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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Divine Justice, Global Peace and Healing ~ It is written: The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth (Matthew 5:5) ♥

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Gifted in 2012 - My Year with The Crowned Buddha

A few minutes after posting the first of two articles about Rihanna, a knock at my door came from a neighbour. She came to my mind a few hours before and I had every intention to get in touch with her because some weeks have passed since last saying 'Hello'. Her arrival was actually no surprise. She presented me with a gift - a Buddah. That was certainly unexpected. Here is my spiritual gift.

Some months ago, I had encouraged this lady to try meditation for relaxation and especially to alleviate stress and worry. When shopping she noticed the lady in the shop unpack this and felt she had to buy it. Since, she has bought singing bowls for herself too. This was a sign to show that she is being inspired with the spiritual way for calm and for feeling the benefits of meditation. There have been other times we have been guided to connect together. It is deeply touching to be given this as a gift. It will be treasured especially coming from a lady with a beautiful pure heart.

The Buddha above is reclining and dressed in Gold - a gold top and skirt. Looking closely, she is wearing a crown with 3 red gems. I have the impression representing Rubies. The Ruby is known as the crown of gems and can be as expensive as diamonds as they are quite rare. On her upper arms are bracelets with a red gem on each one. She also wears a gold bracelet on each wrist. Her head is presented with the pine cone effect, with what looks like a flame effect on her crown chakra.

The detail of her clothes is a top that has green glass mirror mossaic style with Gold coloured halter top that continues to decorate around the heart and breastplate area. With altering the angle looking at this mirror effect, it shines in a colour of rose gold. The skirt has ornate detail with a long sash with the same colour mossaic mirror. On the skirt is a mixture of blue and greem gems, again I saw to be representation of rubies and Sapphires.

In previous articles Sapphire came to light. Also other articles I have spoken about the Spiritual Crown and the real meaning.

Green is the colour of our heart chakra. As we feel love we radiate love out to the world. Whatever we are feeling this is going out. It is a constant healing process when being sensitive to people's hurt and suffering. This is something that I have been aware of and yet not everyone is willing to grasp. The last thing I need is drama in my life from anyone. For as long as I am caught up in legal corruption, this is keeping my mind aware of other people who are suffering too and it is for the people who are suffering in the world, that I keep going. While my prayers and meditation is in private and quietly, my voice - even through writing is to reach other people and to empower ethical people to speak out too.

With so much talk of the Goddess now there is something else to understand. When people send out love to the goddess love returns. When people send love to the Holy Mother Mary, love returns. When people send love out to Christ love returns - we can do the same to Almighty God our Heavenly Father too.

The golden colour predominantly featured is representing the angelic frequency. So this Buddha is a reminder of the Goddess. In the last 12 months I have been gifted four buddhas, all very different. Not expensive either.

By mastering the art of meditation, our senses are much more sharper. We can also become turned to a frequency to hear clearly answers to our prayers and recieve divine guidance too. Jesus Christ would have been a Spiritual Master teacher in his time here. The knowledge and sharing the understanding of meditation and soul consciousness has been around for thousands of years. Christ Consciousness relates to soul consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

Here we see another crowned buddha. 'The Crowned Buddha symbolizes the Beatific Body (Sambhogakaya) form of Buddha. Among the Three Bodies of the Buddha, the Emanation Body (Nirmanakaya), the Beatific Body (Sambhogakaya), and the Truth Body (Dharmakaya) This represents the manifestation of the Buddha visible to those of greatly purified mind, such as tenth-stage Bodhisattvas.'

"Sambhogakaya is not something that can be perceived by ordinary beings, for one needs to have a purified mind both to perceive it and to communicate it."

"A person may manifest all kinds of mental powers, but if the audience is limited in its capacity and the people subject to all kinds of illusions, then they will not be able to appreciate the manifestation of Sambhogakaya. The Buddhas always communicate through the Nirmanakaya aspect, expressing themselves verbally and mentally, because they can best work for the benefit of others through such physical means."

The most difficult challenge that anyone who is spiritually awakening and awake faces, is in being face to face with people who speak the same language and yet they are unable to comprehend what we are talking about. This applies with every day matters. One time, pointing up to the skies and saying look the planes are spraying something, people were telling me I was imagining this even to this day. The children got it and one came knocking on my door to tell me there was a cross in the sky. This reminded them of Christ smiling at them. Children are cute and with their innocent minds they will understand the message they need to know.

For adults, There is a big difference with usual airplane emissions that dissipate after a few seconds and something that is lasting to then be spread with the help of artificial weather modification in the name of geoengineering.

With justified concerns for the health of humanity, few people want to listen. How many people read the labels of the food they are buying and notice the additives and preservatives? The 'e' numbers mask something. GM foods are genetically motified to be in a different molecular structure and we are consuming this and growth hormones too. With the growing consumers and meeting demand to feed people, the lifestock is being pumped with hormones and antibiotics and we, are consuming these too. When we are physically ill there is a cause. When we start to consume foods that are toxic to our mind and even interfere with brain functioning, this is done either out of ignorance by those who are making decsions or it is deliberate.

To find the balance on what to share is not easy. When trying to bring to light vital information, there has been times where I have felt absolutely exhausted. A few weeks ago I fell down stairs and had a nasty big bruise. It could have been worse, a former neighbour of mine broke his neck. These three weeks I have been struck by a virus that has been debilitating - there is a real spiritual battle taking place and the enemy is not visible. With this I ask for your patience and to know this is not just any blog or regurgitated information. You are unlikely to read what you find here elsewhere. You will find insight and information to consider and you are free to dismiss what is not relevant to your interest.

In the divine plan it is important to reach both men and women, to raise everyone's consciousness. Being spiitual is a way of being - it is not an indoctrination. While there are disciplines and teachings to enable people to reach higher consciousness, we can only understand this when we attain this state.

Being spiritual cannot be bought or sold. There is no race to becoming spiritually awakened. There are no short cuts. Everyone is living their own path and finding their own way. For a long time the right teaching is also being twisted out of context. People are not respecting other people's learning. When minds are closed, people who teach with limited understanding are unaware that there is progression to realise higher consciousness. People past and present, by design, are meant to be sharing their experience, to enable humanity to progress.

Nothing has been hidden from people. The right voices have been sounded out. Even so with meditation we do not need a voice. Notice women are good at talking - but they are also good at being quiet too. Women have not realised they have a whole lot more to their advantage with their inner process. When women beleive they are not good enough or are unfortunate to encounter someone who is bashing them down, they face a struggle to cope with their inner process and healing need.

There are men who are not aware or responsible for their own process, especially when this is impacting other people; including children. Far from being perfect, I can be a hot headed tempermental individual, but also very gentle, loving and calm. I am not someone to pretend all is perfect in my life or th world when it is not. It is impossible to ignore that people are suffering in the world. However, there are people who openly disregard other people. They do not care.

For this reason, someone has to care. The army of caring and compassionate people is growing now. The wave of people who are meditating and joining into sending healing thoughts 'globally' is expanding. As we send healing thoughts, energy is been sent with this intention and this is going to reach our planet too. The more people who join in with this, the better. A far more productive focus than arguing with people from a different nationality or relgion. What you are thinking is being sent out to the universe - not just to the world.

Just with my thoughts to bring an end to injustice and global corruption - join me with this and we will combat this together. Try not to identify a person. Keep the focus with clear intention because corruption is happening on many levels. This is people power - meanwhile ethical officials will join in too.

It is interesting the Sapphire came to mind and how this has revealed itself in Heart of the Ocean stone.

Now to find the connection to the Queen, who wears a diadem.

Here we see clearly Queen Elizabeth’s Burmese Ruby Tiara.

"It is in the form of a wreath of red roses, with the roses consisting of the Burmese rubies and gold, and the petals composed of diamonds and silver. It is a relatively new tiara; Queen Elizabeth had this tiara commissioned in 1973 from Garrad & Co.

The tiara has a special history. It is made out of 96 Burmese rubies which were a gift from the people of Burma to Princess Elizabeth on the occasion of her wedding to Prince Philip in 1947. The significance of 96 rubies is that 96 is the number of diseases that the Burmese traditionally people believe can afflict the human body, so these rubies are meant to protect against illness and disease."

The Oriental Circlet reveals Prince Albert's keen eye and fine taste. He was to oversee the creation of many designs for his wife, Queen Victoria. This piece made by Garrard in 1853 cost around £860.

The Oriental tiara may have been inspired by a collection of Indian jewels which were given to Queen Victoria a few years before. The piece created by the Moghul arches and delicate design of lotus flowers that we see present brings the meaning of finery associated, hense the use of "Oriental" in the name.

My life focus since 1965 has been to assist global peace and healing. There are spiritually enlightened people on this planet - people who are working in the light to combat those who are not. Who they are, you will not find on stage or even in the public eye. I have spent time with someone and have had enough proof to satisfy what I needed to know at the time. Already in my life, I have experienced the knowing that there is someone looking after me. My being bold and speaking out had taken great courage - for along time I was timid and quite shy. When we are called to serve God, sometimes we need to put aside our doubts and insecurities, to deal with what is necesaary. The nice part of the job, is reminding people they are lovable and worthy - to be kind to theirself and to other people.

There are times I have to be ruthless too and only recently, I was given a situation to consider if to make a decison to hire and fire lawyers - to decide who would have a future in the legal profession if I could do this and yes I can. What I am seeing for the future is not a law court as you know today. The administration of justice is relating to paperwork and making decisions based on this. A vast amount of cases should not even be brought to court but they are because lawyers earn from this and other ethical advise and options is not given.

What is happening in the law court is so far removed from Divine Justice and yet in the bigger picture everyone will see if you abuse the name of God to abuse people, there is a price to pay for this. If we turn a blind eye and do nothing when someone is calling out for help - we have contributed to their downfall. It is not my interest to cause the downfall of anyone but to help people realise a higher consciousness. We must all learn to be responsible in our life.

For the oathtakers who boast there is no accountabily and they will never be prosecuted think again. Some time ago I posted an image of the checkerboard floor and was being guided to write about Judgement day. Expect the unexpected because at different times in our life, we can fall and we can be lifted up. Of the people who have climbed high in their life, many have trodden on people.

From the Mailonline. 10/09/10 Burmese rubies for sale in Bangkok. Human rights organisations claim that generals arrange private sales of the finest gems and keep the proceeds in accordance with agreed sweetener deals. Read more on the article posted below about this report that highlights what is happening.

How many people consider that the gems in the ground are there for a reason - a we have organs in our body all having a different purpose. Some time ago I was guided to share this. If we keep taking the nourishment of this earth and give nothing back what will happen? If we keep promoting war and suffering to people - this is never bring peace and healing. It will invite retaliation.

In my life I can lose my comfortable life and business - as long as I have food to eat, a roof over my head and clothes on my back, I am amoung the most fortunate people in this world. Countless millions do not have this. When I consider that the Queen has allowed countless people to suffer injustice, while the profit being made is causing people to be made homeless and this is serious, why does she allow this? Surely she knows water is being poisoned and bottled water is being sold for huge profit. Surely she knows what causes illness, not just toxins - what people hear, they are told and sold and what they tell theirselves too.

The Buddha waa providing evidence of my Spiritual Crown.

Reclining Buddha. The Left arm is along the body, right arm forms a pillow with the hand supporting the head. My Buddha posted at the top of the page has her head supported as is seen here.

"Story : The giant Asurindarahu wanted to see the Buddha, but was reluctant to bow before him. The Buddha, while lying down, presented himself as much larger than the giant. He then showed him the realm of heaven with heavenly figures all larger than the giant. After all this, Asurindarahu, the giant, was humbled, and made his obeisance to the Buddha before leaving."

Entering Nirvana - The Buddha aged 80 years old has entered Nirvana. If the right arm is lying down next to the body, this indicates that the Buddha has has passed away.

Here Buddha is preaching his last sermon. On Buddha's order, Ananda went to spread word that the Buddha was going to pass away that day. Subhadda (Supata), a wanderer adhering to another relgion, came to visit the Buddha to asked some questions. The Buddha taught him that there was no way of attaining enlightenment outside Buddhism. Subhadda became filled with faith. Normally a 'probation' period is usual before before followers of other religions could become a monk. An exception was made. Subhadda became the last direct disciple of the Buddha on that day. Afterwards the Buddha preached his last sermon to the disciples present.

The life of being spiritual enlightened is as a way of being. We are in a constant state of being enlightened. We never stop learning. Divine Wisdom is ever flowing. Being receptive to allow the flow of inspiration, allows this to be shared in it's pure form. If we change Divine Wisdom is it no longer divine.

Click on the image to see the detail of my crowned Buddha gift.

The way of a Buddha is a way of being. There is no retirement age or taking time off. There is time to rest, eat, meditate and share seeds of wisdom. Our soul is the spiritual essense of our being. When we pass away, our soul passes away. While we are in this physical body, our soul has a spiritual purpose. People have been given an instruction to pray. Meditation is important too. The next chapter is enabling humanity to experience Oneness.

Over 40 years experience meditation, it has been with my own spiritual development - sometimes being distracted from this and yet the avenues I traveled have taught me very valuable lessons. We are all guided to see and know what we are meant to see to understand. Your time here is for your spiritual learning. There is only one of you and only one of me. Value your uniqueness and your soul journey. Get to know who you really are as a person. Listen to your heart and soul because it is in this way you you are going realise a spiritual purpose that is fulfilling.

Helping spiritual people with their spiritual progress, we never know the outcome of our influence and it is very important to be aware of the power of suggestion. We are all given Free Will and we are all here to make our own choices. While it is an honor when people regard me as a life saver, I do not encourage dependancy whatsoever. My intervention is to help people find their wings so they can fly free. When we need help to deal with psychological blocks and emotional healing, finding the right psychotherapist can take you beyond what you expected. Masses of people are stuck because the helper is keeping people stuck. The Spiritual teacher will only arrive when the pupil is ready; not before this.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria