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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rhianna on a Gold Throne - What is The Message?

Every production show, has a stage setting too. Do you know that every element of what we see holds meaning? Well now you do!

The biggest show on earth - the Paralympics closing ceremony and people saying it was just a coldplay concert, with Rhianna and Jay Z. Evidently a little more help is needed to bring to light some important understanding. When a production is BIG and LOUD, a message is being shared, so that people will take notice.

In the Paralympic's closing ceremony Rhianna arrived on a Steamship, dressed in colour orange, joining Chris Martin from Coldplay. They sang Princess of China. Rhinna sings 'I could've been a Princess, you would be a King' - we learn there is a man who could have been King - is he recognised? A love story between two people who fought continually....'a hopeless situation'.

Jay Z sang about sacrifice - "everything she did, she paid the price, she sacrificed, This is everything, everything she ever dreamed. 'she made the team'" -

While struggling with legal corruption, listening to war mongers - I have been openly exposing corruption and injustice also being vocal about being anti war. My focus is to actively promote global peace and healing. When there were threats of bomb scares in the Olympics, I wrote openly about this here and located relevant research to share with concern. Had enough of the warmongers.

There ware no bombs or earthquakes other than a big noise in the Olympic Arena in London and people being empowered and enlightened too. There could have been bombs and earthquakes and yet this would have been seen to be by the hand of man.

On 12th August, Prince Harry arrived with Catherine - formerly introduced as Prince Henry and the Queen prayer, otherwise known as the National Anthem was sang, while Queen Elisabeth II was somewhere else. William holds a title that relates to being the ruler of Scotland. Excuses were given for the Royal family not to attend and yet it is highly likely they were fully aware of the bomb scare so the military son and sister in law were sent instead.

Since this, and Harry being exposed naked, the media have reported of death threats after he was sent to Afghanistan. The media portrays to each country one aspect and not the whole picture. They also heavily promote the British royal family.

The closing ceremony of the Olympic games was 12th August 2012. August 12th is the date Cleopatra, last Pharaoh Queen of Egypt died. The Cleopatra Exhibition is in California now.

During the ceremony as divine providence shows, from the ancient Greek lineage is another Princess who came down and was raised up by the people, the royal Ballet dancers. A divinely appointed Queen comes from a specific lineage and it is not to be more superior than anyone else. It is to serve the people.

Nothing is hidden from people. People are being told and shown that all is not right and as it should be. Not coincidently Jay Z and Kayne West have toured with the 'Watch The Throne Tour'

In the Paralympics closing festival, Rhianna sang 'Who is going to run this town' - she had changed from elegant orange to black and speaking why she breaks all the rules. Remember also the Wayseer Manifesto addressing all the rule breakers. Everyone who thinks for theirself is not a robot or meant to be.

Sitting on the throne Rhianna is wearing a gold top with black trim, with number 23 and a black cap. On the back of the top says Scott 23. Notice the floods I have posted about these days have related to floods in Scotland and Yorkshire, relating to the House of York and Duke of York. This connects with New York.

My previous article Jay-Z in Brooklyn, with a New Barclays Bank in New York - Barclays is connected to London, international.

On the throne we see two lions with closed mouths - calm? Notice the back of the throne, the swirl ended columns/pillars they seem to be bent over. Above this is symbolising something else - perhaps the sun rising and energy of the sun. With Rhianna singing we are reminded of Zion singing.

In the ancient times, the High Priestess was divinely inspired directly from God which is why she is connected to The Temple. Sitting on the Throne, Rhianna is showing that the HighPriestess, who is born from the Royal bloodline, is also communicating with the people. She is showing what to expect.

The gold top is covering her main body area we are reminded of a golden heart that radiates love and energy. She does not have cloth covering her legs because the gold is the focus and numbers. By sitting on the throne, Rhianna is reprsenting the woman, (not man) the Mother of Humanity. Gold is also the colour associated with angels our divinely appointed heavenly messengers.

The Hebrew meaning of number 5 is GRACE. More specifically, this is meaning God’s grace or goodness toward man. "Five is four plus one (4+1). Now we have a further revelation of a People called out from mankind, redeemed and saved, to walk with God from earth to heaven. Hence, Redemption follows creation. Inasmuch as in consequence of the fall of man creation came under the curse and was "made subject to vanity," therefore man and creation must be redeemed."

With Bolton being shown in the Divine Plan as being very important in relation to the Olympic Arena and the Orbit tower built here too, Bolton is showing to have the ancient Greek connection too. Not coincidently, Bolton Museum treasures are touring the Far East in the 'Quest for Immortality' exhibition, with people ready and more open to realise greater self understanding. Our soul is inner - this is why esoteric wisdom applies. In ancient Greek Wisdom - Know Thyself! Exoteric - from outside.

This is Bolton Town Hall at night. Two lions, one guarding each side of the main entrance. There is also a barrier to the entrance. Several columns, which always remind me of ancient Greece and Athens, my mother's homeland.

The Proclamation of a new Monarch's accession to the throne is traditionally read out from Bolton Town Hall steps.

Surprisingly this is not common knowledge. It is not common knowledge that the museum holds the largest collection of Egyptian treasures in storage in England. It is not common knowledge that the Olympic arena support and Orbital tower were built in Bolton either. Perhaps this is a good thing. What is relevant to come to light will come to light when people are ready to see.

Divine Providence is revealing what we need to know in so many different ways. While I am sharing, some insights with what is being revealed, ultimately there is a BIG BOSS in the heavens who decides everything. We can all see the world idealistically and yet not everyone is in an idealistic place. There is a global healing need and I hope that people will pull together as one humanity.

There are people who will not want help or be ready for help, these are individuals. There is a woman on the internet who has stated she is the Queen and Messiah and yet she is bashing America and American People. She is bashing the Orthodox Cristians and it is so easy to see the false prophets. The days of tyranical rulers is over - there is a need of toughness, as in steadfastness to keep a tight ship, so all officials know their role of responsibility and honor it.

When I trained in holistic health and various modalities of psychotherapies, with other training and understanding, I can see that everyone's healing need is different and there is more than one way to help people according to their need. If we give the tools to people to help theirselves this is the way forward, enabling people to learn and be empowered, by experience.

Meanwhile Rhianna is acting out her art and I have yet to see her interview with oprah. Another young lady who knows real people and their needs. She communicates so many different messages. Turning the sound off, the message is loud and clear with this one and so lets see, time will tell what will unfold.

New York, London, Paris and Milan came to mind - the runways for the fashion houses. Runways are also airports. All these cities are important for change. This came to my mind now - unity and change. Old ways to new ways.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria