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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 23 November 2012

Highland Fling, Houses of Parliament and NWO

Two pillars, three chuches and a woman looking straight up indicate her direct link with God. She is balancing churches and people. The fabric shows that she is personally connected to each of these. The kilt connects with Scotland, looks similar one I had as a little girl. While unable to identify exactly where this is made, Harris comes to mind. Scotland is known as The Highlands. Scotland is the reminder of the Most High God. He is my Boss.

New Scotland in New York is also where New Salem is located. The big floods in New York is to clear away the remnants of another Duke of York. The fires at Queens to say, this is the end of the Queens reigns - being plural this might be including Kate Middleton too. I am just looking at the signs and surely other people can read them too now.

Homes can be rebuilt - lives cannot be brought back. Lessons can be learned and I am not going to sit in silence while people suffers because of a bigot minded mentality have no care or conscience about anyone, even their own people. Perhaps bigot is the wrong word - more discrptively to see people as being less worthy of dignity and respect, less worthy of being valued as a human being. Who is to blame for this attitude? Not just people who are seemingly in high positions, society has an attitude to stigmatise people and we are all guilty of doing this.

On time seeing a man grab his chest and fall on the ground and people telling me to leave him because he was a wasteful useless drunk, I ran across the road to see if he was OK and ordered an ambulance - commanded someone to phone one. People were stood around even though the guy could have died on the spot, saying he was a tramp...I reacted from impulse and was driven to witness peoples attitudes. A man told me my action probably saved that man's life and that I was brave. No I was a very sensiive woman who cares about people and then not someone who challenged anyone, but I will defend the vulnerable.

In my plea of desperation - not one lawyer in England would help me. When I pleaded in tears with homeless threats and by that time chronic breathing problems and chest pains, not one lawyer in England would work for justice. Every lawyer that has ever refused anyone in working for justice, needs to leave the profession. There are plenty more people who would be honored to ethically work in serving Justice.

The Daily Mail wrote a while back that the government are deciding on spending £1.5 billion on 'fixing' the problems in the Houses of Parliament. There was also a mention on considering other premises. New Scotland Yard is moving to another New Scotland building. This is not coincidental. With the buildings all being located in Westminster too. No mention of the Royal Court of Justice. However, with William and Kate Middleton moving to Scotland and Granny, being nice and informal, giving a title that relates to being the ruler of Scotland, not sure if this is what God has in mind.

A nice quiet family life living in Scotland might be perfect for the couple. There are reports of Kate wanting William close to home with wanting a baby. His £10 million inheritance, a cottage in Sandringham given by Ganny as a gift and a very spacious home being built Scotland, the family are not going to do without. We cannot ignore granny has a £10 billion privte art collection and probably equally that in investments kept from the people. William will not be dependant on the State to support him, or Harry either. When we consider people who live off the state might get £65 a week - this is a huge difference to £200 million a year being claimed 'in expenses'. If William is short of cash, he could take a part time job or permanent retirement - his choice and still support his wife and any child that comes along, in luxury she set her mind and has become accustomed too. if he needs more cash perhaps his wife can learn how to economise.

Let's face it, people have said William is not motivated to public duty, and putting Kate forward instead might appear glossy for the corporation, but it is not gloss that being a Royal is about. There is a role of responsiblity to be Queen. With what is witnessed by officials, some of them need to be reminded of their role of responsibility as serving the people. Personally I like the idea that the Iranian PM has done with having all the public servants show transparency in their bank accouunts and family members too. He does not claim any expenses - as a university professor this pays him adequately.

Expenses....that is another subject....and let's face this more, if it was not for Rebecca Brooke who fought tooth and nail, even to the point of risking losing everything to go to the High court, to expose the expense claims of government ministers, the expenses would have been hidden forever and she was fobbed off a few times. I guess not only she had enough of the people being taken as fools, she might had reason to persue this. That was rather disappointing because David Cameron had given the impression, that he pushed this, but that is OK. This was and is another landmark, moving in the right direction.

With the decision to close down Parliament 'temporarily' and move to new buildings, could be to make headway for the divinely appointed one. However, it could be to conveniently start a new chapter in the same family, in a different location, while the continuation of ignoring the real isssues that are called to be addressed now. They do not just apply in England, there are issues overseas. Empowering women, education and skills training - giving people a chance for the future. Housing the homeless in secure housing with support to help these people heal, without being left to go from one dangerous situation to another. Actually, some time back I had a dream to show this is to be done too.

Time will tell if the British Establishment will do right by the people. The legal system needs a clean out and prevention measures for shady characters and those who are inclined to crimes that are identifyiable and in association with the court, known to those who avoid prosecuting. If medical doctors spent years studying to heal people and then deliberately posioned people for profit, people would be upset. Time to set high ethical standards to protect both professionals and the people.

The police are having a shape up now and trying to cultivate a positive image - they need more than that. After a talk with an office a couple of weeks ago they need motivation and drection. They need reminding of the really important job they are doing. They need to realise that for many people they are the lifeline and life savers. Men with low self esteem, unresolved issues can become violent and abusive. i am aware many police have anger issues and also beat up their partners. Drinking issues too. Meeting two officiers in Windsor all places after a function there, I was stopped by the police because 'he fancied me' and wanted to ask me on a date, while wearing a uniform. Such respect they have for the Queen and they took their oath. I refued and the woman I was with told them where were staying. They turned up, were drinking large whiskeys at lunch - many. And then they went on duty again - driving a patrol car more than intoxicated.

Life puts me in these situations to be a witness to the reality.

It is an obligation to fire Mr. Aggrey Orleans from the legal profession so that he never works in a law court again. He might smugly and arrogantly beleive this will never happen and I did write to that abuser about his lies, he did not write back. I also phoned his chambers and they were m ost surprised that he would stoop so low and bring the legal profession into disrepute. It would be a pleasure to put his diplomas through the shredder and he could do the world a favour and burn his wig and barristers clock. Make it a public ceremony for all lawyers to witness what is the price for lying and abusing the Oath in court. May I remind the British Establishment and people that injustice is a crime against humanity. Taking an Oath is very serious. The reason why I was very keen to take my oath in front of three barristers, a recorder and a district judge as credible witnesses is because I made it very clear on oath that I take my oath very seriously and also that I am Greek Orthodox. To put me in a position to go to court is like demanding the Queen goes to court and repeatedly call her a liar when speaking the truth on oath. As already addressed in court on oth the psychological abuse is unacceptble to me or indeed anyone. Mr. Cowell did say it will be up to me to prove my case, I have with evidence many times.

Before anyone thinks 'Hoaw dare she speak like this' - Think again. Lawyers have lied to go to war; millions of innocent people killed. How can I be silent about this?

There have been plots to blow up the houses of parliament. People are angry at the royals who are accountable for their own actions, and any choices to the detrment to people. The present system is a can of worms to quote a local lawyer, who also fobbed me off from getting justice. While the people hiding the corruption in government, the all seeing and all knowing God has already seeen everything and knows who has done what, who is involved in what and all the dirty deals taking place! Meeting an MP he spoke of another MP approached by a chemical company to put toxins in our water. He was scared to tell me and would not name - I wish he would have named here and expose him too.

To everyone: These toxins are contributing to cancer!

This is the top of Bolton Town Hall. To show providence, Goddess Minerva is identified in Bolton, here, Minerva Road leading to the Hospital. The former King William IV pub is now Minerva Printing design services. Minerva is also on the same presentation on California USA Capitol Building. In the year I went to Greece to live, the Empress hotel had a fire. What replaced it? Spencer Snooker and the world knows how Harry loves his naked pool games. My grandmother sent me back to England saying it was my destiny to be here. Then I did not understand - she was guided too!

Notice here Minerva is holding a scroll - this is the commandment of God given to her - the Word of God, instruction by God.

MP's have been spoken to. One ethical MP Dr. Brian Iddon is known personally since being very young. He never fiddled his expenses and if I recall was the only MP in Bolton who did not make a claim. Unfotunately he was in a different area to represent me however, when appointed MPs refuse to represent constituents they need to walk from the job. In 2012 after a decade of persistantly pushing for Britain to end Legal corruption - corruption is being addressed. If the government are serious about cleaning up corruption- it needs ethical lawyers to prosecute corrupt officials to make sure they never work in public office or in a reponsible positon of trust again. I would work for Free do to this but I am not a trained lawyer, but I do have the authority to address crimes by officials.

Regarding the future of the Houses of Parliament turn the old palace building into a museum will likely be London's biggest tourist attaction. Double the interest with buy one get one free tickets. Make it affordable £1 a ticket will still rake in a fortune every day. Put a waxwork sculputre of the Queen and Phillip there to preserve their memory! This might be more popular than St. Pauls Cathedral and Buckigham Palace together, plus be a reminder to people about the Law and consequence of man made laws. Perhaps the money could help, with providing counselling and support for the people who have had their lives detrimentally impacted by man made laws and the innocent people in prison.

The people who have made man made laws have decided the law they are going to be judged by. And the judges that ignore miscarriages of justice, will be too. I am unable to locate the scripture for this but it IS WRITTEN in the Holy Bible. British people do not know of the wrath of God and many peole here beleive the Holy Bible has been made up to manipulate people. Many people do not know moses really did exist and Christ. An innocent man who was tortured and nailed to a cross - the most grotesque injustice.

The Queen is not going to live forever. 60 years, make the place a monument to her and lets start a whole new chapter. Examine values, look at ethics and let those who can stand in honor and integrity show who they really are. Any Noblemen in England? Where are The Noblemen who wear titles and show merit for doing so?

There is an expression, good riddance to bad rubbish. Wipe the slate clean and lets see who can stand in integrity - The bar is set very high. When officials want to work as servants of God, he tests people - who is sincere in their oath of office?

I stand in front of Moses Gate - Where are the Levites?

There will be no more wars and killing of families. I beleive in history the people were tested and one reason why, was to see if the Levites will obey God.

We are in a New Spiritual Age now. Are people ready for this?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria