country - the officials have failed the people in so many different ways. The officials have violated people for too long and if officials knew the extent of this they would be mortified.

There is clear instruction with Zero Tolerance of abuse from any oathtaker towards people. Every public servant has an obligation to protect the people, not contribute to social problems.

The youth today, even the youngsters who have not attended school or for whatever reason, or have gone off the rails, there is tremendous talent to be found and gifted people. There is the seed of some skill that can be developed and put to a productive use. There is a desire to do something and this needs to be nurtured. For at least 40 years even what used to be youth clubs have closed down. People are deliberately kept down in England!

Boys and young men especially need to have their mind positively and productively focueed. I could write so much on this but in short, when busy, young men with surplus energy do not use their energy productively; can become restless. No one goes out and causes destruction without reason and there is always a root cause for everything. When males hit out, this is their acting out their inner process. The corrupt system that abuses people is not wanted in England or anywhere else. The fire destroyed it symbolically and literally. A New Queen Ship has been launched!

The police have created a bad reputation for theirselves for all their lies in court and corruption too. There have been too many ruffing up people and also trying to get people to lie on oath. There are people who have served long prison sentances based on lies and I am admanent to say now all these abuses are to stop immediately. Justice will be given to people without obstruction!

with an excalation of man made laws and police refusling to work for justice, they refuse to prosecute corruption by officials - this is inviting every officier to reveiw their reason for being in the job. Police is not about a wage - it is a vocation, where people in often distressing situations are relying on the police for help. This role carries great responsibility. This role requires a standard of respect to be shown to the people. This role requires an ethical standard and an example that must be built from the police by their manner, attitude and behaviour towards people.

Millions of people are struggling in Britian due to ill made decisons and priorities that have been misplaced. The people do not need to hae someone who is unable to funtion on their own initiative to do the right thing, to make decisions on their behalf. The people are the leaders in th is country. It is all the oathtakers who have been keeping people down and holding people back. The oathtakers have stolen from the people in so many different ways. The wars have been based on lies and injustice is rife. Enough is enough of this diabolical abuse. Warnings are given now!

This is a video to show officials it is from the people they must learn from and perhaps decide if they want to be a pubic servant or not. Less police, less courts, more money to invest in the people. It is for the police to learn, open their ears and eyes and decide if they are still human. Who do they serve - the Queen? Which Queen? Refusing to work for justice is rubbishing the Queen has been the cause to violate her coronation oath too.

On the 8th August 1959 is the day my parents married. In 2011 this would have been 52 years. I have known for quite a few yeras that 52 years was an important landmark in my life. Also 40 years I had to get past this timeline. I knew 52 is connected to Jesus Christ, how or why was not something I sought to find out.

A death was caused to these fires, so was the clean up and London rise rise again.....only because of the People. It might be an idea for the royal family to get their broomsticks out and join the people on the streets. The young ones are all party animals - their energy could be best served joining in with the people instead of putting on an act with the people. The people are waking up to the deception - multi-layered deception. Who are the lost sheep?

In one year alone, what was spent on international conflict of war could have funded Thee Hundred Years of United Nations Programes to benefit people. The War monger mentality and all the corruption taking place ends NOW! The £50 million a year the royal family have collected just in living expenses could be put to far more prodcutive use. So many people are homeless!

Ir ia astonishing that after being expected to wait for six hours, residents finally got the go-ahead to clean-up their streets. The police used this time on the crime scene but have refused to investigate crimes from corrupt officials. This just about says it all. There is a lack of real leadership in this country and that is to get those who are manning the ship to do their job properly, ethically and responsibly - showing respect to all people!

The people are the Leaders in this Country. And it is the People who have the intiative to make a difference in this world. Be inspired, learn from it and a message to MP's DO NOT PATRONISE people for being Human! Throw away the megaphone or get a scriptwriter like Tony Blair has that is carefully written!

Respect the People. Respect is given where merited!

A final video. A Message to Every Police officer, Go look in your Holy Bible in the last book of Revelation. Nothing is to be added or taken away from what is written. EVERY LAW Created by man is Null and Void! You are free to communicate with people as human beings and join humanity to preserve all that is good about our world. This starts with right relationships with the people. Thank you in advance for taking on board my recommendations.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria