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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Snow White Story Part 3 Owls and the Lamb

This article follows onto my previous one. They are related and follow on.

Some time back I made a joke about living the Snow White Story with a different script. Another time I will share something to show how this has been brought to show validation with visual evidence.

For now let's continue with the story and what the Daily Mail have given.

Majestic: Tundra, now five-years-old, was taken in by a Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester after the RSCPA discovered she was being abused by her owner, and the snowy owl looked wonderful today

Tundra Properties is in New York. Tundra is also in Alaska, with Tundra Lodge Resort and Conference Center in Wisconsin. So there are some interesting connections. We also learn Gloucester and New York are connected here.

In Gematria Tundra equates with 425 (11) 'Lady', 'Purple', 'God Bless the Child', 'The rod of Elohim', 'Defeated the Dragon', 'Brilliant Light', 'Manifest Light', 'Pope Peter' and 'House of Gaga'

Notice Lady Gaga has been in the news as she surely is another Lady who is motivated to empower all the young children and encourage their growth, learning and self esteem building. We do not encourage people to be blind sheep.

Majestic Owls are associated with the Queen of Wisdom. Owls are usally nocturnal, with vision to see 365 degees. At night time it ia also much quieter, because people are sleeping or calmer, this allows greater clarity.

Princess Anne lives in Gloucester. News reports have said Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, her husband plan to move to Gatcombe Park estate, her mothers home. To be honest, I saw this with all the Prince moves taking place, that Princess Anne might move to take Queen Elizabeth's place. This is from seeing Princess Anne sitting on a throne seat in Athens Greece.

The Tythe House, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Is a Cotswold Manor House built in the Queen Anne William and Mary style circa 1700 in the royal county of Gloucestershire where Prince Charles & Princess Anne have properties.

There was a time when tythes (tithes) were collected instead of taxes. This might explain why Princess Anne is living there and even knowing that in the divine plan this will be restored.

The Gatcombe Estate now covers around 730 acres estate, Gatcombe house bought by Queen Elizabeth II 1976 for Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips for £5 million. In 1976 I was sent to Greece to live and then returned.

Last year I reported of floods in the area that revealed the keyholder to the treasury with the floods seeing as the bank overflowing At the time despite floods people were on a water ban in England.

Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, A 2008 Photo strongly resembles my father. He also has the name. There is so much mystery and how we all connect together especially, so they could be closely related.

Moving on....

One off: Michael McInerney and daughters Eve (right) and Lucy hit the fens to skate while the ice is thick enough before the thaw

One off situation is being revealed here....

The McInerney coat of arms has the motto 'veritas' meaning 'truth'

Michael connects with Archangel Michael and also my uncle, father's half brother.

McInerney is of noble Irish origin, derived from the Irish Mac an Oirchinnigh, meaning ‘son of the erenagh’, literally meaning 'son of the Lord of church lands'. The Irish word airchinneach may derive from its twin components of ‘air’ (noble) and 'ceann' (head), therefore meaning a ‘noble-head’ or ‘Lord’, denoting its aristocratic status in medieval Ireland.

Eve is assocites with Adam and Eve. Now is the time of the New Eve.

Lucy hearing 'lucy in the sky of diamonds' - this is a beatles song. I am writing only what I hear highlighted, nothing else. If you wish to explore further you can do so.

My father's mother was named Lucienne, known also as Lucy to friends.

Quote "Good laugh: The aptly named Tim Frost pushes his wife Jane across the Cambridgeshire ice - notice Both wearing green hats

Man and Wife on a chair, on ice, in Cambridge, we cannot ignore the Duke and Duchess.

With Kate Wearing McQueen, the day before being admitted into King Ewdward VII hospital for agressive morning morning sickness, most people ignored this, I did not. The nurse found hanging, did not add up. After Australian DJs telephoned the hospital, posing as the Queen asking about the little tummy bug, the nurse said she was restng and had an uneventful night.

The day after leaving the hospital, Kate attened a sports presentation award, again wearing a green McQueen dress - walking on the stage with the music playing and lyrics 'shine your light - set the world on fire'.

Edward VII was King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and Emperor of India from 22 January 1901 until his death in 1910. These are the territories, that, when we consider Smyrna was made into a British Colony, it is easy to see how anyone would be laughing their head off if they are taking people as fools.

Notice they are both wearing green hats on their head too.

With Kate Middleton being exposed by the International Media naked with 'The Queen is Naked/Exposed' headline, after pictured also laughing an having fun on her trip to the Far East and Asia, (India is in Asia) we can assume with the Green McQueen outfits, these two people are revealing the King behind the throne of the Queen

Unforunately, it seems that both Kate and William have forgotten their marriage vow.

There is no room for God mockers to be sitting at the head of eh Church of God!

Quote "Whoops: But after starting so well the couple's adventure ends with a crack as Mrs Frost crashes off the seat and onto the ice, which holds"

We get the impression that eventually the ice is going crack. In a previous article, I posted some images of people swimming in the serpentine with pieces of cracked ice. One woman had a make behind her mirroring her arm movements. From this, I wonder if it is Wiliam who is guiding his wife and she is having a laugh, or is she a devious actress.

There is a vast corporate empire, that is supposed to be taking care of the people and enabling progress. The deliberate price hikes and cost of living, with so many fines just for road traffic fines, is raking in an obsene amount of income. With the Queen and her family accounting £200 million a year in expenses....perhaps this is their income. In there are claims for losses. If the family taken ownership of land, and just interested in profitng their own ...something is wrong.

There is an expression 'the higher you climb, the further you have to fall'.

If this is a drama being enacted out to show Kate laughing at everyone, sitting on a throne, moreso taking William as an idiot, then it might be that the ice will crack from beneath her, or her husband will remove her from her perch.

Quote "Drama: Skaters have been flocking to the frozen Cambridgeshire Fens today to enjoy ONE DAY of skating before the big thaw this weekend"

The emphasis is that this is a drama being played out in Cambridge - perhaps to show what is really going on. The media are silenced on reporting the truth. Perhaps I have unknown friends and supporters in the media to.

I do not seek this or even expect it...and am told I will never get justice either.

Few people understand divine justice and accountability. Time to learn!

THE NEXT CHAPTER.....following on photographs from the same article

Quote "Too cute: The lambing season has begun at Sparsholt College near Winchester, with this newborn trying its first stops in the snow"

'Mary had a little lamb' comes to mind, except this is not with a pure white fleese. Instead it reminds me of the lamb that is held by Jesus Christ that we see in imgages. Because I am His Princess, allow me to share MY King!

On the 7th of January, the day after Epiphany, I had a clear vision of Christ standing as if in the flesh, I saw this through my spiritual eye and he was wearing a gold and red crown. This Crown relates to India.

There was some complication with the coronation cermony - I know from personal experience if we plan something, God reminds us who is the Boss. To the finest detail of my life, I know everything has been planned and written down. The detail of where I have lived and gone to school - even staying in Greece with my aunt in a place tht translates to Upper Egypt, absolutely ever detail was planned. And so I know in confidence that every thought, pland, deception that is taking place is known about too.

Also people may not be aware of the hidden hand of God, evidently Kate Middleton is being depicted as someone who has no idea whatsoever. Some time ago I had a dream where the very lovely Beulah London outfit, that shows her off at her best, was being worn inside a mosque where she was being photographed pretending to pray, to win the muslims acceptance.

There are people who will do absolutely anythng for money and power. At what price?

"Sweet: These mothers look after their young as hundreds of lambs will be born in the next fortnight"

Mothers look after their young and reality is hundreds of babies are going to be born in the next fortnight too. Humanity needs love, guidance, encourament, tenderness, direction, opportunity, protection and security. We only need to observe nature to see how animals take care of their young. We see a number 8 stamped on the grown mother. This relates to infinity and unity. Number 8 can relate to spiritual mastery. And it takes a wise mother to pave the way for her daughter's learning.

England has a lot of good people - if they thought they were being decieved, would they be showing so much honor and respect to William and Kate? People have made comments that she puts out an attitude of 'let them eat cake'

In the divine plan, for all that can go wrong in the world, in some way, it will come right again. The problem solution concept is something that I have learned a long time agao - that is, where there is a problem, there is a workable solution too.

There is a healing need in our world and our learning to care about eachother is necessary too. There is so much greed and selfishness here in England and ingratitude too. When the bad weather hit, people were going shopping and the shelves were empty. A grab what you can at any price mentaility is prevalent here, even if other people have to do without.

And when people buy more than they need, they throw it away, not even giving the hungry and homeless. When the new york floods h appened, a picture was shown, or orderly people, buying their usual shop knowing a day or two later the flood will have subsided. Here in England people empty the shelves at Christmas and stuff theirselves full - spending afortune...yet forget Christ is every day, not one day a year. I cannot teach you anything. Life is the university that will teach you everything.

Quote "Big boy: Snowzilla has been built at the Wheelers timber yard, Erdington, Birmingham, where brothers Pete, Nick, and Rob Bromley cannot hide their glee at what they claim is Britain's biggest snowman"

In the same orginial article, there has been a photgraph of a snowman being crowned with a pale blue cap, on Cambridge Victoria Park - some times back the Queen, Camilla and Kate were at a Kake shop for an occasion and pictured with a 5 tier, including the pedistal, crowned with a RED crown. The red and gold crown is the Crown of the Empire.

If you go back and look at the last couple of articles, compare the colours of the car describing treacheous on the way to the castle. Also of the colours being worn below to that being worn on the hat of the snowman. Taking into consideration all of the above, it could be possible that this was all a deliberate set up feeding into the masses minds for compliance and acceptance. A front face of a multibillion fortune, that processes trillions of pounds, that makes billions a year, just in traffic fines - to maintain the gravy train who are benefiting at the top, another front face has to continue.

Or, and quite possibly this just happened to be a captured moment in time - because I had a very exrarodinary experience the other day to share here. This could be divine Providence at work. The laughing married couple skating on thin ice, might be reflecting that the extent of the devious manipulators and also that a woman is going to be dethrones.

There has been the above snowman - that could be crowned by the people and those who are ethical within the structure. Then we have also been shown a snowman with a fox climbing up to bit its nose off. The links for more images can be found a the bottom of these articles...Certainly something is going on that we are meant to know and understand.

In the meantime,

The largest of snowmans has been built - one that is not being missed so easily.

Quote "Big boy: Snowzilla has been built at the Wheelers timber yard, Erdington, Birmingham, where brothers Pete, Nick, and Rob Bromley cannot hide their glee at what they claim is Britain's biggest snowman"

Godzilla comes to mind - GOD zilla.

The spade resembles a flag. Three men wearing Royal Green - are they the Green Party. Going back in time, three kings followed the stars and guiding light to find Christ and there he was crowned King as a baby. It takes a king to reognise a King.

We know God recognises Jesus Christ so do billions of people.

Somewhere I read the dragon was connected with the King from the olden times.

Merlin and The White Dragon

We find the following among the Arthurian legends about the white dragon.

"Merlin, the magician, was asked by King Vortigern, how to render stable a tower of his castle which thrice had tumbled down. Merlin explained that the trouble lay in the fact that the tower had been built over the den of two immense dragons, whose combats shook the foundations above them. "The king ordered his workmen to dig and when they had done so they discovered two enormous serpents, the one white as milk, the other red as fire. The multitude looked on with amazement till the serpents, slowly rising from their den, and expanding their enormous folds, began the combat. Everyone fled in terror except Merlin, who stood by, clapping his hands and cheering on the conflict. The red dragon was slain, and the white one, gliding through a cleft in the rock, disappeared. This incident is reputed to have taken place on an isolated rocky eminence in Caernarvonshire, where remains of extensive prehistoric stone-works are still to be seen!" Courtesy of John Green,

This points back to wales and the Prince of Wales

Also the white dragon is on the Wessex flg...

The Earl of Wessex land Edward entered the Paralympic stadium in a made up car.

The royals with integrity are expected to do right by everyone.

The Queen was so ashamd of the falling apart of her family in the public eye. Sarah Fergusion with toe sucking financier boyfriend, who then run up debt knowing she would be bailed out. Diana exposing that her husband was an adulterer who did not take his marriage vow seriously and she was depserately unahppy, she had the integry not to stay.

Marrying anyone from a different background - not about wealth, this is about social values and social responsibility, eventually the cracks show. To think Margaret could not even marry the man she loved - the standards have dropped, to Harry and his partying and this setting the standard for future generations. Singleparenthood is the norm today - how many children in the future are going to come forward saying they are a child of a King or Prince. History repeating itself.

Quote: "Beautiful: The lights of Leighton Buzzard and low cloud set the sky on fire over the still-white Dunstable Downs in Bedfordshire overnight"

Quote "Ablaze: Snow still covers a picnic bench in the foreground with the orange sky in the background, with many areas of the UK to get more snow today"

Muslims talk openly about being cast into the lake of fire. We have seen some estrarodinary goings on, the fires in Australia were evidently terifiying for people....and that land also connects with England too.

I worry about humanity and the future...then again what will be will be.

This a divided world. Beleivers who wait for Christ to return, and those who are not. Muslims wait for Jesus Christ to return and they love him - Eventually they will understand why he has to stay neutral as I have to.

In short, going back to the top - two wise owls together 'will' communicate together. Two wise heads are better than one. The wisdom of the ages has been far valued then folly.
If the Skaters show Kate Middleton taking everyone as a fool - she will be dethroned!
Two crownings of snowmen - males have taking place!
A third has green spout eyes, the fox bit his nose off.

And the fire in Befordshire is symbolic too. Hopefully not destorying history and genelogy records as has happened in the past. The building of Europe has not been openly done. The lake of fire is expected by all muslims.

And Christ will nurture the lambs, as he always, The eternally loving shepherd.

We are born in the Spiritual Royal Family who are completely against war!

Feel free to ignore these observations, or you might see something important too.

More to follow in Part 4.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria