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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 6 July 2012

The Queen and Prince Phillip

Not everyone sees the Queen being a modern day influence.

Marriage is a mystery. Two people can grow from their learning and experience together, or they can drift to become strangers.

Not everyone considers that in a marriage two individuals have their own purpose - unique experience and growth process. It takes understanding to enable a partner to be their own person. It takes maturity to enourage a woman to lead in any marriage.

When a man can sit in the background and allow his wife to take the lead, he is allowing her to learn, grow and share her wisdom accordingly. If men are taking control of everything and there are men who expect women to stay in the background and be quiet, what use will they be in a relationship or in raising children. The Queen has grown in her role additionally because her husband has supported her in her role of reponsibity to serve the people.

In the marriage vow the couple take an oath to stand by each other through sickness and health, for richer and for poorer and until death do they part. While the royal marriage shows a public image of and lifestyle of wealth, privately they have known sickness and personal challenges. Everyone is presented with different life lessons. The lessons of strength in unity is not known by everyone. There are many living examples to learn from.

The Queen and Prince Phillip have set an example of staying together with the reminder that people really can take their marriages seriously and even if times were difficult, problems can be worked through. The look of two people who truly love each other is seen over time. Real love does not fade even with age.

There are elderly couples who have grown up together, married, had children and spent most of their life together as best friends. Marriage becomes stronger through trials and tribulations. The ability to laugh too. A strong marriage is two best friends.

The Queen and Prince Phillip show even in elderly years, couples can still do things together - go places and meet people. They show that travel overseas is also now available where at one time, people did not go beyond their comfort zone. The royal family do not have to worry about finances to do this. However, the world we live in is to be explored and can be enjoyed by everyone.

There are times to work, rest and play. Laughter is said to be good for the soul. A healthy marriage is being honest with each other. Arguments do happen behind closed doors and silences too. A strong marriage does not come by the perfect relationship together. The advantage of living in palaces with huge grounds allows couples who need space from each other to enjoy time alone, relaxing with family and leisurely activities.

Not every women realises the power she holds in a marriage. The Queen is a decision maker, mother and grandmother, and a profound teaching influence for her family to learn from. There are women who hold onto their husbands tightly out of insecurity and can with this hold them back. A woman who knows her husband is with her because he loves her is able to navigate the ship he steers. Two people dancing together take turns to lead.

If the Queen were to write a book on marriage and relationship insights - it would likely be filled with so many seeds of wisdom that would enable other couples. Most definately it would be a best seller and for all the right reasons. Instead, as a woman she has lived her marriage in the public eye to learn from. Everyone has the opportunity to listen to their heart and do what is right. The Queen and Prince Phillip have done right by each other.

The lessons of marital union and family being united together is an important message for humanity today. Not everyone realises the vital role of a supportive partner to enable success and mutual growth. Endurance through difficult times is what every couple will face in their marriage. The Queen and Prince Phillip are not isolated in inspiring people with a strong marital union.

Two human beings embarked on a journey together and lasted many years together to show that romance and love can still be alive in elderly years. It has been timely to share this because for a long time after this couple have gone, they will be remembered for enduring a lifetime marriage together. This is a gift they have given to people - reminding everyone that real love is possible.

We are in a time when people around the world are wanting spiritual inspiration and renewed understanding. Not everyone realises since ancient times the importance of sacred marriage. It is beleived when two people have been brought together with love in their hearts, a husband and wife have been selected by God Almighty himself for his divine purpose. The Queen and Prince Phillip have a soul mate marriage and business relationship. Two individuals who are very different and yet meant to be together.

The Queen and Prince Phillip have been a role model partnership. To inspire and empower people globally in the future is the task ahead. The Queen is Head of the Church of England. She is in the role of the spiritual leader of the Christians and it is said that the Queen takes her faith very seriously. She has certainly set an example with her marriage and to both their credit for this.

The song Stand by Your Man comes to mind with the Queen's enduring marriage for all its ups and downs. She certainly sets an example of being a wife standing by her man and he in return standing by her side. When two people have been joined together in matrimony, the union is a bond they choose to cherish.

The Queen is evidently a Lady with care and deep feelings. Publically she can appear very reserved. The Queen wrote to my mother and was a subject of discussion in an informal capacity and this brings heartwarming memories. I am aware of the responsibility she holds and the oath that she spoke with her heart. In the divine plan I am meant to remind officials who are corrupt that they have all failed her in their duty to uphold justice.

To me, whether married or single, marriage has been seen as sacred. What is most disappointing in England, is very few people hold these values. Far too many people excuse infidelity. Many people are quick to forget their marriage vows. One day we will all be elderly. A marriage with mutual love and respect, will endure the test of time. The Queen and Phillip show marriages can work!

This is a legacy the Queen and Prince Phillip give to everyone.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria