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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Finale at Buckingham Palace

Presenting a video of the last 14 minutes of the finale of the Diamond Jubilee Concert, held outside Buckingham Palace.

Prince Charles honors his Mother Queen Elisabeth II in front of a 12,000 strong audience. The 91 year old Prince Phillip is again in hospital and kept under observation for a couple of days. The Queen is seen to step out in the public eye to meet the people by joining everyone, not just her family, when internally as a human being she could likely be experiencing emotional turmoil.

The National Anthem follows Prince Charles tribute to the Queen.

The Queen lights the last of 4200 beacons of light using the diamond crystal as posted on an earlier article. This is seated in the center of a gold crown placed on a purple cushion. Here we see its beauty and light. The national beacon of light is illuminated with a living flame 6 metres high met with cheers. Notice the Queen is wearing Gold and the Diamond is illuminating the world.

In the finale the most spectacular firework display is seen here in it's entirety. At the start the Union Jack projected onto Buckingham Place. During the firework display the Union Jack changes to Red White and Blue stripes, stirring up confusion with people and viewers of this footage. The British people will remember this day - hopefully for positive reasons.

Around the world there have been parties and fireworks celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubiliee. What we see here is just a snippet of the bigger picture of what is happening in the world and in relation to the divine plan. Not everyone in England considers the Queen is known as Queen in other nations too.

The concert was held outside Buckingham Palace where a stage is created at the Queen Victoria monument, with a lighting show said to have taken 600 technical experts to make happen. Keep an open mind. Nothing is quite it appears to be and nothing is coincidence at all. There are many lawyers of understanding.

The monument itself has significance. A statue of Queen Victoria faces north-east towards The Mall. The other directions feature dark bronze statues of the Angel of Justice (facing north-west toward Green Park), the Angel of Truth (facing south-east) and Charity facing Buckingham Palace. On the pinnacle a Golden Angel of 'Peace and Victory', with two seated figures (the subsidiary figures were given by the people of New Zealand)

The centre stage was set around this monument for a reason, not just for public appeal. Whether deliberately planned out or trusting the divine plan, the organisers know. Not everyone considers the deeper meaning of events and circumstance. The entire city of London, Commonwealth and the rest of the world have these days to reflect on the Queen and exactly what she represents. A article with some videos provide extra insight.

Everyone has the opportunity to consider the energy focus centre of this location where 12,000 people in a life audience had their focus and countless millions more people too. This is one powerful energy focus. Look beyond the royal family and see what is solid and will continue to stand - look to the angels in the monument and up above to the heavens. Rmember the Queen took her Oath to God. The Queen is head of the Church of England.

The realisation that the only way forward is with Justice, Truth and Charity and the focus of Peace and Victory, being without weapons or fighting wars with each other is necessary now. When people are empowered they are transofrmed and all that is upstanding in this world, begins from within the people - not relying on one person. Certainly not bowing to anyone.

Queen Elisabeth wrote to my mother as soon as she learned of her being paralysed from the neck downwards - I opened her letter and held it so that my mother could read it. We spoke of the Queen warmly and had no reason to think otherwise. She has always been reserved in the public eye and yet when, listening to her speaches, addressing a population takes an open hearted person, even with evident reservation in conduct. Incongruence cannot be hidden and 60 years is a long time to maintain a fake front to people. There are many people saying things about the Queen who have had no personal relationship with her or even interested to find out what she is really about. Few people realise the Queen is the head of a church! She could likely be far more aware than I am.

Since 1973 until this day, I have never known the Queen put a foot wrong in her public image, even when Diana was killed. Had the Queen come out immediately to meet the public, this could have been easily misconstrued against her. No one can know or understand anyone else's feelings unless we have walked in their shoes. There are people saying what the Queen does behind closed doors. Unless you are there to know you do not know at all!

There is a saying 'still waters run deep' and while as a young girl Elisabeth became a free spirit, laughing and playing to stepping into a role of public duty with responsibility with seriousness and dedication, that no one can relate to unless they have this spiritual calling to do so. This is actually a totally selfless calling.

Time is going to reveal what the future will bring. I am sure the British Royal family will totally respect why my loyalty is to Lord Jesus Christ as MY King with being baptised in the Greek Orthodox Church. Also like the Queen, I have an obligation to obey God's Commandments 'to me' and can fully understand why she is not subject to man made laws! Neither am I! The people who are guided by God are obliged to follow LORD God Almighty and cannot serve two masters - FLAWED MAN! Who serves the LORD?

Jubiliee brings the reminder of Jublilee Law. Look this up!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria