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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Boston USA - Prayers and Healing Thoughts

Boston will never forget this blatant actions of terrorism. Innocent people's lives were stolen cruelly. What is certain, there is an Almighty God who Sees ALL and KNOWS ALL of what is happening, inside our hearts and behind closed doors.

On the dollar currency it is written 'In God We TRUST' - This is surely a test of Faith. Divine Justice will be done!

There is a big difference between natural disasters that take human life and even illness that can be difficult to bear. However, this is neither. There is evidently calculated mind/s to create bombs for destruction and murder.

Americans as people are some of the biggest hearted people in the world. In a time of crisis, people come together in unity and strength. From across the miles I have seen this with Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 and now this tradegy.

Monday 15 April 2013 shortly before 3pm when the two bombs exploded.

A report of 24,662 people competed in the 2013 Boston Marathon. The 26.2-mile run finished on Boylston Street in Copley Square, at the Public Library, in downtown Boston. The finish line area was crowded with spectators. The first runners began to cross before noon. What was to follow after this could not have been predicted by anyone.

Children learn by example and when a nation of people are standing together strong. In solidarity for Peace, Justice, Integrity, for Honor as in to do right by everyone, children learn this too. Children are lifted up in America and empowered.

'A little girl holds up a U.S. flag during a candlelight vigil in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston where eight-year-old victim Martin Richard lived with his family'

'Zhou Danling went into a coma after being injured by the explosion at the marathon. She was since doing well and was conscious. Colin Riley, a BU spokesman declined to release the student's name pending a discussion with her family. 'She has her friends around her, and she will soon have family around her,' said Riley.

Krytle Campbell, 29 years old died on Monday - another victim of terrorism.

Eight year old Martin Richard died, the youngest victim of Boston terrosim.

The Shenyang Evening News reported Wednesday on its official Twitter that Lü Lingzi died. An editor at the newspaper has reportedly said that Lü's father confirmed his daughter's death.

Lü Lingzi, pictured, from Beijing, was pursuing a graduate degree at BU in Mathematics and Statistics. It was her dream to study in America 'to get a better education' - the Boston bombings stole her life too.

'Boston is filled with colleges and there are a handful of students among the 183 injured.

Three Tufts University students, seven Emerson College students, three Northeastern University students, two Boston College students, and one Berklee College of Music student, according to the schools.'

An inter-faith vigil was held at Arlington Street Church, close to Boylston Street where the two bombs were detonated on Monday.

'One of the vigils was held at Garvey Park, near the home of the youngest victim, eight-year-old Martin Richard, who died while watching runners cross the finish line with his family'

Yesterday the father of the youngest victim Richard Martin said that 'his world had ended with the bombs that killed his son and injured his wife and daughter'

'A man is wheeled into the Emergency Room of Boston Medical Center following the deadly explosions near the finishing line of the Boston Marathon on Monday'

Even the best medical team in the world, are unable to heal the hurting, the trauma and tradegy, the loss and the reminder that there are people who set out to harm innocent people - the reason why is going to come clear.

America, a land for the people, built by the people and protected by the people. America mourns for the loss of life Boston and people around the world send their condolences, love, strength and healing thoughts to the people.

Every day Americans are reminded of their rights and freedoms. Americans are being reminded of their independance and to place God Almighty as the Authority over the land. How can God take people's life away and to allow these acts of terrorism to take place? Every life has a reason and purpose. This week has been another reminder of the precious gift of life.

The people who lost their life and were injured in Boston, have set Boston Free. Mr. Obama is not going to let this go! The FBI do not know who did this or why, it could be for potentially a number of reasons. We do not know what is going on behind the scenes. however, there are people in America who work in public office who have tremendous loyalty for the people.

ntelligence within the structure of government administration can examine every possibility. There is the technical ability with the sattelite cameras today that can zoom in extremely closely and see who is who. Eventually one way or another, whoever is involved with the blatant acts of terrorism is going to be caught out. There is a reason for this to happen and to get to the root cause of any situation, we must dig deep and explore the reason. Sharing some revealed insights on other articles.

United together healing and stength come in time with the joining of hearts and minds. For now this is a time of mourning and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been suffering and losts loved ones.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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