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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Queensland, Australia Washed: Suds and Floods

What started as an observation in Scotland a while back, when the coastal towns were seen with suds, brought to mind 'Fairy Liquid' washing the lands. The Queen rules the waves and so this is why we have Queen Ships. Today Queensland in Australia is the same.

With the temperature being warm, children are playing out in this phenomenon. The suds will be soft. The salt from the water actually will be cleansing deeply too.

Queen Elizabeth II in her coronation, was also crowned Queen of Australia.

Alexandra headland, Queensland we can see what looks like the top of the letter Hei Hebrew alphabet. This has spiritual meaning that connects with God - Head!

The fires, suds and floods have come at a time of Queen Elisabeth's Diamond Jubille. Since the ancient times, Biblical Law is written to return lands back to who they belong.

There people really searching within and confused with what is happening. Around 5 years ago dreams showing floods in England. Another showed a huge wave that was coming inland where I lived - not here whee I live. They were dreams so show what was to come.

Burleighheads, Queensland is on the Gold Coast, Australia. In England, Burleigh pottery is in Stoke on Trent, Middleport. Burleigh county Jail also comes to light. Burleigh in North Dakota and this has come up before in relation to 'Common Law'. Media reports Kate Middleton is an honorary member of Wimbledon Court to take over as President. Wimbledon Common associates with Common Law Courts for the Common People. Exposed!

"It gets everywhere: Nowhere in headland was safe from the froth as it covered streets and parks and even found its way into people's homes and garages"

People are teaching that this earth is a living body - it is. If we move a rock from one place to another, we change what was before. There are parts of our world with famine and drought. There is a reason. Many reasons for this, not always explanable.

Looking at the lands and who is governing the lands, on earth there are people as there is from the heavenly realms. Queen Elizabeth II has taken her role as the servant of God, to protect the lands and the people. Millions of people love and respect Queen Elizabeth II, even not knowing her personally. Her successor is who, do you even know?

Brisbane, 3 people are dead, 3 missing and hundreds of people are told to evacuate their homes due to floodwaters. From this 3 specific people are being sought.

The British Government have pushed through laws that a baby Kate Middleon has will be monarch. Traditionally only a Queen can give birth to a Queen, or King. To even make such an announcement is the sign to say Kate has been placed in a role of Queen.

In southern Queensland, families were placed on alert to either flee their homes or protect their property. This is indicating the Queen of the South. In the bigger picture, England is a map of the macrocsm of the world - are there risked in UK too?

To be Queen, would be seen with an official coronation. Overseas Kate Middleon might have had a ceremony. In fact. the visit of William and Kate overseas, they were both wearing floral crowns and they did attend a Diamond Jubilee service.

Maybe the Queen has handed over the lands to the next generation, with a new chapter begining. Maybe she has not. Just a thought. Keep an open mind.

Tweedheads - New South Wales, two cars the same colour pass the opposite directions after rain soaked Australia Day weekend. Tweed connects with Scotland. Prince Phillip being Duke of Edinburgh, the ancient kingdom of the Gododdin, is Duke king of Scotland. Kate Middleton being pictured carrying Tartan of Scotland is not Head of a Scottish house. We know this because her parents are both still alive. Heads is being identified here.

Queen Elizabeth II is King of Solomon. Since ancient times Queens have been King. Willam and Kate Middleton travelled to the Solomon Isles, where the coin is an Orb.

In the ancient times, the Spiritual Mother Crown passed from mother to daughter. The husband King had the role for fairly providing for the people in the land. The Queen advised her husband and guided him in the people's best interest. The Queen of Wisdom came because she was crowned with the Wisdom of being divinely guided in this role.

The Queenship of Australia has been a matter of conflicts. Many Australians do not want a Monarch. I am quite certain that they would not want deception, to have people who are not sincere governing over the lands and people either.

God is not a deciever. Christ is not a misleader. The only conclusion I can come to with what is happening in specific places that are reported, locations idenfitied in the media, is to show the creamy colour foam - washing the lands and the floods that are washing teh land too. It is also important to remember, Even in England there has been low water levels and hose pipe bans, these floods are going to replensih the earth again.

Homes can be rebuilt. The loss of life of loved ones cannot be replaced. As people are putting right their relationship with God, the rising amount of people finding their faith and realising they also need to rectify the error of their ways.

With a crises, males have a way to deal with these situations in a practical way. Here Roger Barnes resues his friends surboard from a flooded home. The reality is surboards float and are something hold onto in the event the water level rises even highter.

The Royal family and noble classes have placed theirselves above Man Made Laws. This is the law of nature they live by. People who have been given land in history, and those who have taken ownership too. I have no idea what it is like living in Australia - however, here in England rising man made laws for profit, with penalty fines too.

Of all places, Queensland has been imapcted by fires in America not so long ago, and now in Australia too. Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for 60 years, if she was not meant to be in that position, she might not have lasted so long. People laugh and say the Queen and her family are good for tourism, consider just in expenses they claim £200 million a year. The British establishment decide the laws for beyond this Island.

Every service, even the law courts and prisons are corpoate body for profit. Water is supposed to be free - there are people who are making vast profit from this too. Here in England, water is being poisoned with toxic chemicals - those who are aware are buying bottled water, that has been bottled from land owned by who?

Julia Gillard gave up her British Passport to be a Member of Parliament and now the Prime Minister of Australia and work for the people in Australia. She is not someone who will be told what to say or to do what pleases anyone. She has in her positon, been approved by the Queen, for her role of reponsibility for the Australian people.

Someone is waching over Julia Gillard. She might admit to being a non beleiver, and yet she feels a calling to serve her people. Is Kate Middelton a guiding authority over her extremly responsible role? Is Kate even on par with the intelligence of Julia?

Emergency services are lifesavers and they are not always fully appreciated. When there is a problem that is prevailing, always there is a solution created. If people were not connected to the matrix of light from the heavenly realms, they would not be able to progress and liase, to connect and to collaborate to be in their role. Everyone on this planet has a part in this where we are all instrumental in each others lives.

Kate Middleton does NOT have the divine right to be Queen. Simple! Inheriting the crown does not automatically pass down to the same family. Wealth and tiaras appearl to many girls, not everyone understands responsibility. In England woman are not encouraged to be leaders as the norm. Stand up and speak out, weak men often snigger even in this time.

Has Queen Elizabeth passed THE Crown to her grandson's wife?

Emergency services has received hundreds of distress calls in Queensland, New South Wales. The Prince of Wales is not listening. Kate taking hypnotherapy for aversion to food; perhaps her stomach is reacting to what is happening in our world!

Before William married Kate, he considered very carefully if she would be loyal to HIM and stand by his side 'RICHER OR POORER'. True love exists when people can lose everything yet stick together. Love brings people through the most greatest difficulties.

New South Wales is one of the lands that has been identifid, with Queensland. William and Kate for some years have been living in Wales. The title of the heir of the British Throne is Prince of Wales. Wales is an ancient kingdom.

Prince Harry was officially introduced as Henry, Prince of Wales in the closing cermemony of the Olympic games - Kate Middleton was not even introduced who accompanied him. Instead the national anthem was sang by Queen Elizabeth II subjects to this same Lady. This took place on August 12, the day Cleopatra died.

The Olympic and Paralympic games had 204 counties participating. It is one thing to be very ambitious to marry a man who is a Prince and heir to a vast fortune, even inherited from his mother, it is another to step in a role to be Queen of the World.

Perhaps William could live a simple life, I am not sure Kate Middleton can. I am not even sure she is 'in love' with William. Queen Elizabeth is seen as a mother to many people - She was given the Crown to love humanity. Kate Middleton lacks this capacity!

With the Queen at a very elderly age, a rising amount of people are trying to trace their lineage to take over as King or Queen. This is not how the higher authority works. There is a government in the heavens that is overseeing everything happening on earth. There are people who are on earth who are guided by their conscience and inspired to take care of the people.

There were biblical promises made that everything will be made new. After all these floods, our land will be nourished again to grow vegetation. My sharing these insights and observations, are to open your mind. Even if we know the facts of a situation, there are many layers to life, existance and what is happening in our world.

My prayers and thoughts go out to all people who have lost their loved ones, and people who are finding diffculty at this time, due to circumstances.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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