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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Bubble Bath in Royal Scotland is Overflowing

As addressed in other articles, legal corruption is still rife in UK and despite the effort to put on a front of righteousness, the law courts and lawyers are still not working to an acceptable standard to be operating in an ethical way. No one should be refused justice or remedy for miscarriages brought to officials attention and especially when legal corruption has been involved and proven. My speaking is with experience. The Queen is supposed to be protecting the people and upholding the laws in the Holy Bible. Injustice and war are not excusable. Even by the lawless one.

Corrupt officials who boast they will never be prosecuted and the system is corrupt - when I say the clean up is overdue, it is. Looking at the images, we can be reminded of Britain having a bath - not just with floods to wash and rinse, we get the impression of soap suds to get rid of those stubborn areas too.

This is the scene in Aberdeen Scotland - being reminded of the Royal Bank of Scotland and also Balmoral in Aberdeen Scotland. The title Earl of Strathern given to William relates to being ruler of Scotland. With William and Kate's recent visit to the Far East the media covered, they were raised and carried on 'thrones' in the 'Solomon Islands' - a reminder of King Solomon?

King Solomon was wise and when he asked for Wisdom - for those who do not understand, he was sent the Queen of Sheba, who was the Queen of Wisdom. Evidently the Queen was divinely inspired to be ruler in her own right. Considering William wants the photographer of his wife thrown in jail, while the royal family allow spying and monitoring the people is hypocritical. Be wary if William has a bad day - every suggestion the royals make is powerful. They get their power from the people who give their power away. William would have been wiser to tell his wife to cover up. Instead they both BOWED to topless ladies from the islands, when accepting their garlands. Did they get it? The British media tried hard to say the exposure was all about profit - I disagree. The media could have a field day with photos of the couple drunk and pubished them to the muslim nations. Harry has been exposed. They were kind and it served the purpose to reveal how William would react. The public could decide to throw the Queen in Jail for her allowing human rights abuses - We do not!

As I have said before, people can go type their address in Google search engine to see how close spying is happening to the people. The computers, mobile phones and televisions all have the ability to monitor people and telephone conversations recorded too. Double standards are not acceptable especially from William!

Not everyone realises there is actually an Egyptian exhibition tour in the Far East named 'Quest for Immortality' - The treasures have come from 'Bolton' Museum and relate to the Isis Gene that holds the Spiritual Key. Humanity is ready to evolve spiritually now! This is God's Will. Man has obstructed this for too long already.

With a spiritual and mortal battle taking place, who are good guys and who are the bad is not even something we can debate. Man made laws in England are now to fine people at every opportunity, yet the police refuse to prosecute serious crime. If you beleive these are the good guys - your choice. Satanic ritual abuse - a real concern 20 years aqgo and yet Tony Blair put media blackout on this around the time of the Iraq invasion in 2003. With thousands of children going missing, all parents should be alerted to the danger and warned to protect their children from predators. Not keep the silence!

A photographer captures the fishing boat here. Judges and lawyers know about admiralty law and 'contract law' but how many know God's Law? The British legal system have violated their contract by refusing to work for justice.

A large percentage of society is drugged on some antidepressant, or uses alcohol, smoking or some other means to cope with stress and life prssures. This at least keeps people quiet, or they stay in a place of denial. Alcohol and food brings in profit for the supplier and the government makes a KILLING with taxing people on Alcohol and cigarettes. The cost is living is rising and people are not seeing what is happening in front of their eyes. Denial is dangerous. People are tolerating abuse, injustice and crime; tolerating a system that is highly flawed in serving the people in some areas. Last week a police officer said he is trying to get a good reputation with the people. The police might start to work for the people and protect everyone - instead of contributing to a bigger problem.

Handing out leaflets in supermarkets will not do. There is a lack of leadership in England. If police are unable to look within their own being, they can take a good look at colleagues and listen to their attitudes about people. I told the officer that everyone is revealing their true colours now. Who really works for the people and serves the people shows. If police have joined the job as a way to commit crimes and abuse people, they are the terrorists. No one has a right to abuse anyone else. Oathtakers are not permitted to abuse people either.

The lady in purple showing how deep the foam is. Being reminded of the group deep purple, the colour and purple flame connected to the third eye. The spiritual eye sees beyond the superficial. The lady is showing the foam is deep. The spiritual eye heals too.

In seeing the photograph with the foam coming from the sea, I did wonder if this has been a deliberate act to spilling vast quantities of foaming ingredient into the ocean. My next thought 'looks like an overflow of suds from fairy liquid has hit the town'. When any decision is made there is consequence. For every action there is a reaction. People react to decisons about the people. When we see a cosmic reaction this is because the heavenly realm are reacting to what is happening with the earlthy rulers who are defying God's Rule. Aberdeen relates to the British Royals. Just the other day Rhianna was pictured wearing a Gold top sitting on a throne with two lions. The name Scott was on her back. Just considering the visiual - the heart area is Golden and the throne was shown to belong to a woman.

In earlier articles I did address concerns about boming of the Olympics and innocent people being killed. This was seen as to why Harry looked a little worried. Singing the prayer to save the Queen to Catherine when her husband holds a rulership did not escape my attention. Is Catherine divinely appointed? No!

An oath to God is a heavy weight of responsibility to carry, not lip service. Charles did not take an Oath to God when he was made Soveriegn in 1969. At this time there were reactions from people - and in Ireland too. This is not a coincidence. There is reference to spiritual wickedness in high places in the Holy Bible. We know England is overdue it's clean up of all the corruption and officials who are abusing their Oath of office. With being in Aberdeen where the Royal residence is, perhaps this is a sign the royal family must take on board and understand.

For a long time succession law has protected the throne to stay in one family lineage. This means that even if Elisabeth did not want to take the throne, she was called to. Few people consider that God really does see and know everything to the finest detail. The obligation from the Queen is to the people because she is in the role of Queen Mother of Humanity. While the crown has been taken from the lineage identified by God, it has been said the Queen is custodian of the Crown of David and so she has proven that a woman can hold this crown. It is necessary for women to be leaders in the world or humanity will sink with desolation and war.

We cannot allow this to happen. Humanity has suffered enough!

The Queen is in a positon to influence laws to ensure that women are protected and not oppressed in anyway way in the future. There are countless girls subjected to FGM and making a law to ban this does not sort out a problem. Catherine reportedly having an 'interest' in empowering women is not good enough.

Recently Alexander Romonov on a video was telling 'Aunt Elisabeth to hand the crown over to Isis' - Must admit, that was jaw dropping to hear.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Images from MailOnline - No copyright infrigement intended.