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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Friday, 31 August 2012

Ex-Concert Pianist - 75 year old Homeless Spinster

Staying with the theme, when something gets moved or destroyed - something comes to light as a consequence we cannot ignore.

There are people setting up charities to help the homeless, needy and vulnerable. In the UK billions of pounds is collected in charity. The government collects taxes from people to provide for the people - or at least they are suppsed to. We see that this is just one problem that is not being addressed. Injustice is ignored too.

Not everyone knows, homeless people do not get government help. To claim social security benefits people need an address. I am unsure if this applies for collecting a pension too. We can easily assume so, with an address needed for the bank to send payments. Vulnerable people might need additional help too.

75 year old Anne Naysmith has never married. The MailOnline report for 20 years she lived in a car that was eventually towed away. With today's man made laws, untaxed cars are towed away and crushed. There is another law that people need MOT test and insurance to get a Tax. All the new laws carry fines for violating these rules. These would have cost Anne Neysmith her home.

Homeless former concert pianist Anne Naysmith is absolutely devastated after workmen pulled down her makeshift shelter she has lived in for the last decade. A lady who people have known she is living in impoverished conditions - people in the area. Everyone has a story to tell. No one is homeless without reason.

A spiritually derelect nation is seen when people are suffering, homelessness and neglected. A spiritually derelect society is when people watch people suffer - say and do nothing. If the government take their authority from the Head of the Church - the figurehead, the Queen, they are neglecting the elderly.

Just recently Prince Phillip was rushed into hospital at 91 and was treated. British people complained - not knowing their condition or circumstance. As an elderly lady, one would think the Queen would be empathic with the elderly people. She might turn a blind eye to man made laws created for profit and the escalating injustice that has been destroying innocent people's lives.

Many millions of people are struggling and the cost of living is rising. I see the pain in peoples eyes - their struggle. My heart is heavy with my own circumstances of injustice with homeless threats as an innocent person from legal corruption. How many people have lost their homes from injustice?

Anne Naysmith is a lady surviving 'all alone' against the odds.

Miss Naysmith, 75, tearfully said it was 'wanton, wicked vandalism' after she discovered the men from Tfl tearing down her den at Stamford Brook Station in Chiswick, west London. What is Tfl going to do for this lady? They have obligations to meet now.

Tfl is Transport for London and online identified the 'journey planner. This lady is not supposed to suffer, be neglected or homeless. David Cameron must provide her with a secure home with any entitlement of income immediately. The government are obliged to take care of people, not neglect anyone, especially the homeless people! A problem is identified that needs putting right.

People choose to leave home because they are unable to cope. Countless people have lost their home because of cirumstance. Many people who are homeless is because the system has failed them badly. Many families struggle to cope and pay their bills. It is not cheap to pay the bills and buy food to eat.

Speaking with Craig, a homeless man in Manchester the other day - he showed me his arms where he used to self harm and said he 'was' a drug addict. He was abused by the sytem. No one 'helped' him. He was placed in care 'homes' that contributed to his pain. Today he considers himself to be strong. He lives in a caravan. His friend is alcohol. I was thinking of Christ and what would he do. I gave my time. He opened his jacket and on his t-shirt was a face of Christ wearing a crown of thorns! Craig said 'this is me' - 'I have suffered'! Craig is a very brave man. Can he turn his life around?

Someone walked past dropping a coin in his cup. Craig said he was greatful to buy alcohol. Not one person said 'hello' in the time we talked together. He had a lot to say and 'knew the system'.

Why are people neglecting the people who are vulnerable? So many people do not even care about their elderly and cannot wait to put them in a home. With the rising cost of living and man made laws for profit, more people could become homeless. The rising cost of living and people unable to pay their mortgage - there will be more bank repossessions. This is the ripple effect unfolding.

One day we will all be old and we will look back on our life - realising we cannot change the past and yet we had every opportunity to reach out and care about someone who is suffering, lonely and even homeless. One day people will realise the wars are based on lies and innocent people have been killed. Who is supporting war and killing of millions of innocent people? War destroying people's homes come with consequences.

One day people will realise it takes just one person to start a revolution for change - for positive change. One person shining a light and other people doing the same. Do not wait til something happens, or sit complaining. Corruption by officials, selfishness, greed and man made laws have caused wars and homelessness!

Who are the ethical officials who really want to serve the people? This question is being identified internationally. The public purse is overflowing - people are exploited and neglected too.

Anne, the lady above could be me - Who would care? The British Government and UK Law Courts - the police and over 300 lawyers in Manchester area have refused to work for Justice. With three homeless threats as an innocent person - they boast of innocent people in prison and say I got off lightly. For this reason I write openly. Every homeless person, Anne and Craig have voices too!

The homeless people might not get their voice heard. Someone took Anne's photo. The media reported her shelter being destroyed. The corporation exposed their neglect - a lady who does not have a pair of shoes to walk the streets. From a picture comes a thousand words. We can learn so much from what we see.

The corporation are obliged to rehouse Anne now and give all her entitled allowance to live on. Let Anne live out her life in dignity!

No one can destroy someone's home without re-housing them! This is a universal law. The people being moved about in these wars - is this to corporately enslave the world - or it is to return God's Order back on this earth again?

Anne Naysmith was a composer and provider of music for people. As a concert pianist people paid her for their entertainment and she gained an applause. She is certainly not an unintelligent woman. 'She regularly listens in on court cases, indulging an interest in law held since childhood. Once a week she immerses herself in books and scores at Barbican music library - her only concession to her former life, of which she refuses to speak.'

'Friends say Anne has money - she was one of the shareholders to benefit from a windfall when the Halifax building society became a bank in the early Nineties - but offers of accommodation and charity are refused.'

John Power said 'This is her house. She is a valued member of the community who deserves much better than this uncaring treatment.'

Speaking about the last time Anne Naysmith's shack was destroyed, she said: 'I've had so many hardships in my life, so many disappointments and failures. You wouldn't call me one of life's successes. But life goes on. You do what you can.'

Evidently Anne is a lady interested in justice and might have experienced injustice too. Corrupt officials need to realise the witnessese to their actions are not quite who they think. The way the almighty God works is not in the most obvious way. The person who can provide the most credible evidence for any case might not be those who are considered to be credible. The UK legal system is corrupt and this has been witnessed by msyelf personally and officials have boasted too.

Both Anne Naysmith and myself are uncertain how life will continue! Everyone has a chance to learn for 20 years Anne Naysmith has lived homeless on the Streets in London - allowed by the British Establishment. Shameful indeeed!

The people reading this article can click on the photographs and take in the picture of a lady who has even made her own shoes. Does this move you?

When something is wrong, do not ignore it. If you can go out and make a positive difference and show you care to someone vulnerable, this is your choice. The Queen is in a position to resolve so many issues just with a decison. The problem is her officials have refused to address important matters.

The anointed Queen is guided by God to do right by all people. Any oathtakers that work for God's government - take their Oath to God and suffer the consequences if they abuse their position. With a new Queen; new rulerShip. Time will tell what will happen.

Is the media going to report this 75 year old homeless lady given a home, or will Anne be forgotten abuot to become yet another statistic who might die abandoned and alone. Do the people really know Anne's heart. What have the people learned from Anne?

One of the first songs I remember as a child on the radio is 'streets of London'. I met the original writer of this song. Peter Kayne came to my home. I have seen his song lyrics in the original form. He spoke of Ralph McTell and him singing together unsure if it was 'Sounthend on Sea' - from there Ralph recorded this as a huge hit. When I met Peter, he was struggling. People say this is not true. Where are the people who make a stand for Righteousness?

You are what you stand for. Nobility is a way of being not a title!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria