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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pella Foundation Stone - Ancient Kingdom

Pella was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia. The meaning of Pella is 'stone' - another proposed etymology is that Pella means 'defensible citadel on a cliff'. What is certain, Pella was the ceremonial location for decisions made in ancient Greece.

In particular with the theme of the Olympics - people globally are being reminded of the Olympic Spirit, with it's origins from ancient Greece. The theme this year is focussing on cosmic awakening - enlightenment and also the Declaration of Human Rights. These have been written since ancient times. It is with divine intervention that people are given Divine Laws to protect them.

Another expression for Divine Laws are Universal Laws.

With Pella meaning 'stone' - we are reminded of the foundation stone of civilsation. True democracy is where everyone has rights. Also people a being reminded that there are laws that govern this universe - as there are with regards to anyone who holds a positon of responsibility to take care of the people.

There are ancient Greek ruins from temples and buildings that give evidence of civilations in these times. It is in the spiritual mysteries to understand that no matter what happens in this world, there is a far greater force than human manipulation that will always bring everything to order again.

Pella was said to be founded in 399 BC by King Archelaus as the capital of his kingdom, replacing the older palace-city of Aigai. Later, it became the seat of the king Philip II and of Alexander, his son. In 168 BC, it was sacked by the Romans, and its treasury transported to Rome. Later, the city was destroyed by an earthquake and eventually was rebuilt over its ruins.

Aegae was an ancient town in Euboea with a "magnificent temple" honoring Poseidon, built upon a hill. The location is midpoint between the cities now known as İzmir, Manisa, Bergama and Aliağa of modern Turkey (ancient Greece) From this we are given the reminder of meaning the ancient cross and it's origins.

In the Roman province of Macedonia, Pella was the capital and possibly also the seat of the Roman governor. Currency was marked Colonia Iulia Augusta Pella which gave identification.

Pella never came under the jurisdiction of ius Italicum or Roman law. In modern times it is marking the start point of the Alexander The Great Marathon and in honour of the city's ancient heritage.

The palace is situated on a place of honour on the central hill. Not only was this a royal residence, but also a place of government which was required to accommodate a portion of the administrative apparatus of the kingdom. Because Palla was outside the jurastriction of MAN MADE LAWS, this is showing the example of the ancient Kingdom being governed by God's Laws.

When we hear of God's Kingdom on Earth, it is with divinely appointed Kings and Queens who are guided by God to bring this about. In a time of much deception and people not aware that the ancient Kings and Queens were not only divinely appointed and divinely guided, people are being shown the different ways this comes to light with the reminder that there are many false prophets around. Many people are speaking 'badly' about people who are spiritually enlightened - who are born to set humanity free, not enslave people with man made laws for profit.

It is from Macedonia the Cleopatra has originated from.

Cleopatra of Macedon (ca. 357 BC – 308 BC), or Cleopatra of Epirus, was an Epirote-Macedonian Princess and later Queen Regent of Epirus. The daughter of King Philip of Macedon and Olympias of Epirus, she was the only full sibling of Alexander the Great. More can be dicovered with connecting the dots.

There has been reference to Judgement Day and when we have for instance the Queen violating her coronation oath by allowing injustice - her officials did this and rubbish her name by their actions. For God's Order to be restored, it is not to pass the crown to her son or grandson, the authority be restored again to it's rightful place. There is no man or woman who rules this earth.

Divinely appointed people are born to restore God's Order again.

Spiritual Enlightement is not about ignoring the bad things that are going on in the world, turning a blind eye to all the wars, suffering, injustice and human rights abuses. It is about having the awareness and right to bring an end to all these abuses. This is the age for people realising responsibility and to put right wrongs!

Injustice is against God's Law, War is against God's Law, Slavery is against God's Law and everyone was born equal and free. Those who want to wear titles to appear more important - they are just labels and decorations, There is no excuse for any corruption or violation to any people. There is no right for any human being to keep anyone down. How many times has this been said in history?

What I discovered is when the ancient city of Smyrna was burned down and survivors of the massacre of the early Christinas, many who were Royal by divine right, a new home was set up. So this explains why there is New Smyrna in Greece and in America too. With regards to Pella, there is also Pella in Jordan, the ruins of the Temple building can see seen here in the following image.

The Byzantine era saw a revitalization of Pella, Jordan with trade strengthened and developing local industry. Most areas of ancient Greece have churches. We must understand that everything is by the Will of God. Everything and everyone connects together. Not matter how man changes the rules, the Great Architect in the Universe is ever constant to bring about His Divine Plan.

When I was young, I felt a connection with Arabia although have never travelled there. Today in learning the Arabs conquested Pella in the 7th century, for the city to then be destroyed by the terrible earthquake of 747 AD is a sign that is showing everyone that God is a boss and does not want man to rule. It is probably for this reason that there have been conflicts in the middle east.

Many Jewish people speak about the Temple being rebuilt- it is the temple that relates to the Worship of God - not a false idol. People who have been born from the ancient lineage know that God has communicated with man and woman; also when man has disobeyed His instruction people have suffered. There is no one born who has the right to rule over anyone. Just one reason Christ was born is to remind humanity that God is the boss, not man!

When man has made rules and manipulated the laws for self-serving ends, divine intervention happens to put everything back in order again. Because of what has happened in History, God made a clear plan that no man can change. When Christ ressurected, God's Law has remained on this earth all the time.

With Egypt, Isrel and Jordan today with conflict - this is bringing light to the situation just by being guided to discover this information. Egypt is the location of the Ancient Kingdom. Jordan - Pella, the Location of the early Kingdom, when in Greece. The government building of Israel is claimed ownership by Phillip and this will be passed onto his son and stay in his family when he dies. Such effort there has been to be King of Israel - to be King of the World? It is unclear who is denying the divinity of Christ.

While the Queen has given titles to her sons that relate to ancient Kingdoms and ruling people - God is guiding people in different ways to show that the all seeing and all knowing one knows the manipulative ways of man and woman, and all that is required is for people to open their eyes and see the truth. Because the British establishment has declined to bring an end to all the injustice and human rights abuses taking place - God's Kingdom is being formed.

Ancient Greece and London England is revealed through the 2012 London Olympics. The steel support for the stadium, the orbit tower and Olympic mascots built out of piece of steel. The heavenly realms have identifed Bolton specificically, where even on the 31st of May a party took place honoring the Olympic Spiritual Queen - 'from Greece'. The Virgin Mary was Jewish Hebrew. When people fled Jeruslaem, she went to live in Smyrna in ancient Greece; where my Greek Grandmother's family lived. The Jewish and Greek People have a spiritual connection together.

The bloodline lineage of Virgin Mary connects the Priest and King David line - this bloodline is protected. Man made rules have prevented women inheriting land and titles and the English Law courts promote theft of inheritance. A female who has descended from the Davidic line cannot be denied her birthright. Women especially are entitled to know her royal lineage because their bloodgroup, which might be incompatible with others when having a child. The true spiritual bloodline is far more precious than a male ego with a need to be important.

With Christ being born the Only Son of God, this was to give a clear message that there will not be another male born who has entitlement of his place. Christ is the Only King by Divine Right. With Joseph of Arimithea, uncle of the Virgin Mary coming to England, he marked out this land. The Queen and her children, even Catherine trace their lineage both sides of their family to protect the crown. They know of the ancient royal lineage. Perhaps their silence is to protect the annointed one. Perhaps not!

As in the ancient times, the royals have known when a child will be born who will bring an end to all the injustice and enslaving the people. There was an expected bombing in London - so serious did the British government take this that they spent over a billion in military protection and yet there is a deafening silence to why this is even happening. The attack is not on the people of London, from wherever they are. There are people who do not want the British royals reigning over them. Man does not have the right to rule over anyone, especially when he is not obediant to God and reciveving divine guidance from God.

An anointed Queen restores God's Law and Order - Rule number 1. No abuse from officials to the people! With talk of the New World Order and World Government, One world currency and also a New Religion. When an ethical government is working with officals serving the people - people have a voice and the right to speak. Your voice is given to be heard. An Empress is Queen of an Empire - her face is on curency. The 'Age of Aquarius' identifies God's Wisdom is being outpoured to be given to humanity.

Listening to a Jewish lady, she spoke of the Three Crowns and said the British royals are pretenders. The Jewish people identify the Crown of Torah as being important. There are two others. The Crown of Priesthood and the Crown of Kingship. The conquesting of the world by War shows pepole who are not eligible to be King. The claimant for the Crown of Torah speaks the Word of God through their Mouth and will be filled with the Holy Spirit to do so.

With Queen Elisabeth II being a woman and Beatrice the Queen of Netherlands too, at least now woman have taken back their place to be leaders in this world. This was not always the case. Even when women have been crowned Queen, they might have been influenced by a man. The anointed (by God) Crowned Royals, do not make war on any people - war is not the way to peace

Other words for Queen is Lady and Kyria. Kyria and Kyrios meaning Lord and the honor given to descendants from the royal priesthood. The Holy Bible identifies the Elect lady or Kyria and her children. The anointed Queen is mother to all of humanity and this is the role the Holy Mother Mary held. In the ancient times Athena has been the anointed Queen mother of humanity too.

We can learn a lot about history that is relevant if we remember God rules this earth. There have been people who have changed the laws and rules for people to live by. For humanity to unite in peace, there needs to be an end to religious conflict. The divine plan has already been written and planned thousands of years ago.

With Pella being the capital of Macedonia in ancient Greece, with a Palace and central government, they had currency with identifying coins. This ancient Coin shows the head of Athena wearing her ornamented crested helmet, Reverse: Legend in Greek (GSIOY TAMIOY) above and beneath bull feeding right; monogram above, BOT monogram beneath. Date: 168-158 BCE.

It has been Greek tradition since ancient times to pass the family name continually generation to generation. Two very popular names with women are Athena/Athina and Maria. The Holy Virgin Mary is mainly known as Maria by name. Hence the popular song Ave Maria has been inspired to keep her name alive. With all the effort to silence the truth that there have been divinely guided Queens, the truth is always going to come to light.

The world can be conquested and everyone forced to convert to a religon. I will refuse. Why on earth would anyone want to join a religon that is being forced - this shows people who do not have a personal relationship with God. Abusing God's name to profit from people, cause injury, loss, suffering, injustice and even boast about is not a good idea at all. Officials in England disgust me!

Judgement Day for the Oathtakers is due soon.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria