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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 25 November 2012

MV Adonia - Mysterious Beauty of the Seas

Pictured here is MV Adonai leaving Southampton.

Yesterday I was guided to find this to share. Adonia is certainly a beautiful ship. Notice she is a cruise liner, not a battleship.

This particular ship came to my attention, again in a timely way and I was guided to find it, when looking for something else that was actually unrelated. Sometimes my mind is going one direction and what I need to know is landing right in front of my eyes.

MS Adonia is a cruise ship of the P & O shipping fleet. She was built by Chantiers de l'Atlantique at their shipyard in St. Nazaire, France. So here we have yet another French connection and this is actually very important to keep recurring.

Adonia officially entered service with P & O in May 2011. She was named by Dame Shirley Bassey. Of all people the lady who sang Diamonds are Forever. Before finding this, the song was on my mind and I decided against posting this. It was not the song, but the person that was being shown to me. What is particularly uncanny, Tulisa from XFactor wore the dress that Shirley Bassey wore what performing the song. Love the dress too.

Adonia is a twin sister ship of 'Ocean Princess' and 'Pacific Princess', which are the two small ships of Princess Cruises. At 30,000 tonnes, Adonia is the smallest of 7 ships currently in service with P & O cruise line.

Before bought by P & O shipping, she has an interesting history.

She was originally built as the last of the eight 'R' class ships and known as R Eight, for R Renaissance Cruises. In late 2001, Renaissance ceased operations and filed for bankruptcy. The vessel was seized by creditors and laid up in Marseille, France.

In 2003, the vessel re-entered operation, sailing the seas as the sole cruise ship in Swan Hellenic's fleet. She was named Minerva II, after both the Roman goddess and the company's previous vessel, Minerva. Notice the name Minerva is validated here.

On 7 April 2007, Minerva II completed her final voyage with Swan Hellenic and was transferred by the parent company, Carnival Corporation & plc, to Princess Cruises. With this she was renamed Royal Princess and entereed her first voyage as a Princess Cruise Liner on April, 19th 2007. (remembering little April who was abducted from Wales and still hoping she will be found alive. I cannot forget this child)

On 18 June 2009, a fire broke out in her engine room. At the time, The Royal Princess was on a 12-day Holy Land voyage and just left Port Said, Egypt. Not long afterwards, a serious fire broke out in her engine room, disabling the ship. She waited to dock in Port Said for an assessment of the damage.

With this fire happening twice three points come to mind. The first being that the fire was happening to bring attention to the Holy Land and what is happening in Egypt. The second point to show that the Royal Princess who is divinely appointed is not only connected to the Holy Land but also Egypt and is on the waters that unite two nations together. The ocean unites the lands for on the ocean floor is land that unites our world.

We are shown also with this, that fires can be destructive and cause the end of a life. However, this ship was 'ressurected' and reborn with a new name. Reminds me of the times I have been under spiritual attack, close to death and survived, also miraculously with freak car crashes. I am also remembering RMS Titanic that great unsinkable ship and yet it did sink and tragically took so many lives. These ships connect with people.

On 9 December 2009, the Royal Princess transferred to the P&O Cruises fleet. The ship entered service with the company on 21 May 2011, and this was when she was renamed Adonia by Dame Shirley Bassey. Of all names to choose this was the one given.

In our Baptism in the Greek Orthodox Church, names are especially important also because they connect to our ancestors and the Saints. When a cruise liner ship is named, this is also done in a ceremony - an official naming ceremony.

Swan has been shown to be connected to the Queen and are a protected bird. In this life we are told to keep to our faith and we will be divinely protected. When I say it is miraculous that I have surived, this is not an understatment. Not the most energetic person in the world, I give my life in total Service to God.

Hellenic relates to Greece. The Greek Royal Princess is recognised.

With the name change to Adonia - this has meaning too.

Adonia means 'Beautiful Greek Goddess'

The lady who brought me the Crowned Buddha gift, weeks prior while out, she suddenly said 'You are the Goddess' - I was quite taken aback and so was she. She apologised for being forward and again said 'You are a Goddess'. She is a very sensitive lady and always apologising, even for all her beautiful ways. When younger people have referred to me as the Greek Goddess. When she knocked on my door with the Crowned buddha gift. At that time I was asking to be shown the truth in relation to the crown, because there is a lady on the internet claimng she is the Queen and rebuking everyone, even me. She needs to be really careful, especially abusing the name of God - when He is the Judge.

God always reveal His truth. God also gives people many chances to mend the error of their ways. One thing for sure, to be a recognised Queen of Greece, would mean being Greek. Unlike the man who still calls himself the king of Greece without a surname; manipulations have taken place. He is Not King by Right.

In other articles I have written about Queenships and how a ship has been shown to establish the law. Then seeing the new Noah Arc being built for this to be established was all that was required to provide validation. God does not need a ship - It is for humans to understand Spiritual Laws not for God to obey human beings.

The Queen is a Human being. I am a human and Spiritual being.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria