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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 2 November 2012

Girl Power at its best. Nuns have Singing Hearts

While the videos are uplifting and even comical, the content of what is written is more serious. Something for everyone is given.

People from different cultures, backgrounds and faiths have seen Sister Act. God always brings the truth to people in so many different ways. There are people arguing, preaching, condemning other people - just remember only God is Judge. God is the Creator, the Source of All Knowledge, The Truth and The Guiding Light. The Commander of the Universe makes ALL THE RULES.

The video I was going to post at the end and yet it is because people are preaching and judging people by their 'religion' that there is a very important point that is missing. People are asking God to be guided by the light and the truth.

The question is are you preaching or asking to God to guide you?

A true story. A muslim doctor on the internet refuses to accept and respect women are given the Spiritual Key. In 58 interactions he asked me about Christians beleif. Intially sensing this guy really needs to stand face to face with an offcial, I told him to go speak to a ordained priest in the Orthodox faith who will explain Orthodoxy and He refused. He implied the Priests were wrong too. Ignoring my better judgement, I answered every question and every time he was quick to say I am wrong. A week ago I posted an article about a letter Muhammad had given to St. Catherines at Mount Sinia. He deleted it.

Many people spend a lot of time saying that Christians are wrong, and so I propose that everyone on the internet who is preaching, whatever religious background, is to drop this and start talking about their spiritual experiences. Share how God is guiding your life and what He has showed you. This is promoting God too.

Many wars have taken place in thousands of years over religion and the right to possess land. Actually God is taking possession of the Land. That will put an end to the arguments. The signs are around. Particularly in UK, Spain, France and New York show this is the time and for His purpose. This is The Divine Plan.

Bring people to God is happening in so many different ways. Song is just one. People are put off from church when there is so much political argument within churches. All the rules and regulations and attitudes of the people who are managing the church really does impact the people. Externally, people are attacking the church - turning people away from God. Where are the ambassadors of Christ with love for all of humanity?

I am not in a position judge other people's beleifs because my Faith is my own. People from the early church did not have a Bible, they were inspired and encouraged to be inspired by the Greatest Master teacher that walked this earth - Christ. Before this people were given the understanding to communicate with God directly too. There is no point arguing and once every christian realises that Every muslim loves Christ, we can build a secure bridge of unity and be open to New Spiritual Guidance today.

Through movies, which is inspired creative work and the people who are working hard to bring people to realise that God is ever existing and so is Christ. The more people try to silence th truth the truth will get louder and louder. The more poeple bashing Christianity - it is actually hurting Christ and making those from different faiths be rejected. Jewish people are taught blessing and forgiveness. Christians are taught to love everyone; a man as his brother - the brotherhood. Women are spiritual sisters.

From Sister Act - the following song came my attention to share.

Some of the comments

"i'm an atheist and i just love this movie."

"My name is mary and everytime i meet up with friends i walk up to them like they do at the start and im like "hail girls" and they're like "hail mary" true friends i must say!"

"Many of the Catholic Church choirs can sing this phenominally, including the one which I'm a member of. Many of these same Catholic Church choirs perform at some of the biggest venues all over the world such as Carnegie Hall much like the Catholic Church choir whom invited me to sing with them at Carnegie Hall:)"

"if there was a choir like this , I would swear to god I will go to the church everyday"

"I'm atheist and I feel exactly the same. I just wish we could all come together and accept one another for who they are. "

"I'm a muslim and I love to listen to these songs and especially watching this awesome film.. x"

"I love the song and the film. Wow. I felt so good after watching that film. I was so HAPPY!!! I love, love, love that film!!!"

There are people who live in other lands who do not understand in every country there are beleivers - even in England. Not everyone has 'seen' the way God works clearly, but billions of people hold onto Him in their hearts and faith lives on.

In the UK there are 571 Pentacostal churches - 5 + 7 + 1 = 13.

Jacob who was given the name Israel by God hd 12 sons and one daughter Dinah. There were 13 children. We are the descendants of these children. Unite humanity as one family.

Not everyone can percieve an unseen creator of the universe and so to show people in the time, like Adam was formed from the earth, God created Christ in the womb of Mary. The first time Adam was given the Kingdom. Then Christ was given the Kingdom. People have a choice to accept there is a Living God and accept him as the boss, or some King who is not Chosen by God - the manipulative ways of man and their deeds aer known by Him.

God does not want us to be miserable and unhappy. Songs and music is a way to communicate our feelings and thoughts. Song writers might be inspired from the heavenly realms. Young Ella on X Factor is inspired by her grandfather and said she feels his presence around her when she is in the recording studio. Who are we to argue about what is pure and given to the young ones?

Recently, I was reading about a church in Bolton that is boarded up. I am going to write about this on another article. Young people are breaking into it and taking pictures for evidence. All people want the church they can fully trust and relate to.

There is a huge issue with masses of hurting people in society. Lost people are suffering in silence, people who might even be living in fear and alone. People of faith develop an inner strength. Christ is The Keyholder. His House is open for all beleivers.

God does not obey man made rules - The message with bringing people back to God is done in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY to reach people who are being exploited and abused.

My articles about the New Noah's Ark was to say, God inspired someone to build His ship so that His laws can be established on earth again. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS!

In USA there is a Noahs Ark being built for a movie. While the Olympic Games was on, the Dutch builder of the new Noahs Ark, spoke of wanting to bring this on the Thames and I am unsure if permission was granted. Inspired people are taking this message to the Movies to make sure masses of people get the message - God Rules this Earth and He decides the Laws. There are people who have not worked out that the Queen accepted the Crown to Rule the World - God is not for one country and not another.

Music and Film have been a way to remind people there is a far higher power than human maniplation. The truth is brought to people through communication of the media. Hidden knowledge can be uncovered by what we can see, to learn from.

Two of my great aunties dedicated their lives to Serve Christ and be Benedictine Nuns. One living in a monastery in the South of France. The other serving the community in Paris, where she lived. Singing is one way to Praise the LORD. The Song of Songs is in the Holy Bible. I am inspired to pen a song to inspire faith.

Just asking to share something before closing, I was guided to this:

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you
and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn."
Isaiah 60:1-3

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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