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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cheryl Cole - Golden Girl Inspiring A Million Lights

Cheryl Cole is dressed in Gold for her 'A Million Lights' tour.

The more people delivering this message the better. While the tour is said to be named from the title of one of Cheryl's songs, this is the example to show that what seems like a good idea, might have a more profound meaning.

We are in a time where a shift is taking place. Women have had enough of being dictated to by man and all those man made rules too. Who decided man rules this world? It is suprising that there are people who forget women have been leaders in history - powerful leaders and in times of peace and properity too. There are many men today who expect to be treated as Kings, yet there is evident lack of respect for a man who wants to be King to honor and respect His Queen.

Notice behind Cheryl there is a shadow. The lights are shining as if to project an aura. There is a also brighter area from her waist down. Cast your mind back to my Buddha gift and notice there is a skirt area with a sash belt. If we compare the area that is illuminated on the Buddha, the same is here too.

This is quite uncanny and shows you nothing is planned.

The colour gold is connected with the vibration of the angelic realm. A golden heart is a pure heart. Notice that the heart area on Cheryl's outfit is exposed. She is showing that her heart is open. Cheryl is in touch with her feelings - she cries, gets angry and is very vocal. Cheryl is true to herself and also more importantly, examinines her own process. This is a step to self awareness.

The necklace and bracelets have an Egyptian ancient Greek styling. It is from ancient Greece the divinely inspired Goddess have become from. In seeing this image, I was hearing the words 'Sing Zion Sing'.

We are given the impression of the Goddess of Wisdom in Songs of Songs - the Book of Solomon, or Wisdom as it is sometimes named. We know now that the daughter of Zion is connected to Songs and also with Divine Wisdom. Cheryl in her role is bringing this awareness to people and what we see is relevant here.

The Song of Songs is a great love that is documented in the Holy Bible between King Solomon and the Queen of Wisdom. The great love is ours if we want it. It takes two people, the man who is to search for Wisdom and for the woman to share wisdom from her heart with man to bring understanding of spiritual unity. If we can inspire a generation of men to love - we inspire a future in peace.

Staying with what we can see and insights that come to light from this. A male dancer dressed in white is a reminder of a man who is in a physical and spiritual partnership. While the male takes attention dressed in white, Cheryl takes the lead in singing by herself her own song. The dancer might be guiding, supporting her and even joining in on Cheryls show, She owns the stage.

When a woman has a man who is guiding and supporting her, encouraging her to succeeed, he also gets to experience the benefit. The greater the woman, the greater the man. There are millions of women holding their men back and keeping them down for fear that they might leave them behind. When two people get together for the right reason, a partnership can be formed that allows two people to grow and shine their light. Love relates to feelings. Still waters run deep. As more people are realising the love is the way, there are many people who work to divide people and contribute to the break up in relationships. This is a sign of the times. People are warned of temptations being put in their way.

Keep an open mind with what I am including in my articles, especially when bringing in any spiritual and biblical associations. Subconciously, we connect white with purity and innocence. Again we are given the reminder of Christ who empowered women and also put women in the position of leadership roles.

There are many people in the music and creative industry who are divinely inspired. There are many people who are inspired by the Goddess. There is a balance in the universe of masculine and feminine. Day and Night. As there is the divime masculine who was born human and divine in nature. There has been women who have been born divinely appointed and anointed by God too. They are guided to bring the truth to people and to enable the upliftment of the human condition.

In this particular image, notice there are two other female figures as the shadows. This is a reminder of the triple goddess, also Charlies angels just popped into my mind - a team. The A-Team being revealed here by this too. We must not ignore the connections that come to light. Three is also the number of the Trinity. Think along the lines of Mind, Body and Spirit. Consider three generations of women who share the spiritual and emotional connection together. Daughter, mother and grandmother - This is the example given to show the lineage of MtDNA!

When you hear the reference to Isis, the Isis gene relates.

When women are in tune with their heart and soul, we are all connected together. While the boys have their brotherhood - we women have our sisterhood bond and this traces back in such a phenomenal way. What is particularly powerful, even when women have not had loving support and nurturing from a mother, there is still a possiblity to be loved from another source. Every women is entitled to be empowered and speak her truth, as she is meant to. Every woman who is hurting it entitled to her healing need. Every woman is entitled to live with love in her heart.

If were not meant to speak, we would not be born with a voice. If we are not meant to be think, we would not be born with a brain. If we were not meant to feel, we would be like zombie robots. Human beings are human, not robots. We have a range of feelings too.

It has been proven, even if we are not the best singer in the world - we can still communicate an important message. We can still get up and sing. While Cheryl has decided not to be a judge on UK Xfactor, she is a reminder of the cycle of learning and growth to inspire other people in their journey. You decide your goals.

Not everyone is giong to be a superstar with a million pound record deal. However, in listening to your truth, you might discover you have the million pound idea and unless yuo learn to listen to what is within you, then you might not discover your personal potential and the reason why you are here today.

Here Cheryl dressed in the colour purple and this style actually suits her. It is interesting because a few years ago I had a clear vision of outfits with this theme and the cut out waist area. If I recall, doing some rough sketches too. If I find the papers amount the piles of documents, I will share them here. There were four or five different variations and different colours. My vision could have been a fashion show - they were a group of women together. The colour purple is one of my favourite colours. Purple is the colour of the third eye chakra.

When Cheryl appeared in USX Factor, she arrived wearing puple trousers and orange top. She was also wearing a light blue belt. The colour orange is a colour worn by Buddhists and connected to Asia. These are the same colours worn by Rhianna in the video of Princess of China with coldplay. So again, we are given the Royal connection and validation with China being in Asia. Buddism is also the ancient Eastern Spiritual path as a way of being.

There is also a location in France called Orange and this colour relates to the House of Orange and Queen of Netherlands. The blue belt as a colour could represent the ocean that unites lands - symbolism brings to light whatever this is a reminder of and if we keep to the positives, we can learn many things. Where there is truth to be known, there will always be validation too.

Cheryl Cole's tour is 'A Million Lights' is helping to wake people up to the message being shared today. Already I have explained how one candle can light a million candles. One act or kindness and start a revolution of people being kind to each other. One heart that loves and is filled with compassion and care, is the spark that can ignite other people to feel their feelings and realise that caring and compassion is a strength, not weakness. Making a positive difference is a choice, not a chore. There are people learning how good it feels to help someone less fortunate and to give someone a chance in life.

If a million people gave their support and encouragment to someone in their growth, - a million people will benefit. We learn from experience. We share from experience. If we care - we teach people how to care. The human revolution can turn this world around and the postives felt on every level of society.

A couple of years ago I had a dream where I was meant to meet up with Cheryl and Simon Cowell in Manchester. Being really tired, I disappeared and went to sleep instead. Cheryl came looking for me with a man. In another dream, we were in a large kitchen talking, socialising 'at home' in the same company.

While these particular dreams are 'as if' real, I so not see these scenarios to actually happen. They have brought to light other information. At is happens - Manchester is known as Event City. Granada Television Studios is on the Salford Manchester border. Salford means Sea Lord and Queen of the Seas.

My Buddha is laying down with her head supported. Meditating and sleeping is what has restored my physical body from being close to death. Since a child I have known of my spiritual purpose and to empower other people has been a vital part of this. There is a great feeling when children and adults reach their goals and overcome personal obstacles, with my help and encouragement.

In the role of an XFactor Judge, Cheryl got to give people the chance and encourage new singers with their career. She has gone from a formed group, originally from the show herself, to being on stage and shining her own light.

We must not forget, while the recording artists are on stage, sharing their art and inspiration, working with a production team to bring awareness to the message the songs bring - these people are human beings. Cheryl has gone through the public humilation of a cheating ex husband and private heartache too. It takes guts to get up on stage and sing - it takes tremendous courage to get up and sing your heart out and remain in truth. Cheryls healing process has not been hidden and we are, myself included healing, There is a global healing need. Will you join the movement that is focussed on empowering the people to be true to their heart?

Cheryl has began a new chapter in her life. One that shines a light, with love in her heart is bound to attract love in her life again. When women have to fight to keep hold of love, how much energy has been given in into keeping that relationship alive. A relationship with mutual love is a gift. True love is a way of being. There are no conditions or expectations. When two people love and like each other, a solid trust can be built with friendship and sharing together.

There is no point holding on to someone who causes heartache. Men and women who cheat, might never realise what they have lost until it is gone. We can learn from our mistakes and heal from our hurt. We can acknowledge poor choices and we can make the right choices too. When we are true to our heart, we can be true to other people. We are all learning lessons of love and healing.

There is a light to shine for inspiration - Cheryl is shining the light of New Love in her tour. People who love Cheryl want to see her happy. When we see the happy ever after love story unfold, this is inspirational for everyone. True love starts from within our being.

Aphrodite is the Olympian golden goddess of Love. She was said to be born from the foam of the sea. Recently I wrote about foam in Scotland from the sea. This is yet another sign of validation to show the goddess of love, is always going to shine a brighter light and win hearts. Christ conquers with love and Divine Wisdom.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria