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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Golden Crown and Diamond Jubilee

"Red fires at night, Royal delight: Queen to use huge crystal to trigger last of 4,000 beacons lit to celebrate Diamond Jubilee"

The daily mail features an article on what to expect will happen to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. 'Sparkling: This huge diamond which was delivered to the Tower of London yesterday will be used by the Queen to trigger the final beacon in the celebrations of her Diamond Jubilee"

This is particularly an important year for England with the Olympic Games and understanding the meaning too. The Olympic flame is lit by a Greek High Priestess - a tradition that haa been held for thousands of years until this present day.

Above you see the Diamond with the Crown together held on the Purple cushion. The Crown surrounds the diamond. The clear crystal can also relate to the Crown Chakra - with direct communication with God. Here we see the physical crown placed around the physical crystal. In the same way a spiritual crown is placed from the heavenly realms. As above so below. This is carefully placed on a purple cushion which is indicating they are connected and also separate and all elements are relative. Fire also relates to the Holy Spirit.

When the Queen became coronated, she was wearing a pure white linen dress and over this was placed the Golden Cloak.

The New Queen Elisabeth 'Ship' is celebrating the 'Golden Age' - The era of Enlightenment has been officially christened by the Queen. The Golden age is about abundance and creating abundance. In these last couple of years, we can see the shift in consciousness taking place and this is necessary for humanity to progress.

The One Person who is totally pure light, like a diamond shining and born in the Purple is Jesus Christ. The Blessed Virgin Mary was Chosen to be Mother of Humanity by God Almighty, yet there are people saying she had no place in the Divine Plan. Without our mother, we would not be born. In ancient times both the King and Queen served the people. The Divine Masculine an Feminine worked together in the same way the Sun and Moon are harmonising together and both are vital to life cycles.

Some weeks ago I had a vision with Jesus Christ returning in the most amazing white light and wrote about this in earlier articlee. My eyes were closed and I was talking to him - the vision was not expected or asked for. He was on a white horse and the light radiating from him was so bright so I cannot describe detail of what he was wearing. upon waking, I realised that the life is being drained from people for battling for energy and people bashing each other down. The reason people do this is because they have not realised a higher consciousness to plug into the universal battery of life. The Light of Lights gives life to everyone and everything that exists and we must want this, to know the understanding. Our life sourse is God.

The Jubiliee is most importantly relating to the Jubilee Law.

The fiftieth year is a Holy LAW Year to proclaim Liberty throughout the land to ALL its inhabitants. Because all the land belongs to God, no Israelite was allowed to sell his land permanently. All land sales were temporary. Lev. 25:23-28 (NIV) says, The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is Mine and you are only aliens and my tenants, At the Jubilee, the land would revert back to the original Israelite owner, and any remaining debts were to be cancelled.
The property could only be redeemed either by the Israelite himself, or by a relative, never by a friend.

A few weeks ago I decided to do some inspirational impressionist painting, allowing what is meant to be revealed. This is without deciding what I want to paint. This small piece of work was done on a postcard size and the paper was on the side so I did not control the outcome and am certainly far from being a fine artist.

This is reveals Christ clearly wearing a crown similar to the one in the top picture. In another painting, the impression reveals he is sitting on a throne with lots of people and there are muslim ladies who were covered in their heads. It is no coincidence that people are having visitations with Christ in person now especially Muslims because there are Many who have remained faithful and wait for his return. Every Muslim loves Jesus Christ.

Just to show how everything is connected. A couple of days after my painting, a lady friend invited me to go to the charity shops with her some distance away. We went into the Royal British Legion and inside was a bookstore. A few caught my attention and then this book stood out that I had to buy it. When we got home I remembered my painting. Here we see Christ wearing a golden cloak; holding a lamp. Sharing this so you can see how He gives specific validation. The book documents different people's experiences with Him and the messages he has given to people. The book is yet another definate GIFT for 20 pence!

In my painting the crown and Christ's beard is visible, also the long long cloak over his shoulders. on the floor what looks like a basket but could be a light. He is talking to a woman. The people who can see when looking at the picture, will see much more.

The imperial family are 'born in the purple' My mother choose the colour purple for my bedroom and so while this is a spiritual colour relating to the third eye, she listened to her inner guidance. She was not taught by anyone or indoctrinated by anyone either. Being guided by God and listening to the 'understanding' given for what it means is Wisdom. Before we gain wisdom, we must attain understanding for ourself; Learning to TRUST GOD completely.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Images from Daily Mail - No copyright infringment intended.
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