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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Holland Clearing The Way in England

A few days ago, my eyes were drawn to see the reason why the snow fall on specific locations is being reported. Also, what has come to light is the connection between names and places. These are not necessarily deliberate.

The way the truth is brought to all of us, is for everyone to see. We are all part of the human race. In the eyes of God we are all equal. The people who are sitting in top positions have responsiblities to uphold.

Here we see written on the head of the snow plough 'New Holland' - the vehicle is Royal Blue and the sweeping arms of the plough is a shade of Orange colour. Above notice a light that is also a darker shade of orange with brightness that is reflecting gold and angelic realm frequency of consciousness. Christ is often pictured with golden aura of the sun behind him.

In the picture, not only is this showing the snow covered England, that is very pretty in the countryside, we see the wall that divides the territory of England and Scotland. The land of England is identified to be connected to Holland by the vehicle clearing the field. Notice 'the lights are on and shining' - our eyes reflect the soul - a spiritually enlightend soul.

In another photoraph a car was pictured at a signpost - these identify roads and landmarks. When you hear people say 'there are signs everywhere' if all those self styled spiritual teachers could see the signs, they would have shared this with people long ago to help people identify what it is they are supposed to be taking notice of.

There is an open roadway with two golden lights from the lamps shining like the sun at night. Above the car the moon is illuminated and radiating the brightest of white light. Below this is the car with snow on the roof and on the ground. A pole holds up two Royal Blue coloured signs that read 'Wigan' and 'Up Holland A577'. In the lower sign 'Shevington' 'Billinge' and Orrel'

The area is Greater Manchester. Up Holland is symolic to reveal and associate with Upper Egypt. There is more that comes to light. Wigan is famous for Wigan Pier and also the Empress Club.

According to one website, "20 years since The Empress Hall (aka The Casino Club) in Station Road, Wigan accidentally burnt to the ground, here it is at last: The newly refurbished Heart of Soul."

The 1970's and 1980's were particulary popular for soul music - songs from the heart and soul.

Back in 1976, in the year I was sent to go live in Greece for my safety, the Empress Ballroom on Hotel Street in Bolton had a fire - to be replaced by the Spencer Snooker Club. How profound the Spencer name would come and replace this.

The Empress Hall used to be in Wigan as it was named.

Shevington (New) Hall is identified too.

Another very interesting point comes to light from research:

Standish Hall was the ancestral home of the lords of the manor of Standish. "When the estate was auctioned at Empress Hall Wigan in March 1921, the hall was withdrawn at £4,800. Subsequently it was reported that the tudor wing and chapel were dismantled and shipped to America; recent efforts to locate their whereabouts have proved fruitless. "

Hall is 'a name given to many manor houses because the magistrate's court was held in the hall of his mansion; a chief mansion house.' - this has come up before because of decisions that impact people. Over the years, there have been the upper social classes in England treating people who were impoverished and kept them in a place of slavery and conformity. This is still happening today when there are people of seemingly a lesser circumstance who are not regarded wtih respect or dignity.

Empress Industrial Estate - the name Empress is connected with industry, supply and demand. So it is no coincidence that this part of the country, Lancashire has been regarded as the industrial centre of the north in the past. Also here in Lancashire Egyptian cotton sheets were made too - something new that came to light.

Behind Bolton Town Hall situated on Le Mans Crescent is Bolton Museum, holding in storage the largest collection of Egyptian treasures of antiquities in England. The 'Quest of Immortality' exhibition is touring the Far East.

Le Mans is 'Twin Town' of Bolton and so the French connection is consolidated. Also 'Padeborn' in Germany. The connection today of Europe and the rest of the world has evolved through trusting divine providence to reveal this to be so.

Bolton is now Greater Manchester; Lancashire is Red Rose County. The Tudor Rose is connected. The landmark is visible on the ground with a Tudor 'Union' Rose on Victoria Square outside Bolton Town Hall. The name Victoria appears again. When a new Monarch is announced, this takes place on Bolton Town Hall steps. A United Kingdom is always the goal.

The Imperial State Crown is generally worn at the end of a coronation when the new monarch departs from Westminster Abbey.' 'The King of England was being celebrated as rex in regno suo est imperator (an emperor within his own domains), owing obedience to no one but God (unlike some continental rulers, who owed fealty to more powerful kings, or to the Holy Roman Emperor).'

In Holland, there is a chapel 'Lady of all Nations'. The Virgin Mary is the example of Lady of All Nations and for All People. She was a chosen child born after prayer, to be the mother of all mothers. She was chosen as Mother of Humanity.

On the 27th January in Santa Maria, Brazil a fire stole the lives of over 230 people. There are people who want the name of the Holy Mother of Christ to disappear off the map. Actually it is impossible. Countless thousands women are named Mary, Maria or Miriam, from after their grandmother, or family, or because of the spiritual connection with the Holy Virgin Mary.

Today the Mother of Christ would be the World Empress. She is the Lady who has authorised laws for people. Imagine a world with no war, no injustice, no oppressing and abusing people. Christ gave the Law to Love Humanity.

There is a lot happening in the world that is mirroring what is happening in the upper house. There are people who are trying to force their way in positons to be Emperor Kings and what has happened, the signs given 'everywhere' show 'everyone' that there is a far higher power that is governing everyone and everything happening on earth is being seen very clearly.

A few days ago the Daily Mail wrote the caption 'Trecherous: Drivers' on the way to Barnard's Castle. There is a reason this has been identified so back to Google to search for the reason why, and validation.

Daimler Empress car is connected with Barnard Castle and for sale there.

Buy Empress Oak Doors in Barnard Castle - in another website (The Royal Oak Tree)

Barnard Castle takes its name from its 12th century founder, Bernard de Balliol. It was later developed by the Beauchamp family and then passed into the hands of King Richard III. (Richard being my father's name)

Barnard Castle is in Durham, North East England.

In another photograph they showed the clearing away of the snow at the castle

Here a worker clears the snow at Barnard Castle. Notice the vehicle is Orange and yellow. The lights are 'off'. The man is wearing a cap with a peak that looks like a beak. He follows the instruction he is given by his superior. Green trouser's - the same colour Green as the Hat worn in the above photograph by the man behind the chair.

The Green is also the colour Royal Green - or Bottle Green.

William, Kate and Harry have moved their staff into the soveriegns residence at St. James Palace, Staff work for Kate since married to William. William and Kate were pictured on their engagement in the Throne Room, with Kate wearing a Sapphire coloured 'Issa' by Beulah London dress - Issa is the name of Jesus Christ to muslims. Beaulah relates to the Holy Land.

While many girls in England and America 'dream to marry a prince', actually there are many thousands of princes. Look at the Saudi Arabian Royal family for instance. What is Kate Middletons agenda 'precisely' because it is unclear.

Upholland is a civil parish and village in West Lancashire, England.

Hearing 'Upholland' and 'Bury' - as being connected.

"One of Bury's most notable residents was Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and founder of the Metropolitan Police Service." - This is right in the heart of England close to Bolton and been revealed.

Queen Elizabeth II is Duke of Lancaster. This relates to Upholland, Wigan, Bolton and Bury too.

Metopolis is the capital or chief city of a country or region. In Greek Metropolis means Mother City.

Newbury is in Berkshire. Windsor Castle is in Berkshire. A Castle is home to Kings and Queens.

Newbury is in Farnworth, Bolton - far wealth and oppulance. The connection with Castle here is Castle Hill School that became a UCAN centre as in 'YOU CAN' for people locally. Remember Obama saying "Yes You Can"

A NewBury Post office is on 61 George Road - the Post is 'Royal Mail' service. St. Georges Road is in Bolton. 'Royal Court Road' is in the location of the Old Royal Hospital 'Greek' St. George slayed the Dragon.

Roads and landmarks connect to bring to light a greater picture to understand.

We learn that some treachery has been happening. The photographs of the 'drama' in Cambridge being acted out on ice, shows a woman on a chair laughing her head off being thrown off the chair. There is reason for this.

Kate Middleton is taking many people as fools. SHE 'underestimates' the Wisdom and intelligence of people internationally, who are committed to maintain peace and to do right by people. When the Queen holds official events with the gathering of all leaders and officials from different nations, they are all working together for a common cause.

Seriously - does Kate Middleton think she can step into Queen Elizabeth's shoes?

Everyone is tested - We hear of Empires rising and falling in history. In history Kings and Queens have been beheaded. Thank God those days are over, although some coutries still use this as a form of execution. Perhaps we are being shown that a dethroning is taking place and this is being done by the Lady's Husband. Mr. and Mrs. Frost were the names given, if I recall.

Queen Elisabeth II is not a stupid woman. The future of humanity is held in the hands of officials, kings and Queen's. Can Kate Middleton even conceptualise what this really means. The responsibility this holds is on the shoulders of a Queen! To be an Empress covering several nations, this is being met with the approval of many people!

Our world is in crisis, millions of people have been killed in illegal wars, all over the world people are worried about how to deal with the crisis and while a wannabe Empress Queen is being sold as a fashion Icon. Did William, Kate and Harry bring an end to the wars? No they did not. Have they brought an end to all the injustice, even in UK? No they did not!

William was given an honorary law degree, while lawyers have to work for theirs!

Queen Elizabeth II did not decieve people to be Queen, she was chosen to be!

If Queen Elizabeth was not divinely appointed - she would not reign. Just learning about King David and how he came to the throne, like Queen Elizabeth, it was not a predictable choice. Elizabeth's marriage to Phillip - whose mother was born in Windsor Castle might show predictability. If Princess Elizabeth was not meant to be Queen, she would have been removed.

Sixty years on a throne...a long time.

The moment we take an Oath to Serve God, we become an Instrument of His on Earth. Since a child, the Queen and I have been connected - She knows exactly who I am. She personally wrote to my mother after learning of her paralysis.

Another chapter is begining - so we are shown by the clearing away!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Photographs from the Daily Mail - No copyright infringement intended.