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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wales Flood - Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Again more floods have taken place. Here we see a rubbish disposal truck and the caption is certainly applicable here. The location is Wales. This is the land with title of the Kingdom of Wales, given to Charles, William and Harry.

The Reason why William lived in Wales is because he was given the title Heir to the British Throne. Wales is an ancient Kingdom. The home being built in Scotland, is because he is given a title of Ruler of Scotland. The royal family do not tell the people this!

The Police and people have been on a massive search for young April 5 years old and this was seen as a test to show how people get locked up in England, for crimes when there is questionable evidence. In this case a man has been locked up for murder. The car he was driving was a dark coloured 4 X 4. Initially the news report said the little 5 year old got into a small white van. An elderly neighbour saw a light coloured vehicle too.

There are police and people still looking for young April. This child could be anywhere in UK and unless officals know where she is, she could turn up. There are many thousands of children that go missing every year - this is not published in the newspaper of the British Establishment. Theere are children abdcuted and murdered - in Satanic Rituals too, this has total media blackout by Tony Blair and continues to endure.

Parents are living under a false sense of security - thinking their royals are heros. No they are not. They are marketed and are not appointed. Man made laws has secured the crown and totally ignores the line that has been identified by God.

The flooding we see happening is a sign to say the land is being cleaned. You might notice the royals have gone off to different parts of the world recently and their carefully marketed popularity, suits the people who are blind. Meanwhile solders are being killed in wars and also soldiers are killing innocent people.

Only the Queen was crowned and she has been saved probably by the millions of people who have prayed for her when singing the National Anthem. This is a Prayer where even non beleivers are asking God to help. Go read the words. Pray because you want to not with being expected to. A song in prayer is very powerful.

More recently people have been asked to swear their allegiance to the Queen and her heirs and successors. This goes totally against God's Laws. People are warned to be careful of false idols. Fo thousands of years there have been wars. If you are signing your loyalty in a contract to someone - they can manipulate you to your detriment. How many men go to fight in wars for their Queen? This is not what Christ promoted. He was an innocent men who was tortured and then nailed on a cross. Did you forget him?

The people are the ones who are saving the people. Police knocked on people's doors to tell them to vacate their homes. Evidently safety is always a consideration.

In history, the bishops and Saints have been murdered. This time, let the signs from the law of nature show you that this land does not belong to the British royal family, or their heirs or successors. The Queen is supposed to be protecting the land for people. Man made laws by former kings that go against God's promises to the people, are void. Man's laws in relation to the land are void.

Wales is the land of David and so we go back to King David. The Star of David is revealed and what this really means. It is the Spiritual Star of Heaven and Earth being united as one. If people want to live in God's Kingdom, than God has to be recognised to be the Boss. Because not everyone has the direct link with God, Jesus Christ was born. When Christ ressurected, He became King of the Land by Divine Right and this is why the Crown of David is an Eternal Crown. Who denies the divinity of the God man?

When we are judged, we know it. The Spiritual waters have been meant to flow here on earth freely. When the first floods happened earlier in the year, people were asking why is there still a hose pipe ban. The laws increased and the fines to people.

A rather disgusting mentality that can turn a blind eye to people suffering and struggling. Then again, this is what is meant to be showing so people can see clearly what is happening. The Kingdom of Wales - the three kings are being washed away now.

So much is hidden from people. What I am being shown is the end of the line is here. The Prince of Wales title given to the Heir to the Throne. Harry was formally announced during the London Olympics on 12th August 2012. Everyone sang the National Anthem to Kate. Gullible say she will be a Good Queen.

How is Kate going to protect people? She does what she is told.

August 12th is the date of Cleoptras death. When a Queen dies a new Queen automatically succeeds her. Kate Middleton is not Greek, that I am aware of. She is not Greek Orthodox but she suddently wanted to be confirmed and have the sacred scacrements of the Church to show that she is a suitable person to be sitting as Queen head of a church. She is sold to people as a face of a mulibillion corporation that keeps the Queens family. Kate Middleton refers to the Queen's position as a job - She is clueless.

Let me make it really clear. I doubt very much British people would be supporting war if troops arrived here and started bombing homes and killing people. So take this on board and stop promoting the wars and killing people elsewhere. The New World order that is being promoted - William as King is an Unholy Setup. If the One World Goverment is with Christ as King and His appointed Queen 'with global peace' that is different.

The Queen has not died yet. When she does a New Queen will take her place. God decides, he appoints and He anoints who is guided by him. The throne is being overthrown by the hand of God because the Queen has violated her coronation oath.

In my prayer I asked about the males the royal family. First about Charles and clearly heard 'I am not impressed'

About being head of the Church, I clearly heard 'No - Not My church'

If wanting William as head of His church and heard 'No I do not'

The words I heard very clearly about Harry 'Most certainly not'

This is the Jubilee Law year - returning the land to the Priests. This is time to return to Spiritual Law 'in context' as God gave to us.

The Queen Still has not given me Justice as is her obligation to.

There needs to be a complete end to the war monger mentality. The men who think it is ok to get drunk and strip women naked for a bit of fun, are a very low mentality. One lady said this is a gutter elite - if this is elite, it belongs in the gutter.

These are the signs being seen clearly...Wales is a part of the United Kingdom that still has many really pretty places and people with old fashioned values. Hundreds of people came out in search of young April who is 5, who went missing. Locally, people forgot the next day. Children wander off and parents say nothing!

April, a 5 year old has changed this world. She exposed the royals! How many injustices and wars must take place before one of the British royals says 'No More'.

Spencer Court in New Castle has been demolished now. It is Gone!

The British Establshment say they understand the Law of Nature.

The Queen and I live under the Universal Laws - The Law of God. We are very different people. I am totally against war and injustice. There would not be an open door to allow corrupt officials to destroy innocent peoples lives. In her position I would address the people's needs as a priority, housing the homeless and taking care of the vulnerable.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria