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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lads and Dads - David Beckham is a Winner

We are in a new age where at one time, children were to be seen and heard, to do what they are told and obey the orders of parents - who might not have learned all their lessons. Today children are more openly expressive and parents are listening to them.

We are seeing a generation of loving and protective dads too.

Being a parent is the most important role anyone can hold. Whether a mother or father, the stability and emotional security you give just by being there for your child, is like a stepping stone that allows them to reach the next step. Give support and encouragement to a child and you give them a springboard to reach higher goals.

David Beckham 'has been chosen' to deliver a powerful message to children today and for the future. He is the living embodiament of someone who trained hard and became an international name with his skill at handling the ball. It just shows, you do not need the best of educations or the Eton schooling, to succeed in your chosen area. We all have strengths - in different ways. We all are unique in what we can bring to this world.

Being in the helping role and listening to men, in previous generations, young boys have been told not to show their feelings, not to be soft, sensitive or emotional. Young boys have been raised to appear strong, even when inside they do not feel so. And when children are raised not to show their feelings, they find it difficult to express their feelings too.

Living in the sun and being a sportsman, David will be leading a very active life to maintain fitness. He also has the sunny weather and ocian to enjoy too. His children Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz have grown up watching a different discipline. If their daddy did not train hard, he would not be the success he has become today.

When anyone has made tremendous material wealth, they can be easily propelled into the limelight. Some people miss the reason why they are there. We are all in our positions, because we are meant to be, even when we are faced with challenges. We are all learning different lessons and we are all instrumental in each others growth.

Where David Beckham has my respect is being a hands on father and also because he is motivated to encourage other young children in their success too. Football is a came of scoring goals, but it is also a game - one that team members build bonds and rivals can gain mutual respect. The Olympic games is giving this example for people to understand. If Sportsman did not have challenge and competition, they would not improve their skill. Likewise if we do not have personal challenge we will not grow.

As one person tries to reach their goal, another one is inspired to try. As humanity is fast progressing into acceptance of individuality and unique strengths and talents, we can celebrrate the people who worked hard to get to to the top and become the beacon of lights to show other people, they can also reach their goals in life too.

Above all the most important lesson that David gives to every man, young sons and older ones, thrive with the love of their dad and affection too. Too many lads and dads have barriers when in their hearts and mind they want to break them down.

Well this is a time to break down barriers between humanity.

Actor Gerard Butler posed with David after the game was over. If we look at the shape and shadow in this image, we are reminded of brotherly love.

Every male has a connection with their father and grandfather. Every male shares a connection with each other this is the Brotherhood of Man. Healthy sport, without drugs is to be celebrated and promoted. And this certainly is.

Yesterday a man commented about a famous actor who did not have a highly developed musculor body. He wrote openly that the guys in the gym would laugh at the actor, who is earning over £30 million a movie. The priority of the actor is not to spend every day in the gym to puff up his chest and show off muscles to every man. I doubt very much the man earned this figure and neither do all his friends busy focussing on building muscle.

When men learn to cultivate what is on the inside - they can balance fitness and healthy relationships. Developing character comes with taking many knocks and being able to stand up and be yoor own person. People can say what they like about David and the Beckhams are a brand, however, even with all his success, he is still the same person.

One of the most important messages the Beckhams are sharing relates to being a family and showing the world that married life is a wholesome expereince and you can have it all. Every strong relationship comes through tests and trials. The Beckhams show solidarity with love and stability given to their children. When work takes them to different countries and states, this is a fabulous opportunity for the children to learn from, experience life and meet different people. This family have made their choices.

Another important role model David is to other men, to encourage their wife. Many woman have desire to do something, to make her own mark and even be a success in the world, yet are held back or kept down. There is also a spiritual battle taking place.

As a father, David is a role model for his children and also their teacher. His children could well choose to follow in their fathers footsteps.

While men focus to achieve their goals, women are also entitled to experience personal fulfillment, beyond being a mother. Because both the Beckhams have had success, David in football and Victoria in the pop industry, they are desirable as a couple, individually and a family to promote brands. They are incredibly fortunate as a family.

Notice the Adidas Logo, with the shirt stripes leaning in the opposite direction. The Adidas slogan is known as “The Brand with the 3 Stripes”. David Beckham is The Brand - his three boys are a chip off the old block who carrying his DNA.

The Adidas logo that is formed by the three bars represents a mountain, indicating the levels of challenge to be faced and the goals to be achieved. They are also a reminder of the pyramids - famously the three pyramids of Giza in Egypt too.

It takes a strong man of integrity to stand up and speak out for all that is honorable. I have no idea of his views about injustice. As a man who was so proud to carry the Olympic flame - this is connected to my Greek heritage and the flame burns in my heart. For years I have listened to people be told 'you can't do this' or 'you are dreaming' - Adults telling their children they are not good enough. If humanity are learning from the people who put them down, no one will achieve anything. With David being in America, the message he has to share with the British people can be seen so much more clearly.

David is not just inflencing his boys, he is influencing generations of boys, both children and grown men and he is a role model who many men like and respect. In their adulthood they are already prepared to shine their light to inspire other people.

Not every man will be a sportsman. When a father shows his son that he can do what he really wants to do and encourages his children to succeed in their chosen goals, the journey is much easier. When David retires, he can, if he wants to, life out the rest of his life encouraging other people - children and adults to set new goals.

As David Beckham played his last LA game with soccer club LA Galaxy in a Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup match against the Houston Dynamo, he prepares for his return to Europe, for the next chapter in his his career and life. Young men have said David as a living legend and that is certainly an honor of merit that cannot be bought or sold.

We only need to look at the Olympic games today to see how far humanity has progressed to reach new goals, much greater than before. The Paralympic games are a reminder that with determination, a body that has limitation can still achieve too.

Back in 1973 I told my mother who was paralysed from the neck downwards that she was more than a physical body - her heart and mind were her most valuable assets. Her love was needed and wise guidance too. When she was giving up - she discovered that something was keeping her going and It was because of me that she did not give up. The reality is she discovered the strength and determination of the spirit within her.

We are not all going to be athelets. Everyone has a light to shine.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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