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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Spiritual Skies - What is the Cosmic Message?

The MailOnline posted the images of Maldon in the South England. Access the link below or click on picture to see enlarged version.

The Southern lights have also been seen in Scotland and Norway. This shows a spiritual link between England, Scotland and Norway.

Maldon's name comes from Mael meaning 'meeting place' and dun meaning 'hill', so translated as "meeting place on the hill".

Battle of Maldon - a battle in which the Danes defeated the Saxons in 991; celebrated in an old English poem

Maldon England is also a division in the United Kingdom.

Maldon is twinned with Dutch town of Cuijk. The charter signed between the towns in 1970 cemented their relationship.

Holland is where the New Noah's Ark was built by Johan Huibers. This is representing God's Law being re-established - Good news for the people. It is officials who might not be so happy with this.

The Tower at All Saints St. Peter's Church in Maldon. Here in Maldon King Edward the Elder is thought to have lived while combating the Danish settlers who had overrun North Essex and parts of East Anglia. From 958 there was a royal mint issuing coins for the late Anglo-Saxon and early Norman kings.

Dr Thomas Plume, Vicar of Greenwich and Archdeacon of Rochester was born in Maldon in 1630. He bequeathed his collection of 8,100 books and pamphlets, to be kept in the building which he had constructed from the ruins of the old St Peter’s Church in the centre of the town. This is interesting.

According to wikipedia, "Maldon was chosen as one of the landing sites of a planned French invasion of Britain in 1744.[citation needed] However, the French invasion fleet was wrecked in storms, and their forces never landed." In an earlier article, the French demanding the Crown Jewels is no coincidence.

"In Maldon's parish church of All Saints is a memorial window to George Washington, whose ancestor, Lawrence Washington, is buried here. Unveiled by an American diplomat on 5 July 1928, the window displays Saint Nicholas with the Mayflower, Saint George and Saint Joan of Arc in the centre. At the top are the arms of the Washington family, and the arms of the USA, England, Scotland and Wales. At the bottom are depictions of George Washington, the landing of the Mayflower, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the Statue of Liberty."

Thus Maldon Salt Company is run by the fourth generation of the Osborne family. In February 2012, The Maldon Crystal Salt Company was granted the prestigious Royal Warrant for its Sea Salt Flakes. The Osborne family bought the business in 1922.

1922 was the year that the Royal City of Smyrna where my mother's family came from, was completely burned to the ground. It was genocide. Today, Izmir in Turkey the travel card is named the KentKart caught my eye with having lived in Kent personally.

Also Osborne House is a former royal residence in East Cowes, Isle of Wight built for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. See link.

The Osbourne family were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy for their assistance in the Battle of Hastings in 1066ad. Osbourne is a Scottish family name first found in Kent.

In 2004 a UK Pariamentary debate addressed sea defences and climate change Landowners were faced with maintainance costs.

Sharon and Ozzy Osborne, also their children are a famous family. The name Osbourne is meant to be brought to people's attention.

Osborne means 'Divine bear' connecting Ursa Major constellation. Osborne Road is beside Beulah Family Church on Beulah Cresent, where I was born. Beulah Land relates to the land of Israel.

Just by researching Maldon brought so much more to light.

While our world is in conflict, here in England many people have forgotten God - The highest power that Rules this World. Even Queen Elisabeth II is accountable to God and so am I too.

Not everyone knows when an oath is taken to God, it is a vow that if broken comes with consequence. The Queen has not slated the officials who have abused her name to abuse and exploit the people. She could have done. She did not. Not everyone takes their oath seriously. It is not to make profit as a priority.

Because of what has happened in history, our world has endured conflict at different times and it is the people who suffer. Countless millions - even billions of people have been killed in wars.

The war mentality, is not functioning from a higher consciousness.

In prayer and meditation the more we focus on self healing, this enables spiritual awakening. This is spiritual understanding.

We can see from these images the purple rays coming fom the heavenly realms to the people in an abundance over the area. Could it be that people are recieving healing and spiritual awakening from the heavenly realms?

A shift in consciousness is taking place and nothing is by accident.

Sunrise over Maldon, captured by Mike Byford

The understanding to expand consciousness has been given by people sharing their experiences. It is reasonable to expect teachers of Theology and Theosophy have attained personal understanding. Just relating to esoteric knowledge, not everyone knows this entails study of the self - inner knowledge.

The barriers of illusion will fall away when we stop creating more illusions. We never stop learning. Always keep and open mind about everything. There are many layers to understanding.

Not everyone has faith. Our planet earth is a living body that can nurture itself and ever evolves, We live in a vast universe.

Not everyone knows the divine plan is to empower people; to free everyone from oppression. Eyes and ears are given for a reason.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria,_Essex