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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Vladimir Putin - Queen Elizabeth - David Cameron

If you get a chance, may invite you to watch these three videos, that I was guided to find. The give tremendous insight to show who is who and mutual respect.

The first is Vladimir Putin explaining openly and honestly his past in a very brief way. There is also some important information about leadership that he has learned from. Evidently a very intelligent man and does not suffer fools either.

Vladimir is a decision maker, not a selected puppet leader.

Vladimir is also a baptised Russian Orthodox Christian.

Fundamentally in the Christian Orthodox Church is not to go to war and kill people. We are all too aware of innocent people being killed in wars.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia made a state visit to Great Britain in June 2003. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip hosted him and his wife at Buckingham Palace.

There is a divine plan and that is to unite humanity in peace.

There are obligations to be met by monarchs for this purpose.

Even if people have opposing views, there is nothing to stop two people communicating together and coming to some agreeable solution, when faced dealing with volatile conditions. Here we see Vladimir Putin showing the Queen respect and speaking in English.

Here we see Vladimir who is a leader and businessman vs. David Cameron, who is from the bankers family. If we were to see who would venerate the Holy Belt of Righteousnes of the Virgin Mary, I am not convinced that David Cameron could.

When people are sincere in their faith, they are motivated to do right by God and to the people. It is from the core of their being.

The lip service beleivers might be swayed to make decisions for profit.

Vladimir Putin Speaks against the New World Order

I am sure Vladimir Putin will be in agreement with me, with saying if a divinely appointed successor to be the Spiritual Mother of all humanity, bringing an end to the wars, this would surely solve so many problems.

There are more intelligent people who want peace, than the few with a war monger mentality. The reason why there are wars taking place cannot be ignored.

It is expected that new spiritual understanding be given in this timeline and not everyone is getting the message. The Queen must decide if the people are more important than protecting her family members financial security.

Put William, next to the highly intelligent minds of Vladimir Putin and Prince Alwaleed who is also a self made billionaire, William look like a lost boy.

England is a country that promotes living the lie and lying to people to take men and women to war, based on lies for profit - the weapons manufacturing business does really well from all these wars. There is another way for humanity to prosper.

I could sit down with Vladimir Putin and talk to him very easily and we would understand eachother. The problem with David he has a script writer and script.

Before anyone assumes someone is a bad person, take time - source the videos and learn about them. Learn of their mistake from their own moutns and learn about their progress in maturing to know that art of winning a war, is not to go to war.

Then when you realise there is a far higher power in control of everything, watch how those who manipulate and decieve people are actually, preparing their own fall.

Intelligent men and women might be very frustrated with the scriptreaders who have to do what they are told....after all there are a lot of mouths to feed. Sady the priority of the British government is not taking care of the British people.

If the British government is not taking care of the British people, then it is not going to take care of the whole of humanity. Mismanagement is not the problem.

Here in England people are complaining about the 'aid' being sent overseas and I must admit, knowing aid means help, I got sucked into the closed minded limited thought of their sending 'money' Listening to this certainly gives food for thought.

Oh well...this explains the floods and clean up taking place.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria