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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Defending The Honour of The Prophets and Saints

There are banners around with Defend the honor of the prophet. The other day I saw an image with men in masks, with this sign behind them. My thoughts were about not Muhammad at the time seeing this. What came to my mind was remembering the movie 'V for Vendetta' and the blowing up of the Houses of Parliament. Our world is going through massive changes to restore the truth faith.

In my experience, the muslims have a strong beleif in God that is unshakable. What every muslim must remember is the power of God is far greater than human manipulation and eventually all that is evil is going to come crashing down. We reap what we sew in life. The prophets showed God is the Boss. God is our jugde not man.

The biggest mistake is people thinking that God wants people to die for the evil going on in the world. the power is in the voice and to speak the truth of what is happening. Already many millions of people have been killed. Innocent pious Christians have been killed who were never ever going to fight in wars. They were not even in a position to protect theirselves. The Saints who were murdered, are considered to be martyrs because they stayed loyal to their faith and refused to comply with man made laws.

One of the fundamental laws God has given to man is not to kill anyone. The people who live by the sword invite retaliation. With thousands of years of wars and millions of people on this planet, life is precious. There are people who are thriving with people hating eachother. A sick mentality who do not care about people or who is being killed. They have their agenda.

Having read, written by the successor after Muhammad had died that there will be no more prophets after him. This is not true. There have always been divinely guided messengers for the people. Not everyone accepts this or getting the information. All the early Christains from the Christ family are divinely guided, even if not all the people realise this. Never did Christ tell people to go and kill other people - he taught to love humanity. He asked God to forgive people for their sins. Muslims need to become aware of the Truth about Christ. The Greek Orthodox church never changed the truth. The Wisdom of God was given even in Eden.

While there are millions of people waiting for the anointed one - the guided one, it is important that Muslims are clear to what this means and why the timing is now for everything. In the divine plan, already it is written what is expected to happen and at any time God can change the rules. What is written are some fundamental elements that will happen and what is to be expected.

In the Holy Bible there are laws, genealogy, history, the churches, the prophesies, wisdom and so much more. Learning to read the Holy Bible with a spiritual eye takes practice. Being totally focused to be guided to the right page, depends where your focus is. The people who have not got a direct relationship with God go through Christ. The people who reject Christ are not going to know God. Their loss. Our time here is for a divine purpose. Time is short.

Where is the rightousness, there is no human rights abuses, no war and certainly not any injustice which is totally against God's Law. The media are not helping to bring people together, so people have to work hard to do this. What better way to bring people to the true faith than to be beacons of light of our faith. Spirituality is not religious doctrine. Spirituality is a way of being.

When muslims are painted in a bad light, people react. People are scared. This then reflects badly on Muhammad who was guided to share the teachings of the previous prophets so people had these. What has happened since is man made laws and this is a concern in any situation. Be careful not to blame. Be careful not to react. Our world is filled with wickedness and hypocrisy. This is prophesy.

Speaking with a really lovely muslim lady the other day, she said she had walked to the top of Mount Sinai and it took four hours. When she spoke of the Greek Orthodox Monastary at the foot of the mountain and the Greek Orthodox Chapel right at the very top her face lit up. There have been so many attempts to destroy the truth and yet everyone is entitled to know this. It is from the Middle East that the anointed one has been expected to be born. Just because someone is from the Middle East, God decides where they will be born and man has no control to manipulate the finest of detail planned by our amazing Creator thousands of years ago.

Inside the Greek Orthodox Monastery is a letter with a Promise to protect the Christians from Muhammad. It is signed by several people and has his handprint. There is a diagram of the monastary on the document too. Another was given to another part of the world and yet this is lost. It might be held under protection for a time when it will be revealed. It might have been destroyed. I discovered this the day after prayer to seek the right information to give to muslims. That night Muhammad appeared in my dreams. The following mornig a website came to me and it was by cicking on a link on there, that I discovered this leter.

What I know as a woman of faith who is aware of being guided by God since being a child, in England there are many people who say they are of faith and yet they are not. If we were to divide the world into beleivers and doubters, we would see why there is a timely need for divine guidance at this time - divine timing.

If people are going to be at the head of any religous Church or Mosque, to prevent all these wars and abuses taking place, is to ensure that whoever is in this place is guided by God. This way the whole of humanity are under one umbrella with the same teaching instead of being manipulated to turn against each other.

Yeshua Jesus is seen here engraved into Sycamore wood.

What I know about God is He is very precise in His Word and instruction. The God I know is not asking for women to be stoned or oppressed. He is not even asking for women to be covered. Being modest in dress has been passed down traditionally because men are not able to keep their eyes to theirselves.

As an imperfect being, I am someone who has hurt, suffered, experienced heartache, loss, injustice and near death experiences. All the experiences have been necesary not just to be able to understand other people - but the near death experience with a freak car crash where both tyres burst after a truck pulled in front of me spilling nails was to show me that I am being looked after and to keep my focus on God as my protector. Making many mistakes and yet aware, when needing guidance or direction to ask for it. Sometimes warnings given were ignored only to be realise later on that I should have taken notice. Every wrong turn we take in life we learn lessons and we discover those lessons are valuable and already what we will do exactly is already known. There is no where to hide in being a Servant of God. All oathtakers take an oath to be a servant of God. All the abusers have been tested.

A few days ago I learned of a man who was killed by being struck by lightening. He was said to be editing a book that was translating Christ's teachings. Obvously this is not what is wanted by God. This is a warning to other people. There are very clear instructions not to add or take away what has been written. For a few years I have been given God's Word to share with people and even so my delay to share this was because the delay was neccessary.

What is being revealed to me now is the possibility for a future where if humanity can come together as one, we can overcome all that is evil. The discovery only recently about 'the three crowns' being relevant and that even though there are people who want this, they do not meet the criteria to claim this. For years, I have known this information and Bolton is connected to me, but I did not realise that the information was important to share with people. Part of my sharing is to show how everything is connected and there is so much to share, however it is important that you see the signs and able to see with your own eyes.

People of diverse spiritual understanding are sharing their wisdom with people. The Jewish Rabbis and Greek Priests are able to bring more spiritual understanding to scriptures, With the Bible written in English I can cherry pick what is relevant to know either by sourcing specific information, or to seek answers and open the page. Usually I listen to my higher mind to be guided accordingly.

Out of the Orthodox church have come the prophets. The people who are spiritually blind will not want to see or understand. People who are brainwashed and misinformed are not going to easily accept this. People who are preaching and turning people against people from different religions have not beeen ordained to preach. They are not servants of God that is for sure.

If we consider the Queen is accounting for £200 million a year income - her job is appealing with all the free traveling thrown in with expenses too. She has known about me all my life - because the law here requires people register our birth. She wrote to my mother after learning about her paralysis. From a distance the Queen must be well informed of my suffering with injustice - 'if' any of her children are crowned King, I will set up the Universal Church of Peace and unite people of True Faiths together.

Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) is a former Orthodox basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

Already I am inspired to request Hagia Sophia is fully restored to its former glory. A holy place to light candles and offer prayer.

The divine plan is to raise people up to realise a higher consciousness, not have people who are not even guided by God make laws to rule over people. In mantaining the faith is about mantaining the truth and that is the ruler of this world and the entire universe is God Almighty. The reason why Jesus Christ was born and incarnated on this earth as the Living Word of God is because God made sure His Physical Presence was here on earth so that no man can ever deny HIS LAW and Divine Authority.

If we compare the early prophets with their priorties towards the people, they were serving humanity, not seeking glorification or prestige. Today in England people are homeless and struggling with the deliberate rising of bills in a place where the land is owned by the Church. The Queen and her family have inherited a fortune and 'given' titles. Time will tell if they will do right by people.

It is easy to do right by people, by a simple decision.

My decision is easy - to end all the war and corruption!

Without the Prophets and Saints, people would not be reminded that God does exist and Jesus Christ was born to make sure people know God Rules this earth. The people who claim to be rulers and law lords might not be suitable in the eyes of God. They have not been chosen by God. They have been there by the Grace of God. However, when officials and anyone who has taken an OATH TO GOD abuses people, allows injustice and oppression to people, enslaves the people with man made laws, this is why yet again, the truth is being brought to the people. This is divine timing.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria