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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 23 July 2012

Games Makers and 2012 Olympic Uniforms

This is the uniform British Volunters will proudly wear when helping out with the Olympic Games. The Games Makers will get an overall kitbag, that includes a jacket, polo shirt, trousers, trainers, socks, cap, bag, water bottle and an umbrella - such optimism with British weather being unpredictable, the umbrella as an accessory shows good planning, in case summer showers descend.

The uniform will be worn by volunteers at both the Olympics and the Paralympics. Only the logo on the jacket, the hat and T-shirt will change depending on which games the person is working at.

The 4,500 technical officials will be kitted with a formal and casual uniform, depending on the sport they are helping to regulate.

There are 70,000 volunteers who have been taken on for London 2012 Olympic Games. Locog have a reserve crew of about 15,000 to 20,000 volunteers. British people want an empowered Britain.

The formalwear design team have introduced elements of the British heritage to the finest detail by design. The buttons are engaved with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Embroidered collars are said to feature the London skyline.

Cheryl Cole was seen to wear the Purple and Orange combination as an outfit with a blue belt teamed for the US XFactor. Promoting Team GB could have been seen then at it's best, or worse, when Simon Cowell had let her go due to some nebulous reason. The PR media games are enough to get everyone thinking. At least Cheryl was not out of pocket with all the drama that was created.

Nicole Scherzinger, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Rihanna have all since sported the trend. 70,000 new followers of the revived trend wearing the 'regal purple' and 'poppy red' combination - the London Olympics volunteers.

London organising committee (Locog) chief executive Paul Deighton said volunteers will be given an opportunity to a sneak peak of the opening ceremony during rehearsals.

Locog has reportedly instituted an extensive volunteer reward scheme that will be involving points, certificates and collectable pins to keep its 70,000 volunteers interested and motivated leading up to and throughout the Games period.

The 'ultimate reward' for 'Games Makers' is said to be a chance to be in the main stadium several days before the opening ceremony to view the finishing touches to the artistic elements designed by artistic director Danny Boyle. This is the media's words.

The volunteers will work eight-hour shifts and for 10 days to supplement paid Games staff. Around 3,000 volunteers will be seconded to the security details and will assist spectators at the entry points to venues. Other volunteers will be working alongside the military and also the paid security guards.

Volunteers have undertaken training at Wembley Stadium - learning about the heritage of the Games - I am unsure if this goes right back into history when the Olympic Games started in ancient Greece or the New Olympic Games. Links posted below.

As we can see, there are dedicated British people who will work long shifts unpaid to help deliver the Olympics. Here in England countless thousands of people give their time volunteering to help enable and empower people. I beleive every Olympics 2012 volunteer merits an honor from the Queen for their work!

Everyone who volunteers their time to enable anyone is being honored and recognised by myself - having been a carer of a paralysed mother. At one time there was not a support network of people - today the kind hearted givers in England have gathered, wanting to make a positive difference. The spirit of dedication.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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