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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

UK Nanny State Initiative - Increase Parking Fines

First of all I would like to impress how brainwashed and compliant people in England are who worship false idols and they put up with anything.

Listening to someone talking about Kate Middleton who 'knows something' said she will put up with absolutely anything to be Queen. Kate has not idea about what a Queen means and Queen Elizabeth II is not protecting the people. So who is protecting people?

The latest is creating more fines - for Britian to become fit?

Because people in England reject Jesus Christ as their King - it is easy to see, they are still discussing whether Charles should be King or William. Neither of these people have any right to be King...At what point will people wake up to realise this!

If we look at the decision makers in government, most intelligent people would not allow them any where near their children. Their competance is how to keep people down and strugging, it is not to empower people. It is not written in their genetic makeup. If it was, all British people would be empowered. Instead the bow down to given titles!

I feel sorry for British people and my heart aches for all the innocent people being murdered in illegal wars. A police officer the other day and I had a long talk about concerns and she spoke of the crimes where many people are involved. I reminded her that the system - the establshment is committing crimes against people and it could not get much more bigger than that. Also i told her that police and lawyers told me this herself.

So the British take ownership of STOLEN ACROPOLIS marbles that relate to Democracy and Justice - when it is a country that thrives on hypocrisy and injustice.

Lawyers and police have blantanly refued to work for justice. Now they are worried about what is happening to this country. THEY created the problem!

The Queen must be busy today to be silent...She does not care, if she can ignore so many human rights abuses. Her reality is living in palaces and not worrying about paying bills. The general public to all the top officials compare to third world impoverished people and it does suit a certain mentality to keep people down.....

Once people realise the clothes they buy cost pennies to make - they might consider how by exploiting the poor people in developing countries, that were once third world contries, is contibributing to their own poverty. Keep people down and you will invite a structure that keeps people down including you. This is a spiritual law revealed.

Never have I seen so much rubbish be printed in the Media that the British establishment are raising fines to encourage people to get Britian fit - implying the people. What I see and read behind the lines, it to raise the fines to get Britains financial status fit...because they have spent a lot recently - They are not working FOR the people.

I am reminded of 'the Hand that Rocked the Cradle'. When I was young, I knew NOT to have children and bring them up in this country. This place might seem safe for the spiritually blind - at the least, it is a country that deiberately keeps people down.

The way it does so is not so blantly obvious. Imbeciles.

'Imbecile was a medical category of people with moderate to severe mental retardation, as well as a type of criminal. The term arises from the Latin word imbecillus, meaning weak, or weak-minded. It included people with an IQ of 26–50, between "moron" (IQ of 51–70) and "idiot" (IQ of 0–25).[3]

The meaning was further refined into mental and moral imbecility. The concepts of "moral insanity", "moral idiocy"," and "moral imbecility", led to the emerging field of eugenic criminology, which held that crime can be reduced by preventing "feeble-minded" people from reproducing'

If all government officials - from the top who have attended Eton and the boys club friends together, plus the entire royal family were to live on a very basic income for a year - get rid of those given titles too, what could they give as people? If the elderly royals just collect state pension, they would not be able to cope, moving them to a typical small one bed appartment like many elderly live today. They would doubtfully learn lessons. And as for the media promoting the Queen as being frugal...Absolute rubbish!

So much propoganda and popularity promoting.

If people want to worship false idols that is their choice. The British royal family have no right to rule over land and people. Man made laws and the Queen giving land and titles, allows the cycle to continue....and she knows about me.

A leaflet dropped through my door yesterday with the heading 'affordable weekly payments' - pictures with smiling women and various electical appliances and furniture with 'all circumstances considered' - People are struggling to afford to heat their homes and eat. One man I spoke with cannot afford to pay the rent on his home and bills - his face was 'grey' and looked like he was dying. He cannot afford to go out or take a woman out on a date and he has a job that he does not even like, just to survive.

Living under such difficult conditions and keeping a car on the road is necessary for many people to get to work and earn a living to pay the ever deliberately hiked up bills on THIS LAND. The ever increasing man made laws on this land are theft.

Britian is killing people - Stress is high and depression is being induced. Stress alone can send people to an early death. Saves on having to pay out pensions!

The gene pool of the elected Kings and successors of illigimate children born from Kings, including David Cameron have no right to rule over people.

These people are protecting the coporation for profit.

These decision makers are not servants of God's government whatsoever!

Where are the highly ethical conscientious people who see Christ as King. On this foundation can be built the government of God - Who has rejected Christ?

Number 10 Downing Street is downing people. It has done for a very long time and people here beleive they are superior and of a higher intelligence? The mentality that keeps creating man made laws for profit is a degenerate mentality and 'anti Christ'

Recognise the lineage that the Bible identifies for the Crown. The Greek Orthodox Church needs to be really careful of being decieved at this time.

'All it needs for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing!'

Ignore any problem...and it will get bigger and bigger. People here boast of corruption and crime. Corrupt officials and criminals boast they will never get prosecuted. The ex police driver in the car that I was injured in said she is going to lie and deny my injury and get away with it....It is time for the Queen to step down and the crown to be given to the Holy Orthodox family. Biblical law is to return to God's Laws.

There are spiritual laws to learn to live by. If there is a refusal for doing right by people, there are enough signs around to show there will be consequences. Old kingdoms have been destroyed, look at what happened in the time of Moses.

I have had dreams that are showing me what could happen...What I have seen, there is no turning back. Landslides with homes being destroyed by being demolished 'in England' and also floods on high land. Not good at all....

NOW 'Spencer Court' in New Castle is demolished. This is saying that William and Harry have no right to be a king over any court in this land. This is the land God identified to establish His Kingdom not by a bunch of hypcrites and God mockers.

Joseph of Aramethea marked this land - Uncle of the Virgin Mary. Stick with what God has ordained; Not man made laws that go against fulfilling the Divine Plan.

The British establishment know about the anointed one by God. The one who can end all the man made laws and void contracts that have been made by deception to the people. Their own financial interest is why they do not acknowledge this.

Those who are involved with the dark arts in England are many.

However, there are people also working in the light - My team!

Officials have the freedom to prosecute corrupt officals now. I would do this personally in the court of law but I do not have an honorary law degree like Prince William. However, I do have the authority of God to demand an end to all this corruption.

People do not listen to me and do not want to hear the truth. The establishment as it is, is a liability to our health and well being. The children are not safe!

After the injustice taking place where an innocent man is in prison for the murder of a child who has not been found, this took place in Wales. This was a situation brought to the attention of people nationally to show that Charles, William and Harry sat back and said nothing about the injustice as the Queen has done nothing about the injustice happening for years, with innocent people in prison. That's it. The days are over!

The Royal family have all been tested. And I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors - for a family to be cast out, God surely knows what he is going.

The Crown authority is given to who God appoints. My suggestion is for anyone reading this to go study the Holy Bible. Innocent people are being killed in wars while the majority of people sit blindly not giving a damn or even caring about their own family.

A church State claiming to be Christian that punishes people?
It is time to fire the babysitter - It is time to empower people!

Someone has to care about people....a growing army of people do. An army of people who do not carry weapons or go into countries and bomb them 'for political and profit making interests'.

We all want to live in peaceful world. Peace is the Way.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria