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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 16 March 2013

PM David Cameron Disagrees with Pope Francis I

Pope Francis comments that the Falklands are 'Argentinian soil usurped by the British' have reminded the British government to examine how they obtained the Falkland's Islands. How many people are in these consequests of lands and for which King?

Perhaps Pope Francis can remind David Cameron to read the Holy Bible and learn from this.

There is a mentality in England who beleive they have a right to conquest land and the spoils be divided.

"Kirchner maintains that the Falklands are Argentina's land. Pictured, the 40 Commando, Royal Marines in Port Howard, West Falkland during the war"

The new Pope has a reputation as a reformer. Queen Elizabeth II took her coronation oath to uphold the reformed Protestant reilgion. She promised to uphold the Laws of God and she asked for God to help her with this. Her officials mock God every day.

David Cameron has reportedly said some time ago 'he does not have a direct line to God.' Evidently by this he knows people do. To have a direct line to God is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ too. Does he have this or not?

"Argentine soldiers, still with their weapons, waiting to be moved from Port Stanley airport shortly after the surrender of the Falkland Islands to the British force."

Some time ago I read that David apoligises to his family every morning before leaving work for the pain he is going to cause people. If this is true the guy has racked karma and he will be held accountable. Is this man to be trusted at all?

Meanwhile, Pope Francis has not lead the perfect life, however he has dedicated his life to the Priesthood. The people who study theology and take this path very seriously, have already lived a life with much contemplation and learning from their mistakes. To be an ordained priest is to invite soul searching throughout life; to pray to be guided in the right way and to do right by everyone.

Two people - both men, both with an entirely different outlook and inner proccess. There are men who could learn so much from each other. Perhaps at one time Pope Francis did not think things through - he has certainly done so since. Cameron is in his position because he has descended from William IV from his mistress. If he had been born as a legitimate child he would be a Prince.

More photographs have been published of Pope Francis when he was Archbishop, that reflect the man who has a reputation for humility. It is with such evidence that we gain a glimpse in the real person as to why he earned the love and trust of his people.

"Then archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, washing feet of drug addicts at a rehabilitation center to addicts in a shantytown of Buenos Aires"

"Cleansing: Pope Francis, pictured washing the feet of Aids victims - it will be interesting to see how he plans to approach the subject as he takes over as the head of the Catholic Church"

"With the people: Pope Francis during the inauguration of a chapel at a shanty town in Buenos Aires - he asked for people to donate money to charity rather than pay to see his inauguration in Rome"

"Community-led: A photo taken in 1998 of the Pope saying mass in a shanty town in his home city - he has always championed the causes of the poor and needy"

Touching lives and hearts of people is by actually caring about people and when we see gentle-men, it is as a way of being, take note David - not for a photoshoot. What comes from the heart, is not written in a script by someone paid to do that job.

Pictured here Pope Benedict XVI is washing the feet of the Cardinals.

The tradition of washing feet has continued since Jesus Christ and here he is depicted wearing his Holy golden belt, kneeled in this sacred practice that has far more meaning than has been presented to the people.

The feet are together a map of the entire body and the body systems. To have a Holy person wash the feet of someone, is to cleanse mentally, emotionally, physically in this spiritually practice, to assist healing of the whole person.

In the ancient times, only the Priesthood were counsellors and healers. The Temple Church was and still is psychotherapeutic, to assist people healing mind body and soul. The origins of this process has never changed and is taken very seriously.

The media reported that Pope Benedict XVI was asked by Tony Blair how much he is paid. Imagine this! The mindset who measure people by how much they are worth and status. Titles have been given to people helping to conquest lands in history by bloodshed.

There comes a point when the British system must face that they set theirselves up for a mightfy kick!

David Cameron has not learned to Humble himself in front of God. Evidently he has also ignored the Laws of God in relation to succession to the throne, the criteria to be the Head of a Church of God. Is he deciding war for conquest still?

'I don't agree with him, respectfully' Cameron rebukes Pope. David says 'the white smoke over the Falklands was pretty clear'. Is David Cameron implying that the election of the New Pope was a fix. He has so much to much to learn indeed.

Divine Providence is with the ever presence of our Living God working in this world.

Jesus Christ was born with the Spirit of God within him. When he was cruicifed and ressurected, this is a reminder that the Spirit of God can never be extinguished. For all the effort of man wanting to be God's ruling over lands and people - the macho front and power games played with psychological manipulation is not how the heavenly order work, past or present time.

The Government on earth are servants of God - not sure this actually applies in the British system!

There are people who beleie they have a right to rule over lands and people 'using the term divine right of Kings'. There are those who know only too well that the crown has been taken from the lineage of where it rightfully belongs.

People are given so many chances to put wrongs right and to do right by everyone. How many more?

There is a whole lot more happening in our world that is beyond human manipulation. For every action there is consequence. There will be a day when no corrupt lawyer will ever work in a law court and no human rights abuses take place either. There will be a time when those who hunger for power and wealth, to maintain their lifestyles, will no longer exploit the poorest of people. There will come a time when the officials who are working as servants to the people, will do so to take care of the people as a vocation.

Disagree all you like. Even man made laws cannot change what is ordained. The future is already written!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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