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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Morpeth, New Minster and First Daughter House

Learning a little more about Morpeth, since this came to my mind. Morpeth is the county town of Northumberland, England.

Following the Norman Conquest the town came into the possession of the de Merlay family, and a motte and bailey castle had been constructed by 1095.

Newminster Abbey was founded by Ranulf de Merlay, lord of Morpeth as one of the first daughter houses of Fountains in 1138.

King John granted a market charter for the town to Roger de Merlay in 1199. The market is still held on Wednesdays. The town was badly damaged by fire in 1215 during the First Barons' War.

Morpeth Castle was built in the fourteenth century by Ranulph de Merlay on the site of an earlier fortress: only the gatehouse and parts of the ruined castle walls remain

In 1552, William Hervey, Norroy King of Arms granted the borough of Morpeth a coat of arms. The arms were identical to those of Roger de Merlay, with the addition of a gold tower. In the letters patent, Hervey noted that he had included the arms of the "noble and valyaunt knyght"... "for a p'petuall memory of his good will and benevolence towardes the said towne"

Morpeth received its first charter of incorporation from Charles II. The corporation it created was controlled by seven companies or trade guilds : the Merchant Tailors, the Tanners, the Fullers and Dyers, the Smiths, the Cordwainers, the Weavers and the Butchers. This remained the governing charter until the borough was reformed by the Municipal Corporations Act 1835

On 6 September 2008, Morpeth suffered its worst flood since 1963. The flood defences were breached after a month's rainfall fell in 12 hours. An estimated 1,000 homes were affected. In September 2012 flooding occurred again, causing damage to properties, although floodwaters were reportedly 3 feet (1 m) shallower than in 2008.
When natural disasters happen they are as a consquence to something. Perhaps some decision has been made to impact Morpeth in September 2008.

Including on 6th Semptember marked the following events.

1940 – King Carol II of Romania abdicates and is succeeded by his son Michael.
1948 – Juliana becomes Queen of the Netherlands.
1997 - the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales

Today Michael resides in Lausanne, Switzerland. Beatrice is Queen of the Netherlands. Diana is held in loving memory by millions of people around the world. Despite her complexity, Diana was a people's Princess and when the establishment branded her as a loose cannon, she refused to be quiet. Diana knew much more than people realise and she was against war. The British establishment were threatened of the people finding out the truth of what she knew.

Chosen for the funeral of Diana "Song for Athene" an elegy consisting of the Hebrew word alleluia ("let us praise the LORD") modified from the funeral service of the Eastern Orthodox Church. John Tavener composed the music and asked Mother Thekla an Orthodox nun to write the words for this joint inspired work.

"Commissioned by the BBC, the piece was written in April 1993 by Tavener as a tribute to Athene Hariades, a young half-Greek actress who was a family friend killed in a cycling accident. The timing of this and bringing the memory of Athena in England was meant to be. The song Ave Maria keeps the Holy Mother Mary alive - Two Great Ladies who were divinely appointed by God.

In some cultures, the mention of the name Athena is said to be forbidden - such is the threat of her influence on the people. The name Athena is alive, even with my own mother as a reminder that the Patron Saint of Athens has not abandoned the Greek people. All who seek spiritual empowerment are entitled to.

In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the hunt and moon and birthing. The Song for Athene brings the reminder of Athena the Greek goddess of Wisdom. Athena was guided by God and the protector of the people.

Diana was buried by the lake on her family estate. The Lady of the Lake is the title name of the ruler of Avalon in the Arthurian legend - A WOMAN! Around 1190, Avalon became associated with Glastonbury, connecting the Christ family. The Holy Thorn tree deliberately cut down 'by someone' has since grown new shoots showing there is offspring from the early lineage, that God did not reject!

The Holy Thorn tree is said to have sprouted from the staff carried by Joseph of Arimathea - uncle of the Holy Mother Mary. There is no excuse for anyone to deny the Christ family or the lineage that has descended since, from the ancient Holy Royal Family. Athena and the Holy Mother Mary are connected.

Newminster relates to a New Important Church. Being born of the 'first daughter houses of Fountains' identifies the eldest daughter being the fountain of divine guidance and wisdom. The spiritual key is passed from mother to daughter - the fountain of spiritual knowledge continues as love unites sisterhood.

In 1902 the building of Newminster Abbey House took place. This followed the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, who held the title Empress of India. The Crown of Asia is promised to the Church of Smyrna, My Church. Whether Victoria was divinely guided I have no idea. Countless Royals and nobles have been hungry for spiritual knowledge perhaps to claim Divine Right to be King and Queen. If Royals are not divinely appointed by God, they are not King or Queen by Divine Right. And a SPECIFIC lineage is identified for this. Do Royals actually have the right to rule over anyone is another reasonable question people are asking. Answer: No they do not. ONLY God Rules over everyone and all of this earth!

The timing of this awareness with the floods and structures that are being hit is showing that God is not happy with what is happening. When we look of the names of buildings, we get to learn the hidden meanings too.

The old courthouse in Morpeth is now luxury appartments. Today in English courts, the loser pays the legal bill and law courts are causing people to lose with lies by lawyers and police with misrepresentation, perjury too. Asking the High Court if they represent God or the corporation they do not know!

Back in time, the abbey located near Morpeth, possessed lands extending to the Scottish border. After closure in 1537, the estate was leased by the Crown by the Grey family. Later the estate including the site of the abbey was sold by the Crown to Robert Brandling in 1609, and was sold on by the Brandling family in 1709 to John Ord of Fenham." Robert Brandling was a politician 1621 to 1622.

"In 1605 when Robert Brandling came of age he did homage to the Dean and Chapter of Durham for the manor of Felling declaring “I do become yours and the Chapter's man from this day forward for life, and member, and earthly honour, and to you shall be faithful and loyal, and shall be in faith to you for the lands which I do clayme to hold of you, saveing the faith I owe to our Sovereign Lord the king, and to such other Lords as I hold of.” In 1610, King James I granted him Newminster Abbey. He was High Sheriff of Northumberland in 1617. In 1621, he was elected Member of Parliament for Morpeth. Brandling died in 1636 at the age of 61."

With the Crown selling property and land estates to politicians in history and the passing on land and huge properties held in charity trust to avoid paying taxes today, to question this meets with a deadly silence on this subject because people do not want to rock the boat. People are scared to talk in UK. Lawyers are scared to work for justice from their own mouths. This abuse is exposed!

Presently, with increase of man made laws, our food and water deliberately poisoned, bottled water is reaping huge profit now. Poisoning people is a crime. Contract law is one law regarded in UK courts and yet the law court violated their contract back in 2003 in London and in Manchester, hold corrupt evidence so the corporation has proven to be operating by fraud and refused to put wrongs right.

Many people in the North East struggle with poverty for decades and live on credit. The creation of poverty in UK is masked and yet is a real and a growing concern. As people cope with their stuggles with alchohol and cigarettes - the government reap the extra profit from this with taxes too. As long as people take anti depressants and conform, they will not rock the boat either. The problem is when a society is conforming, this can be to their detriment too.

With vast land ownership being in families of people who have worked for and related to royal families past and present, perhaps this is why man made laws are increasing and the cost of living rising too. With utilities privatised for profit making, who is monitoring those who make the rules for the land? Are private landowners deciding the laws of the land to the detriment of people? Just a thought!

A couple of years ago the media reported about selling off Crown property and this included the freehold of Crown properties to 'a private landlord'. It seems there is a great deal of insider activity deciding the ownership of land and whoever owns the land makes the rules for the people who live on the land? Man made laws to keep hold of the crown has been exposed because these go against God's Laws. How about all the land being returned back to the Ownership of Christ?

Is the Crown a CORPORATION for profit? The Queen knows! Who is the private landord - is this a family member by any chance? I would secure this for £1 to maintain all land and property for Christ, but would they allow that?

Since ancient times, all first born have been chosen for God's purpose - including females. It seems that not everyone knows this. Many first-born step into the role of being the head of the family when they are called.

Whether your focus is just England, elsewhere, or the entire world, spiritual food is important as well as food for physical nourishment. If someone has more or less than someone else, this has been the cause of arguments.

There are people who do not like the idea of equality - I do not like the idea of people living hungry and homeless on the street. There are many serious issues that are effecting people, when lookin closer as to he cause of poverty and even famine, Greed is a reason for this. As ethical officials know that no one is above the law, not even the Queen. Land that has been taken by deception, can be returned to it's rightful owner and corrupt courts can also be closed down!

The future is not with a legal system as people know it! Currently lawyers are eagerly studying human rights law and yet if they refuse to work for justice now, they will not be eligible to work in the court in future! A court that operates with God's Laws focuses on remedy and not profit as a priority!

Just a little bit of information can bring a lot to light!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria