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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Self-Styled Imperial Majesty (Obama Read THIS)

Self-Styled 'His Imperial Royal Majesty claims to be the following:

Erzherzog Angeln
Tsar of Zeta- Dux Croatorum and Knyaz of Dalmatia, Croatia, Montenegro, Moravia, Macedonia, Slovinia, and Sandzak
(now Serbia)
Krok Pater Boemus- Lechia, Bohemia, Ruthenia
H.I.H Nero Leone Di Caesar - House of Cassara-DiGiovanna
His Imperial Highness Duke of Windsor
(Old Norman- not of U.K) of Prussia, Persa, and Aribi
Rex Anglorum Saxonum Pater de Angles Pater des Old Aeaglaland
Grand Duke of Rus- Rurik of Ng
Grand Duke of Novgorod and Kiev Monomakh
Grand Duke of Eesti
Duke of Longobardia (minor)
Duke of Uppsala
Duke of Westphalia
Duke of Lade
Prince of Hesse
Prince of Pomerania-Wolgast- House of Gryf
Prince of Carthage
Prince of Phoenicia, Tyre, Byblos, and Zufar, Imperial Majesty of Toron
Prince of Ponte Corvo-Gaeta
Prince of His Divine Emperor Albert- House of Luxembourg
Illustrious Highness Prince of Saxe
Prince of Tunisia and King of Greater Panormos
Prince Du Saint Empire
Prince of Theogonia
Count of Bentheim, Graf zu Thuringa, HSH Prince zu Saxe-Gotha
Count of Normandy
Count of Schauenburg
Count of Salm-Neuburg
Lord of Kiel
Royal Majesty of Urushalim

Wonder what the British royal family and especially the British goverment have to say about this.

The House of Windsor now on the internet can clearly read what is happening across the pond.

Only in America could this happen. Americans would HATE if the British royal family exercised a right to rule over them.

The man has has dished out titles of dux-bellorum and counts. He even made up a constitution. The price of being enslaved and being under the rule of an overlord if that you are obliged to follow what he is asking and this could work against you later on.

As for being a tsar, czar: emperor over these lands - ermmmm I do not think so.

There is no legal standing or ecclesiastical recognised authority to have this position. Even law courts in America are ruled over by God so it is priceless when people in America declare theirselves to be Emperor of lands and people. It is RUBBISH!

The above associates were warned about buying and selling 'titles' some years ago in relation to fake titles associated with the Ise of Man. People wrote to me to ask if they are genuine and I contacted Buckingham Palace, Ministry of Justice and Isle of Man government and spoke to officials on the telephone and in writing. The crooks tried to get me banned from facebook. While charlatons are so preoccupied with their self interest, these years masses of innocent people are being killed in wars. Disgusting.

No one can just become an one can just claim authority to govern or rule over anyone!

A friend who is an artist to portray an image does not show the truth. No choice - must nip this in the bud.

I will not bore my readers with another long winded explanation. Did the Pope crown him? Is he officially recognised? No!

Re: Count of Normandy - Queen Elizabeth is Duke of Normandy; the title held by the Sovereign.

There is a very specific bloodline that is identified in the Holy Bible for this.

Queen Elizabeth II knows exactly who I am! Who is this guy? Do the US officials know?

People who use deception and change laws to rule over people, does not mean they have a right to! Past or present time.

In the meantime, the divine plan is unfolding....

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria