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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Spiritual Enlightenment Explained

Spiritual Enlightenment: a subject that unless anyone can comprehend the meaning and experience, is not one to try and teach to other people. In the divine plan, there is a warning not to invest your trust in false teachers and prophets. Credible spiritual teachers encourage people to realise a higher consciousness, and to seek union with God - not dependancy on the earthly teacher. Cost does not even come into this. You do not need to pay to pray.

The wisest of teachers are not found on stage charging hundreds of dollars for seminars. They most certainly are not encouraging dependancy and asking for your energy. There is already enough battling for energy taking place on this earth. Everyone has a spiritual light within and you are here to shine your light. You have the opportunity to realise a spiritual purpose too.

A spiritual teacher who has the understanding to assist spiritual empowerment is focussed so that you can empower own self. The light shining within you is already there - When we realise a higher consciousness, this is by experience. Experience cannot be taught, bought or sold by anyone.

What you see might not be the same as what everyone else sees. With over 7 billion people on this planet, there are over 7 billion perspectives. Everyone's experience is valid. Our understanding might be different. Many millions of people have been indoctrinated to beleive and yet, they live their life with blind faith and blind trust. This could be in people and even in God. People who invest trust in other people often learn that people can let us down. We are at a stage now where people want to know if there really is a God and how can we know.

If you have ever said a heartfelt prayer to God and then your prayer has been answered - this is not coincidence. If you have every said 'God I need a holiday' and then a holiday manifests - this is not a coincidence. If you have ever said 'God I need some help' and the help comes - this is not coincidence. Last year a bill came though my door and in temper I said 'God if this was £100 cheaper it would not be so bad' - an email came from another company within monents. A few minutes the company who billed me called and offered me £100 discount - this is not a coincidence. To have a personal relationship with God is with experience. To have faith in God is KNOWING with experience.

We are stepping stones enabling each others growth. If you do not have spiritual understanding by experience, you might feel lost. It is better to know you feel lost and even lack faith, because then you can find the right way. You can search within for who you really are, what you really want to do and also to find the right way. Faith will develop over time with experience.

Guardian angels are our heavenly helpers and comforters.

Helping people can enhance of hinder their spiritual progress. Assisting emotional healing and personal development carries huge responsibility. Once we learn to take the steps in our life, we will find the right way. When you see out of your own eyes, you will be able to see the way. When you listen with your own ears, you will become sensitive to tone, vibration and the message communicated. You will hear the sounds close by and also in the distance. Our senses are given for a reason. When all our senses are switched on, then we become more aware.

People with agendas are spiritually blind. This is because they are so caught up with their own experience. We can be easily blinded - however, as long as we stay true to our own process, this still allows us to see other people's process and how they are impacting the world. Being consientious of being you and not trying to sell something - allows other people to be their true self too.

Stephen Knapp explains in the following comprehensive video a lot of information that is relevant in relation to spiritual enlightenment. Use the pause button to reflect on what he is presenting. Even with all this explaining, realise most of all, that there are no short cuts to be spiritually enlightened. Our time here is to become who we really are. Misteaching is falling away because this is neccesary for humanity to progress.

Spiritually enlightened teachers are very few on this planet. The wisest teachers will tell you two words - 'Know Yourself'.

We are again in the golden age of enlightenment and the world is waiting for a long time for this transformation to take place. People have had to be prepared to recieve the understanding that is universal - for everyone. This builds on what has already been given to people in ancient times. God is for everyone - He is the ruler of the entire universe. He is the Master of all Masters, the Light of all Lights and the power beyond human manipulation.

In our process of spiritual awakening, when we are enlightened, we continue to awaken. There are many layers of awareness.

Who is your teacher? God Almighty is mine! The miracle creation of human life in the form of a man, Jesus Christ was not for man to deny his existance. There are reasons why Jesus Christ was born.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria