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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Snow White Story Part 2 - Apocalypse

The meaning of apocalypse is lifting the veil - revealing truth. The Book of Revelations has many signs. This is the end times. The Anti-Christ (system) goes against what God has ordained.

The Daily Mail has published many images recently for a reason. They are aware of what is happening. They also identify specific locations and names. The Queen knows who I am. She also wrote to my mother after learning of her paralysis. Princess Diana was also in a car crash. I was also in major car crashes and survived. There are people involved in rituals - the Queen knows. She is not in a position to speak out openly and warn people either. I can and am obliged to break the silence.

The British media are not allowed to encroach on the royal family, The British royal family keep their personal lives, business interests, plans and agendas hidden. There is one public image and another private behind closed doors. The reason why naked pictures of Harry and Kate were published were due to external sources. The actual reason they were meant to be published so people can see the truth of what is happening and who these people really are. Important - See them all as individuals.

In all the years of her reign, she has maintained a sense of duty in her positon. She does not encourage corruption or injustice. She knows in history royals have had their heads chopped off. She is also aware in some countries people still carry out this punishment. There is someone who has put a $1 million randsom for her life. I completely condmen this.

My frustration is observing what is happening in our world. innocent people are being killed, in illegal wars. Innocent peope are suffering injustice and in prison. All I can do is pray for peace and healing, also for people to realise a higher consciousess. Not everyone will or is capable of. This is a time of divine intervention taking place - a higher power.

There is a story here that is unfolding - a very important story because it affects all of mankind. There are warnings given to people too. Time will reveal all.

Continuing from my previous article, these images were also published on the same Daily Mail article. Because they reveal a story more insights are here - so you can see with your own eyes.

The first is of the dragon

Spencer Gisborne created this in Nottingham. Spencer is the name of William and Harry, from their mother. Sovereigns do not use a surname. This is why Harry and William and named Wales. Kate uses the name Mrs. Cambridge.

Gisbourne is in New Zealand. Nottingham House is the name of the appartment in Kensington Palace that William and Kate are given as their London Residence. Nottingham was a kingdom an connected with Robin Hood.

Prince Charles had his 64th Birthday at Government House in New Zealand, with 64 guests. This reveals the birth of a New Government. When Kate and William went to the Solomon Isles, where the Orb is featured on the coins, they were pictured wearing floral crowns. A church ceremony took place with locals as witnesses. The white skullcap Kate wore on arriving to the South Pacific in Asia, symbolised a Half Crown. The French media published nude pictures with the headline 'The Queen is Naked' - at this point the people are not aware what is happening. Deception and underhandedness Everyone has a right to know.

Quote "Treacherous: Drivers were caught in blizzards in Barnard Castle, County Durham in the run up to rush hour yesterday" - The colour of the car is the same that was seen on the snowman's hat in Victoria Park, Cambridge. With the media very heavily promoting Kate Middleton, is is so the people will accept her in the role of a Queen.

Barnard Castle was founded by the Normans shortly after the conquest, but enjoyed its heyday under Bernard de Bailliol during the latter half of the 12th century. The castle passed into the hands of the Balliol family (of which the Scottish king, John Balliol, was the most important member) and then into the possession of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick. King Richard III inherited it through his wife, Anne Neville, but it fell into ruins in the century after his death.'

Germanic Salic laws, excludes the female line. So any woman born from a Noble or Royal heitage would not inherit land or Titles. Also British born citizens from foreign houses were not allowed to use these either 'even from the Christ family'. My father's name was Richard born of a Noble lineage.

Dail Mail warn of treachery happening in the Castle. Queen Elizabeth II has obligations to uphold. She took her oath on the Holy Bible. An oath to God is not retractable. She has appeared in two dreams - one we are talking together in her private residence over a cup of tea, before going somewhere. The second showed that are are connected - cut from the same cloth. A 'remnant' comes to mind and identified in the bible?

"And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." Revelation 12:17

This lady wearing a red coat and hood, 'Red Riding Hood; came to mind. 'Specifically, paralels how an innocent victim can be taken in and controlled by a criminal mentality, therefore, facilitating further subjection of a crime or harm against a vulnerable victim through mischievous criminal intent by removing the victim from a familiar or "safe" public location - facilitating the crime in an effort to isolate the victim by drawing her to another location "away from the public eye" where the criminal entity has complete control over the victim.'

The quote from Wikipedia is profound. Not that I would, I could walk naked ad would be invisible. There are people within the British establishment who do not want the truth to be told. And yet, it is written in the Holy Bible!

This picture was posted beside the lady in the red hooded jacket. Is this a reminder 'not to let the right hand know what the left is doing'. As the story unfolds we begin to see a complex situation. Evidently those who are decieving people do not understand that God Almighty really is RULING this world!

The older lady is wearing a Royal Blue Coat carrying a Blue umbrella - this shows she is wearing a Crown Royal. The Queen is crowned blue blood and she must surely know what is happening in her own family. She has the authority to close down parliament, stop wars, close the entire system down if she wants to and start again. In the New Year, We got the impression of an ending and new begining. However, something else is happening evidently with deception involved.

It is unknown if the government initated the law changes in relation to the crown, or the Queen, or Prince Charles. Did the Queen hand powers to Europe? Media reports are Anti EU next miniute being Pro EU. Harry is flying killer machines in Afghanistan is connected to Europe Union. Are the royals protecting their own interests? Or motivated to do right by ALL people?

With the lady pictured carrying the bag, the Queen is 'still' holding the authority to speak and have the last word. She has not made an announcment of anyone being King or Queen, and she has NOT given up the throne. It is my observation seeing behind the titles of the old kingdoms. The media have announced that the first child of Kate and Willliam's is to be a Monarch. However the law changes, could mean Anne would have more of a priority being the eldest daughter.

What is being kept silent, when the Queen violated her coronation oath, no one can take her place from her family. The Queen knows this and so this might explain why Charles went to New Zealand; Kate and William to the Solomon Islands. All the devious plans - Christ really is so far ahead of these people. If anything happens to me, he has a back up plan!

Looking like a crown of thorns, except the icicles are pointing towards the windows. Our eyes are the window of our soul. With many windows and one crown of thorns, this relates to seeing several different perspectives, as is presented here. There are people who want to keep people blind, dumbed down and oppressed. If it was not for the teachers who encourage growth and development of awareness, everyone would be living in the dark. The Queen should be empowering people.

There is a white door with number 21 on the cottage and the crown appears to be next door. In numerolgy, number 22 relates to the Master, Teacher, Builder also the Divine/Spiritual Mother.

Book of Revelation 21 relates to New Jerusalem. 22 is the promise for mankind.

Quote "Gripped: With the low temperatures set to end shortly, this roof of a farmhouse in Teesdale, County Durham remains firmly frozen"

Teesdale in the Pennines, is an area of outstanding beauty and a National Nature Reserve. National relates to the WHOLE Country. Reserve can mean that it is protected land. County Durham a ceremonial county of England with an appointed Lord Lieutenant, the personal representative of the British Monarch, who is still Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Bishpps - Owing to divine providence of the city’s founding, the Bishop of Durham has always enjoyed the title “Bishop by Divine Providence” opposed to all other bishops who are “Bishop by Divine Right”. Prince Bishops had their own court system. Posting a link below so you can acess more interesting information on this.

Durham is also located in North Carolina, USA. Carolina Road is another road in Thornton Heath were I was born. Being born in the Royal Priesthood, the crown I wear is a spiritual crown, not one that can be given by anyone or taken away. Thornton means Thorn Town - Heath means Health. The Crown given by Christ is a Spiritual Healer.

Pictured here a wolf shows tenderness and affection to the handler.

Quoting "Fun: This trio are obviously close as they chase eachother through the snow in conditions they will be very happy to be in" These three wolves are pictured in Berkshire...Winsdor Castle is in Berkshire. The expression 'a pack of wolves' can relate to being hungry and also bloodthirsty. Prince Harry openly says his job is to kill people.

A lone Arctic Wolf watches what is happening from raised ground, in Nebury, UK Conservation Trust. Newbury is in Kent, identified with conserving UK as a whole, in Trust. Read in between what is given. Newbury is also found in 3 states in USA. I am living very close to Bury in Lancashire, known as Red Rose County and the Sovereign Monarch Queen's Land.

In Birmingham, a female pedestrian suffered serious injuries after a collision from a Mercedes and was taken to hospital. The incident happened on Hagley Road between Plough and Harrow Road and the Five Ways Island.

Hagley Road and Harrow are also in Berkshire. Plough could be a snow plough.

The Royal Mail red pillar box is partly knocked over - with the lady in red above, not a good sign and clear warning of danger. This is actually an example how people are injured in car accidents and there are those involved in rituals to cause serious harm. They do not cause death or they would have to pay the price with death theirselves. This is a warning to people not to wish anyone to die because thoughts have power.

Kings and Queens have influenced death just by suggestion. For this reason I was concerned if Wiliam had a bad day and wished anyone dead or even called out a war on any people. The power given to the royal family has been because of masses of people focussing on them and loving them. They might not be aware of every thought and word has impact. Kate Middleton has not been raised with this knowledge. She is an actress who set out to get what she wanted.

The pillar box looks old. The Mercedes is a German car, pictured with the lights on. The media have shown male members of the Queens family in a way that should 'ring alarm bells'. In history royals have been killed off by their own family to keep the crown. The effort to preserve the crown in the family, with laws being rushed to be changed, is because they 'know' a legitimate and eligble heir is around. The Queen is obliged to do right by the people. Laws were changed to secure the income and crown away from where God intended. The physical crown is a symbol. The Spiritual Crown is not a physical object!

Notice here on the tape is written fire and rescue service,. In the background a fire engine and maybe two ambulances are seen. One is the new style emergency ambulance. The second ambulance looks like the old ambulance. Several police are around and a blue flashing light near where this is. The police are in the distance - on the other side of the road.

Prince Phillip is part German, and so are his son's and grandsons. Despite whatever challenges the Queen and Prince Phillip have gone through, in a previous article I wrote that they are a united couple. Maybe that is where the United Kingdom applies. This is another marriage that has connected for a reason. As in history Jewish have married Christians. It is in the divine plan now to unite the whole of humanity in peace, without weapons or war.

I have to be honest, when I first read that William was a search and rescue pilot, my mind was remembering the antivirus 'search and destroy' and a lady who refered to me as good cop bad cop team, with exposing corruption. William can appear to be nice and Harry the bad boy, they are walking in the same path and fighting for the same team.

Andrew who went in the Navy, William in the Airforce, Harry being the Army is deliberate.

Waves - riding the waves comes to mind.

Quote "Stupid: This is the dramatic moment a walker was almost swept off rocks by a 40ft column of water as he tried to get a closer look at the waves from a Newquay headland"

He is given here when it could be representing a She. Stupid is identifed and a Number 40 is identified as time in the Holy Bible, and so reaffirms the meaning of Divine Timing for everything. Holy means divine.

Newquay relates to New Key - headland, means Kingdom. The person is seen trying to climb dressed in a green top alone. 'The Rock of Rome' comes to mind and Rocky Road. The colour is emerald Green, associated with the Emerald Isles and Ireland. Queen of Sheba gave precious stones to Solomon - perhaps the are the 12 stones, seen in the Breastplate. I typed 13 by mistake then realise it is not. The reason being because there are 13 tribes of Israel and not 12. Jacob had a daughter aswell.

Has someone disregarded the a divine plan and decided to conquest a rocky hilltop?

I have to wonder as an observer, where is Kate Middleton's heart placed. If she wants to play at being Queen, perhaps she needs to go back to party pieces and wear a plastic tiara. This is being said with all seriousness, because I am aware of the influence she has on people and on William too. By showing her body she used the oldest trick in the book to get his attention. Only she knows if she has done anything else to trap him other than to stick by his side like glue.

The most angry of men, can be made mellow when he loves and is in love. Before going to Solomon Isles and even in the Church ceremony overseas, Kate appeared like a friend, also as if she has sought approval of what to say and do - at 30 years old! She has showed more chemistry with Harry, perhaps she is more like him. I guess the 'Job' promised to pay her well.

William over reacts to protect his wife, with little or no consideration for a great deal of population who suffer every day. I think Kate has worked the man very well, plus he has become 'attached' to her family. Love is normal with his wife and family. If just an ordinary couple who do not have billions of people's lives impacted by decisons, it would not be a concern or issue. There are illegal wars taking place and the building of a one world government. For who to be Queen?

Jesus Christ is King, He puts People first. Why silence He is Living?

Continuing this on another article, Part 3

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringmement intended