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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lady Gaga: Crown Head of Flowers - Very Serious

With my team working overtime....This is serious stuff.

Attempts to silence the truth, the message will always get louder. Truth cannot be silenced. Christ is King of the World for all people. God Amighty is the Ruler of the Universe. The emphasis is really important to understand this and why.

There is a reason why a 'woman by herself' is shown to be sitting on the throne in the music industry - two reasons. One, it seems, that Kate has being crowned and the adoring people will continue to accept William. This is what happened when Elisabeth was born. Phillip's mother was born in Buckingham Palace. The same old family tricks.

Consider 'Zion' Singing. The Queen of Zion is the handmaiden of Christ.

Christ was born to save humanity from being abused, exploited, oppressed and enslaved - if he had not been born the planet would have been blown up by now.

My neice was inspired to do the Goddess Project Movie - a documentary movie about empowered sharing their experience to empower other women. Holli Rae is doing what I would have liked do a few years ago. Someone told me that Americans needed a big confidence boost - then crunch my confidence became broken, that Dark lord attacks me. I can honestly say there is a dark force that does not want people to be empowered. Anyone who is a threat to the throne certainly suffers. The British establishment need to learn they do not own the world and never will do. They have no right to rule the world or people either.

Lady Gaga is highly motivated to make a positive difference and empower young people - There are millions of young people hurting, self destructive adults. People are suffering because there is a great need in this world, unconditional love.

Lady Gage is known for her really unsual outfits that make a statement. After writing my previous article I have found this in the Mirror Paper. Mirror is also something we look into to see our reflection. Lady Gaga is not happy at all.

Kate Middleton showed off her pretty royal crown with big smiles.

What Kate can do Lady Gaga can do bigger and better. People comment on Kates smile and her face looking different. Not sure if that is her real hair - if so she had a good head on her. She must be very careful not to suffer trauma or it could fall out in handfuls and might not grow back the same. Lady Gaga suits fabulous wigs! This Complete Crown of flowers is by Our Holy Mother Herself.

Quote "I just really feel like there's something on my face'"

Lady Gaga is visualising really clearly everything - crystal clear. When I got injured in the car crash this was the area I got hit and was badly swollen for about 8 months. Several senses work here - plus the extra one and download information too :)

Lady Gaga's eyes are saying it all. People are waking up to what is happening now. Creative people are also getting into this, People are connecting to the Flame and shining their light brightly. This is a time of mass awakening. Forget paying hundreds of dollars for seminars - these people do not teach what is 'important' to know.

Notice there ia a wave of foral crowns around the world and I am loving it - Priness Gaga. Some men are confused still. The agenda to be Queen Kate cannot be met or fulfilled to be Head of a Global Empire. Kate does not meet the criteria for this.

The Lady Queen of flowers and the Month of May is the Virgin Mary. The whole month is sacred to her. The feast day of the visitation of Our Holy Mother is the day before my birthday, 31st of May. She will not disappear - we have at least two generations of women to keep that truth alive and we women need to do something to stop all these wars.

You may have heard of 'Lady of All Nations' This is Mary!

There was no need for the Mirror to include this picture of Kate in the article. They are showing Gaga's reaction - look facially. Look at her eyes.

The deep emerald green gown is gorgeous. It reminds me of the Emerald Isle and emeralds - a stone that is connected to the Queen of Sheba, Queen of Wisdom too. What is certain, Lady Gaga has gone all out to make a statement. With Kates crown, she can do so much bigger and better. Unlike Kate she has the guts to get on stage, plan all her events and so some really brave performances, not just daring - one I got a glipse of - a piano high up. And I have just realised the connection. The Piano music is inspired song.

Lady Gaga is holding the blue crystal. Next to her, the man is holding a bottle of Water. We are being reminded of crystal clear thinking and also spiritual water - because water that is pure, is blessed water. Blue Crystal also relates to clarity of the voice, the throat chakra and communiating truth. Wonder what spiritual wisdom kate with share to her lowly subjects who will bow down to her as head of a church:(

Remembering my water when a bottle stood out - wrote about it here. It has a blue and white label - Crystaline and on the other side is 'Sophia'

It is also bottled in France - the French connection again.

Already I am inspired to bring Hagia Sophia back as a universal Peace for everyone. This is nothing to do with the British royal family, or Kate Middleton. I want to see Peace in the Middle East and in the Holy Land. I want to see Peace Globally!

We do not promote the bowing down to FALSE IDOLS in MY Church!

Lady Gaga is wearing a full head of flowers - This is HER Crown and Glory. Not one woman with a given title can even stand in her light. Yes I do say what the media might not say. Bill Gates - would he bow down to Kate Middleton, What about Mark from Facebook - How about Oprah who I love, Madonna would you bow down to Kate Middleton?

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, even though split, would either of these people bow down to Kate Middleton - imagine William demanding we have to bow down to her? Some people might - actually masses of people in the commonwealth are trained to.

If Kate is Queen - can I become Empress. It is my birth lineage?

I am setting a trend that no one bows down to anyone any more. In the ancient times the Spiritually appointed Royal family uplifted humanity. We are so many descendants from this, Kate needs to get practicing her curtsey to everyone, out of respect!

The 2012 trend setting hairstyle is reaching across the miles.

Not long before I was injured in a car crash. Had realy long thick hair then. Back then I was ready to reach the world, with a string of diplomas after studying and the Dark Lord's helpers did not want me to empower people, not in UK or Anywhere!

Love Gaga's long brown hair and golden Crown. Notice in the background too - the laundry cleaning business. From UK to USA - people understand now.

This is a team effort - Unite and claim all your human rights and divine rights - which are all ours anyway. God gave us all FREE WILL.

Or bow down to William and Kate. Are 'they' going to try pull a stunt that she has the Word of God - I doubt it. The Queen published New Bibles for their crowning.

There might be another ceremony crowning Camilla and Charlie.

People talk about the Dark lord they just have no idea.

People think they are free in the world they have no idea.

Lady Gaga and I are spiritually connected and maybe she reads my page too. She put the first smile on my face today - Thank you Spiritual Sister.

As Beyonce sings. Non conforming Girl's Run the World.

I have had enough of being violated by the British establishment.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

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