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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 19 August 2012

2012 Olympics Colour Purple & Five Gold Rings

Here are the outfits worn by the people who were passing the flowers and medals to officals who bestowed the Olympic medals to the games winners. They are certainly unusual.

The Origins of the Olympic Games is Greece. Mount Olympus was known as God's Mountain. In the ancient times, the Greek people were divinely inspired. The colour purple associates with royal imperial families. The Byzantine imperial family were 'born in the purple' the room in the Palace was this colour. Children born from this lineage are born royal as a Prince or Princess by birthright.

Descendants from this lineage are formally addressed as Kyrios (Lord and Master - also God is the Lord) or Kyria (Honorable Lady). Young girls are known as Depinis associated with despot. This means that God is our boss and we are accountable to God. We are also obliged to live by God's Laws. Babies baptised into the Greek Orthodox faith, are anointed into the Royal Priesthood - descending from both the Royal David and Priesthood lineage.

The colour purple is a spiritual colur. Not born in a palace - my mother painted my bedroom wall to be raised in the purple. Tyrian Purple was worn by only royalty and the imperial household in the ancient times because the colour was very expensive. This is extracted from sea snails. The gentleman above is representing the Royal family, from European Empire.

The Ladies are wearing unusually designed dresses with zips and one with a sash and 'thorn shaped hat. The dress colour shown here is related to our spiritual eye, a colour seen as the purple flame. This is seen from our third eye chakra located in between our eye brows. We are shown in this image two ladies who are representing the descendants of the Christ Davidic family. Notice the thorn shaped hat. We also see the lady with the Sash to represent the bloodline of Christ and by her hat, could represent her being recognised as being spiritually crowned.

When Christ was Crucified a crown of thorns was placed on his head. With spiritual enlightenment our crown chakra is open to recieve divine revelation. People talk about following God's commandments, however, in the ancient times, people were encouraged to follow God's guidance and instruction. I confes, not always having doing so because the task I am called to take on is Huge and I am aware of this very responsible role. In the divine plan everything is happening exactly as meant to be.

Above the gentleman is wearing Royal Purple. He is holding a tray with a small handheld bouquet of roses, purple heather and what looks like green grasses. The bundle are tied together - we see united in harmony. There have beeen in the past 'war of the roses'. We are being shown here there is no war - only peacemaking.

Queen Elisabeth II has a Pink Rose, Orange is a vicinity in South France. This colour is Royal Gold. The House of Orange relates to the Queen of Netherlands. Yellow roses remind me of Sunshine and Christ. Heather is grown in different parts of England, Scotland also Wales. The Prince of Wales is the title the Queen gives to the heir of the Throne. Green grass relates to English countryside. Also the colour green relates to the Emerald isles - Ireland.

The flowers are bound together as a gift in international Olympic games medalists. With 204 countries united together in friendship and harmony - we see these flowers represent a United World Kingdom with one humanity. The New Kingdom with God as the boss - people are not oppressed. Oppressors reveal their true colours and perhaps they do not know any different.

Flowers associate with the Holy Mother Mary and the Month of May is comemmorated in her name. The Queen of Heaven and Earth and I read somewhere the the Great Lady Empress of America. The 31st of May, the day before my birth, is the feast day of the Holy Mother Mary who is the Queen Mother of Peace.

The photographer has brought together these three people. We see here that symbolically the man and two women who are related in some way. In an earlier article I wrote about King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba who had a child together. There is a lady with darker skin who claims to be the Imperial Empress. She identifies herself as 'H.I.M Empress Shebah 'Ra- Queen Shebah III-Nubian Nations Imperial Matriarch and African Kingdom Federation-Leader/HeadThe 82nd Throne Generation and 49th 'Ra Adako Dakon'Ra, Asere-Kpakpatsewe, Amartsewe 18th Dyn: Throne Generation descendant of Shebah I.' From this we can see from her link, she is claiming descent from the Queen of Sheba. We have a connection although I am unsure if she realises this too.

The other lady is representing a royal lineage from both sides of the family - of the Royal Blood. The sash is depicting the Blood of Christ, from his wound on the cross. Yhr pure blood group is revealed. The person this represents has been injured too.

To be royal by divine right, there has to be criteria to be met. The tax collector and census collector already know who is who.

Snow White has been promoted in movies again. We are shown a true blood Royal Princess, with signs around of the New Eve. Sophia Wisdom relates to God's Wisdom and we see this has been brought to peoples awareness through the Da Vinci Code Movie. It is expected for a long time that a child would be born with the spiritual crown. This is to serve and spiritually uplift humanity

The rising interest in Holistic Health, meditation, relaxation, natural healing, spirtual healing - by prayer, guardian angels are all inspired and the surge of people who are talking about the Goddess - divinely appointed Royals have the authority to address some of the issues and review even the understanding people have in relation to God. Jesus Christ did not approve of stoning women. If women are being kept down, how will they be respected?

Not sure if these outfits were designed from a brief of inspirational, however they are relevant with signs of the times. Stella McCartney is the designer for the Atheles and I am unsure if these too. Credit and appreciation to everyone for all their hard work,

British people got a Boost from the Olympic Flame all the way from my mothers homeland in Greece, where the flame was ignited by natural sunlight in Olympia. The Olympic flame is shining constantly for everyone - from the heavens too.

There is a higher power governing this earth and all people. Artists, writers, designers, architects, builders, nurses, doctors, movie makers are just some peoople who are being guided and inspired even of most people do not even realise this

We are here for a greater purpose - not everyone realises that our physical body carries our soul and it is our soul that is incarnated to fuflill our spiritual purpose. We are all instrumental in shaping this world and taking care of this world - We are all instrumental in taking care of each other. We are all inspiring each other's growth.

Our strengths are very different and unique. Our purpose is not straight forward because we all influence people in different ways.

Every child has talents that might never be fully explored. Everyone has personal potential they might never realise because teachers, parents, influences and the structure in society holds people back. We are not here to combat each-other. Watch birds fly - they all enable each other to travel great distances.

Notice on the purple drapes 5 golden rings. This can mean many things - five continents united together in peace and harmony - all on the same wavelength. Five contininents have been sharing a global experience that is positive and empowering for everyone involved. This inspiration is to be shared wtth everyone. When we encourage people to try - encouragement can go a long way.

There are 5 books in the Torah - the Old Testament. In the Christmas him - on the fifth day of Christmas 5 gold rings were given. Christmas is not just once a year - Mas means US - Chrit is with us every day of the year. When we hold Christ in our heart, Christ is within our being. We can be spiritually guided in dreams.

Imagine a world where there is no suffering and hate, where people care about eachother. Where even if we keep going, we are not ignoring our pain, we are living our our spiritual purpose. Imagine what it wuld be like to see the people who are hurting in the world - smiling from their eyes. Many people experienced the sense of acheivement by participlating in the Olympic Games. Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve. Be inspired.

The Olympians at one time could only be Greek. The Gift the ancient Greek people give is that everyone be empowered and enlightened. We make the difference in this world - our elderly have lived a life and have wisdom to share from experience. Sometimes listening to smlll children we will gain more tuth and common sense than adults who are quick to offer opinions. Children are honest with what they see. Feel your feelings.

The Olympics show people can unite internationally in peace. It is time for people to rise up - break down the barriers of limitations, hear your own voice - your own truth. Break free from the idea that you are not good enough. There is no one more superior on this earth than anyone else. If you think you are not good enough, you might be stunting your growth. Who told you that you are not good enough? Who is the person making you feel small?

I did not cheer just Team GB - Every Athlete internationally has earned their place to partipate. Everyone is a winner. Everyone made new friends. This is the Olympic Spirit. Greece is a country even when people have little, the people welcome friends from around the world. My ancient Greek heritage came to England and I did not even get an invite. Thats OK - I had a fantastic view of the Opening ceremony from home and the closing ceremony too.

Many people reject the Christ family. Above we see how, whether planned or not, the truth will be revealed. People who can see understand. Many people know about history and do not want to rock the boat. Anyone who is denying the Christ family are denying Christ. This is related to people right at the very top!

Man made laws have been created to prevent people using foreign titles. This includes the Christ family who are not enemy to any people anywhere. We are a universal church. There is in our world spiritual ignorance and there is also spiritual wickedness in high places. It is time to bring the truth everyone is entitled to know.

Kyrie Eleison means 'Lord have Mercy'. Feeling this is my heart.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria