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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Padma Lakshmi and Krisna (HIV Awareness)

Padma Lakshmi has been given the name, with Padma meaning Lotus flower - Lakshmi is the name of a Goddess.

The reason people are propelled into the public eye might be because of who they are connected to, by family relations, or it might just be because it is providence to bring people with names that are important to know and understand.

Exotic beauty Ms. Lakshmi is pictured with her first husband of three years Salman Rushdie in 2004.

As with anyone who has a spiritual upbringing and influence from family, this is something that cannot be ignored. People make mistakes and learn their life lessons. The opportunity to learn, heal, grow and evolve is given to everyone.

People with origins from India do not forget their spiritual roots. The wave of spiritual understanding has been flowing though the ages, in rememberance of the people who were the deliverers of this understanding to the people in times gone by. The knowlege of their being a far higher power that is beyond human manipulation, remains the same teaching throughout the ages.

Padma Lakshmi has chosen for her daughter's nane Krisna which has the meaning of Christ.

With Khrisna is dressed fully in spiritual purple, this colour associates with the spiritual eye. Her mother is pictured wearing a shade of this colour in her lower garment with a white top that is reflecting the crown chakra and pure consciousness.

Padma Lakshmi is holding a brown bag with 'Whole Foods' written in Green and visible is 'completely recycle' - Whole foods is a reminder of foods that have not been genetically modified (GMO) and are naturally grown. India is a country with much sunshine, where provided there is sufficient irrigation, fruits and vegetables can grow and be ripened along with other whole foods.

As we see with the mother and daughter connection, it is through the mother the Christ child is born.

Ms Lakshmi reportedly visited the Keep a Child Alive HIV center in Pune, India last month.

Awareness is required to know that HIV has not disappeared, despite limited reporting and media attention. 'Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a lentivirus (slowly replicating retrovirus) that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)'

It is unknown how many babies are born internationaly with HIV. The reality cannot be ignored.

To treat any illness we must look to the root cause of the illness. Prevention is one way to cure.

"No condoms. No sex" has become a mantra for around 4,500 sex workers operating near India's southern city of Bangalore. With an estimated 2.5 million Indians infected with HIV, these prostitutes are on the frontline of India's battle against HIV and AIDS. Linda Blake reports from India's high tech capital, Bangalore.

For our physical body to recover from any illness, it is vitally important that we become healthy and strong enough to fight the cause. Being undernourished, contributes to being physically weak. Psychologically, there is understanding that has been SOUNDED OUT, that I discovered back in the early 1970's. Our thought process 'does' contribute to illness and limitations.

The expensive medicine given to people with HIV has also beene rejected by some people. If our immune system is weakened, to fight toxins and heal might by why people deteriorate and lose the battle for life. When people give up psychologically and beleive they are going to die, they are manifesting this process. The power of the mind for self-healing has not been fully realised.

The power of prayer and meditation is not fully realised. The ancients have known this. It is also known for every illness there is a cause and to heal the illness is to heal the root cause of the illness. This cannot be ignored any longer.

Just because there are people who are poor in India, most mothers love their children and know the challenges they face if they are left alone to bring up children. Somehow an income to provide for the family is needed. Choices are made that might seemingly be for the best interests of the family and yet, the price this comes at can be very high indeed, for everyone.

India has been brought the public eye with a gang rape taking place. Here Padma speaks of her experience when at home with family about how men are with women over there. It is a very low mentality who treat women that they can be molested and rape. For this reason it is now necessary for both men and women to be honest with theirselves and it is time for men to learn restraint.

Rape is not acceptable under any circumstances. For women then to be pusnished is absolutely diabolical. For the men who still live with the mentality that women are to be stoned to death, if this is what God wanted, our world would be raining stones in the places where women get raped every day, including England. The system is not protecting women and it is time to start to do so.

For children to survive and live in a world that is without war, poverty, famine, oppression, disease, it is for the adults to create this world as we are the caretakes also for the future generations. In India, people work hard, many hours and do so with gratitude to have work and provide a service. The call center staff have university degrees. One man who has a master's degree told me he lives in a shared one bedroom appartment with five other men. They all live away from their family to earn an income.

Poverty and illness is highlighted in India now. The opportunity to go to school and learn is not the norm for every child. The division in society structure is created from greed and social status. In any society people can all contribute in a positive way. An education is a standard being set that can be built on - add to this skills training too. With self esteem building and empowering women, men too, inherant values change, where people make responsible decisions in their life choices and raising a family.

Padma Lakshmi is reported to be pictured here at a family wedding.

When people take care of their family, even through difficult times, they have not lost the value of what really is important. We are living in times in the west, where people do not want to take care of the elderly - or listen to their wisdom either. One day we will all be old if we live that long and if we neglect loved ones, there is no guarantee they will be there later on.

With Padma Lakshmi and her daughter Khrisna, people are reminded of the New Spiritual Age. The era of a mindset who have grabbed what they can and taken at any price, even conquested lands have yet to realise a higher consciousness.

As there have been the Holy masculine influence, there is also the Holy feminine influence too.

Lakshmi is the name of a Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity and good luck to her devotees. Business people have prayed to this Goddess for properity and yet not everyone shares their blessings with those who need it the most.

People are being guided to enable people and the force to empower people is far greater than those who oppress. The realisation that we are here for such a short time and the opportunity to make positive change is being understood by more people now.

Goddess Lakshmi is given the title Sri because she is endowed with six auspicious and divine qualities. Sri as a title of veneration for deities usually translated as meaning 'Holy'. Goddess Lakshmi is the source of strength even to Vishnu. When Vishnu incarnated on earth as avatars Rama and Krishna, Lakshmi incarnated as his consort.

Hindus have been given the understanding about the evolution of the soul and incarnation. It is with the evolved souls, who enable the evolution of mankind. Unfortunately not everyone wants this to happen, although it is necessary or humanity suffers.

The birth of Khrisna was expected in ancient times. As was the birth of Moses and Jesus Christ. At different times in history God gives his truth to people. Khrisna was born a pure soul and gave this to the people. Hindus regard Khrisna as God incarnate.

With Krisna, the movement of Christ consciousness became popular. Jesus Christ taught people The Way.

Today many people are teaching about spirituality who do not refer back to the orgins of understanding. All knowledge comes from God. Interpretation of knowlege is not truth. It is in the divine plan that everyone can be divinely guided. Not everyone knows the hidden power that guides and inspires us all. Many people live by instruction and conformity. Our soul knows God.

When there is a deliberate silencing of the truth, God uses His chosen ones to bring the truth to people. With the London Olympic Stadium Mittal Orbital Tower being made in Bolton, here in UK, with Lakshmi Mittal being connected, again the name has been brought and the Royal Connection. Again we see both Padma Laksshmi and Krisna names of the ancient Holy Royal family bloodline.

There are people in India who are dedicating their life in service to take care of the needy and most vulnerable. This has been witnessed by Padma Lakshmi who travelled and was given the opportunity to learn from these special people who embraced their spiritual calling. So much understanding has been given in relation to food and nourishment, for the mind body and soul in history and yet today it is being packaged in a modern way. Unless we return to the wisdom teachers, we do not have the foundation to learn from. The scientists today know that proof is fact and they are embracing the spiritual connection more openly now.

The structure in society that keeps people down is not evolved spiritually. There are people who are working within structures that are to enable and empower people; who want to evolve spiritually. The opportunity is for everyone. It is your choice.

The hunger for money keeps people impoverished. The spiritual souls have something priceless that cannot be bought or sold.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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