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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

President Obama in Isreal and Petra, Jordan

First on Saint Joseph's day was the inauguration of Pope Francis in Rome, then following this the installation of the Archbishop of Canterbury here in England. The events took place in this order - not the way my articles are presented.

A few days ago I wrote of Prince Charles in Klosters, Switzerland, who then travelled to Jordan.

Following this, President Obama has visited the Holy Land and Petra. Jordan; So I will continue because a couple of observations took place from the images that seem timely to share. The full article can be accessed in the link below.

The headline reads 'Obama vows 'eternal' American support for Israel in first of many symbolic meetings during his trip to the Jewish state'

Learning of Juan Carlos of Spain being King of Jerusalem and Prince Phillip given ownership of an important building in Jerusalem, if I recall correctly, the building houses the Israeli government - the complexity of the reality is not easy to fathom.

Back in the ancient times, Israel had a united monarchy with King David. Generations later Christ was born. The Throne of David is written in the Holy Bible to be an eternal throne. Underneath the coronation throne is the stone of Jacob from the Holy Land and so Queen Elizabeth II has been crowned as Queen of Israel, daughter of King David and Solomon.

"Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, on the throne of David, and on his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from now on even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this." Isaiah 9:7

Again looking at the photographs shared in the article, I want to see what is being revealed.

A press conference at Israeli President Shimon Peres home in Tel Aviv, shortly after President Obama landed in Israel. The wall behind is grey. The podiums have the 7 branch menorah, with olive branches each side on a dark background. In front of Barack Obama are peace lilies and what look like white roses, in front of Shimon Peres. In the center different white flowers, could be orchids or magnolia? The specific detail is unknown, although each flower will have meaning. Orchids mean 'I am thinking of you'

Notice on Shimon Perez podium, the white marking is made on different sides when he is talking and listening. The stone wall design in the background six levels high. Behind Barack Obama is a dark circle. At the top upon one stone is another making a seventh layer. Initially seeing brought a reminder of 'the builders stone being rejected' is being shown to be necessary.

"Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures: “‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; this was the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes’?" Matthew 21:42

In this picture, we are reminded when two people are look in the same direction, they are in unity. When two people are reading the same book there is no conflict because any discussion is related. When two people have ideals that differ, then it becomes necessary to look at practicalities and also what is most important to address.

Jewish people want peace in the holy land and stability that everyone is entitled to globally.

From Washington, President Obama flew over a Magnolia Tree and this was planted together in President Peres' garden. The magnolia tree will blossom over time. Two gentlemen from different tribes, came together in peace to engage in dialogue.

This scenario might not have been seen 50 years ago. Planting a tree together is symbolic of new growth together. The magmolia flowers reminded me of a wedding and the peaceful union of people gathered together for this occassion.

'Symbolic: Obama told the story of Honi and the carob tree, a famous parable from the Jewish text the Talmud, and said that it represents the two country's past and future friendship' - notice the blue block with the inscription on top. This reminds of the foundation stone that was laid in Washington DC by the founders of the New World, and in the garden of Israel the same.

Mr. Obama was welcomed by a children's choir.

Siting down together, one table, flowers united, flags united and still individual. Both gentlemen have their own microphone. In the background on the wall we see the Emblem and Standard of the President of Israel in his homeland.

'Commemoration: President Obama signed the guestbook at Mr Peres' home during the tour'

One of the messages that I am sharing is men are brothers - a hug is powerful and bonding. Men put so many barriers up and when the walls are broken down, a new level of communication can be built that is mutually agreeable and productive.

The media reported the relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu interact is known to be frosty. We gather from visual evidence how the two gentlemen have got along (before even knowing the detail of their discussions)

In seeing the deep pink carpet, I thought of deep love and this is for the people of Isreal. This is also a colour worn in the church, seen in my previous article. The Old Testament and New Testament are bound together as one Book for all.

Masses of people pray for peace, also for leaders to work together harmoniously in peace. For two people who are supposed not to be at ease together, their jackets are off and they look most comfortable and relaxed in each others company.


If ever a picture can tell a story - we see that a hug between two men can start real communication. For their to be global peace in the world, it is going to be necessary for men to learn from this and break down the barriers that prevent this. Men can be incredibly competiative and destructive, and yet when they bond, they bond profoundly and this is how building a new world based on mutual respect and shared values, each can bring their own uniquness and contribute, instead of being combative.

We all have our own process and yet put barriers up to learn the truth about someone elses experience.

'To tell the truth, they can't stand one another,' a commentator for Israel's Channel 10 television said of Obama and Netanyahu just as Air Force One landed in Israel

The elderly and people who have lived in volatile conditions, know this is not the world they want to leave for the future generations. The people who have a sense of being born with a purpose, know that we are here for such a short time and blocks to enable humanity to progress might be made by man but all will come right in the end because it is the divine plan.

During this trip, the driver put the wrong fuel in the car that resulted in it being taken away by a rescue service. The heavily protected vehicle and proves, even the most expensive, if the right fuel is not put in to run it, it is not going anywhere at all. The tank would have had to be emptied and filled up again. The numbers took my attention here.

On the rescue vehicle that telephone number totals up to number 10.

The car number plate seen here also totals up to number 10.

10:10 are seen together and so we can identify scripture to see what is revealed. In this revealing a dialogue between men, who are generally very open in what they say, however, when a man is functioning from his heart, he reveals his true intentions. A man who is defensive might play mind games and test people, even if not his intention. Someone who has developed a trusted bond with someone can share with sincerity and this allows other people to do the same.

"For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved." Romans 10:10

The 10th letter in the Hebrew alphabet is YUD signifying Oneness of God, who is indivisible and also the importance of humility. Number ten also denotes the ten Divine forces of the Tree of Life.

The tenth tarot card is the wheel of fortune, known as the destiny card. We are reminded of the cycle of life and learning, also of karma. For the seeds we sow will grow. If we are sincere in our prayer and walking through life, then we will see our prayers being answered and growth will take place. There is divine timing for everything.

We witness when plans go wrong, there is a reason. The car was broken down forcing these men in the media eye, to communicate together. With fixing a problem in the car, there was a service to deal with this too. This is a win win situation.

'Let me say as clearly as I can: The United States of America stands with the State of Israel because it is in our fundamental national security interest to stand with Israel,' Obama said.

'We stand together because peace must come to the Holy Land,' he added. 'For even as we are clear-eyed about the difficulty, we will never lose sight of the vision of an Israel at peace with its neighbors.'

'The United States stands with Israel because it is in our fundamental national security interest to stand with Israel.

'We stand together because we share a common story patriots.

'Our alliance is eternal, it is forever.'

Barack Obama also paid his respects to victims of the Holocaust by laying a wreath in his first visit to Israel. The President described his experience at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Centre as 'humbling and inspiring'.

Barack Obama in discussion with Rabbi Israel Meir Lau after visiting the Hall of Remembrance

"Let’s sit down together and let’s live together. We always knew how to die together. The time has come for us to know also how to live together, said Lau, calling for co-operation and dialogue between all Jews (Jerusalem, 14 February 1999).

'President Obama lays a wreath at the grave of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin who was assassinated in 1995'

'President Obama and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu share an emotional moment'

'Obama and Israel's leader leave the grave of Theodore Herzl - the founder of modern Zionism'

This 2,000-year-old stone from Jerusalem is embedded with a gold-coated silicon chip

The silicon chip is engraved with copies of the Israeli and American declarations of independence

Last night, a dream discovering a chip had been implanted on my back might relate to this. Dreams are symbolic and carry important messages to understand. There is an expression, a chip of the old block - meaning family relative. Also having a chip on our shoulder. What is known, we are shown the fundamental rights given to mankind are eternal divinely given rights.

In the ancient times, the olive tree is connected with Athena. With the gentlemen planting a tree together in a time when people have been enslaved, the chip set in stone is the reminder that laws given by God are set in stone. These are to be understood in context. This includes the rights and freedoms of people. Both Jews and Greeks were given Free Will to see God as their boss, the Authority over earth and all mankind. Since Christ, this was given to everyone and why He remains the King over ALL people.

'Precision: The stone was created at Prime Minister Netanyahu's request by the Technion¿s Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute in Israel.' 'The chip, placed in the middle of the sacred stone, is engraved with the American and Israeli declarations of independence, side by side on the tiny area of just 0.04 square millimeters.' (this would have been the size in my dream)

Recently I was thinking of digital travel passes - much cheaper than passports. In credit and debit cards, already there is a microchip. While there are people promoting this microchip implating, we live in a digital age now.

If we are to examine history and learn that these gentlemen are actually related to eachother, as we all are, then the new alliance that has been created has been to build bridges and plant trees for new growth together. There is of course much more taking place in our world, however, I beleive these are fundamental and important points we can all look at and learn from.

President Obama also took time to go visit the fabled ancient city of Petra.

‘This is pretty spectacular,’ he said, craning his neck to gaze up at the rock faces after emerging from a narrow pathway into a sun-splashed plaza in front of the grand Treasury. One commenter descibed Petra as breathtaking.

Petra is known as 'Red Rose' city we see perhaps for the colouring of the rock facing. The ancient city is also of spiritual significance too. The city in the Jordanian governorate of Ma'an, is famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system.

'Timeless treasure: The soaring facade of the Treasury, left, is considered the masterpiece of the ancient city carved into the rose-red stone by the Nabataeans more than 2,000 years ago'

This image from Wikipedia gives some idea of the spectacular landscape.

The Nabataeans, were ancient Arabs of North Arabia, whose oasis settlements in AD 37 – c. 100, gave the name of Nabatene to the borderland between Arabia and Syria, from the Euphrates to the Red Sea.

Being a grand treasury, indicates this would have been the capital city to manage finance and trade.

Jordan is listed as the capital of the ancient Decapolis (ten cities) that came to light in a previous article. Another of these is ancient Philadelphia where there is a message given in the holy bible to the church. Adelphia is not just about brothers - this relates to sisters too. The name is having a meaning of love between the family.

'Exclusive tour: All other ordinary tourists had been cleared out for the president's visit as he made his way around the site in the company of a tour guide (right)'

'Members of the US Secret Service Counter Assault Team survey a path 'after' Obama walked through it'

Obama's motorcade vehicles parked during his tour at the ancient UNESCO World Heritage site

'A Jordanian soldier stands among the rocky landscape during Obama's visit to Petra'

'President Obama arrived in Jordan after spending the afternoon touring the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Israel with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Peres'

President Obama with King Abdullah II announced the U.S. will give Jordan $200million in aide to help with the massive refugee crisis from the ongoing civil war in neighboring Syria. In two years more than 400,000 refugees have crossed into Jordan to escape the bloodshed, crowding refugee camps and overwhelming aid agencies run by this important U.S. ally in the Middle East.

Jordan's King Abdullah II voiced fears of extremists and terrorists creating a regional base in his country.

King Abdullah has spoken about “The monarchy’s paramount objective is to safeguard Jordan’s prosperity, stability, security and unity, and work for the well-being of Jordanians, so they can meet their aspirations" He also identifies a new chapter in the Kingdom’s history, and pointed to other powers that help shape the future. “We are writing a whole new chapter in our history, and I am not writing it alone — the people and their representatives, political forces, civil society are writing it with me,” he said.

This was an opportunity to share observations. Please keep an open mind. We do not know what is taking place behind closed doors or in private meetings. We do not know the truth in anyone's heart of mind. There are pressures in our world. Living in a lawless society, with UK officials boasting of corruption, also a cross section of society have no sense of responsibility when they are supporting this and wars and the killing of innocent people. The mentality who wish sufffering and harm on anyone, will backfire.

Jewish people know, there are laws relating to Land and people. When a monarch breaks their coronation oath, this does not mean the same family can 'forever' sit on the throne and make laws to people's detriment. The land returns to God ruling again. To be in a position of responsibility to take care of the people is a privilege, not to manipulate and exploit for self gains.

President Obama is in his position for a term and has been placed again in this position. We live in a far bigger world than America and UK and the Commonwealth countries. There is a far greater picture to consider that concerns all mankind. Everyone has been created with equal value and divine rights. Not everyone in this world is being treated with dignity and given human rights.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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