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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 13 May 2013

Britain Sabbotaging Britain with Debt

Came across these two videos that are a sobering reminder of what is happening in our world. David Cameron, Prime Minster was already experienced, with family members arranging loans prior to being 'selected' for the job. A mindset that encourages people to spend and get into debt 'to get by in life' is a concern.

The mortgage companies wrote a warning to customers 'Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.' - this same warning is given to anyone who take out loans.

The bankers control the interest rates and issue of currency. When and if a government own shares in bank, this is seen as a motivation to create debt for they will profit accordingly. The bankers profit from interest and selling their products. The complexity is a structure that has been built over time. The monster of a problem has not just arrived, what started long ago, has been growing over time.

Economic chaos might be deliberately created, we must see why. When we look at the root cause of the problem then we can look to identify the solution. For millions of people doing without is the way to survive, for not everyone is eager to get into debt. Lifestyles and quality of life has been detrimentally impacted.

The criteria to keep a car on the road to enable people to get to and fro working a distance is higher and so costs more. Then there is fining people at every opportunity, with road traffic and car related laws - a mindset that can only use laws made to control people - to dictate whether people can stop or go, park or not, might have initially been created for people's safety this is not the case and they jolly well know it indeed.

In encouraging people to use public services - the cost is a consideration for everyone. It becomes especially so because a householder, whether renting a property or bought, has to still pay their bills. These people still have to eat and so with the deliberately hiked up cost of living, this is putting people in a position where they are forced to live to cut back dramatically and even do without - or get into debt that comes at a price.

The banking sector is industry - the industry pays vast bonuses and yet it is the products sold pay interest and generate an income. If we are to consider there are 70 million people just in Britain, how many people have mortgages where they are paying interest - this is profit to the bankers, whoever they are. When houses and lands are repossessed, this is how bankers have power over the people. The contract applies.

The problem is when people elect a Member of Parliament, they give permission for people within the structure to make decisions on your behalf. When the MP's refuse to address issues of concern and warnings, they contribute to the problem. The problem in UK there is refusal to do right by the people. There is refusal to be obedient to the law - by officials. The structure maintains a royal crowned head, but when the system as officials have said, is corrupt then whatever decisions are made are not going to change this. A deep wound is created now.

Already 100 years ago a doctor from Scotland identified cancer cure. Doctor Simoncini has been successfully treating cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate because he has looked at the properties of the growth. Over 40 years ago I knew that what we consume contributes to cancer - the power of suggestion can make people ill too. Officials who sound out the ethically trained professionals might be because the illness industry is paying well.

The British establishment has assumed authority over nations and people - this could only be possible if they are claiming to represent God. A system that works against any people is not how God works. Still overseeing all this is a far higher authority and it is a complete leap of faith to endure this created chaos.

Whatever prophesies are made, a system 'in Britain' where injustice is rife and there is a refusal to put wrongs right, is one that puts on all the pomp and ceremony very well with the reminder not to worship false idols. People are saying the government is treacherous, the bankers are treacherous but who is really being treacherous to the people. The system knows that contract law applies and so it is by contract and agreement, even over the telephone that they are able to do what they want and manipulate people to their own ends.

Perhaps that is how the past and future generations have accepted people to rule over them and whoever suffers losses by 'their mistakes' - is unfortunate. A lawyer in America said there is unlikely to be admission of error, for this becomes an admission of negligence and therefore a lawsuit might come about. Ministers and lawyers with the backing of the Crown in their decisions might not understand the meaning of responsibility.

If a ship has crew that sabotage the ship, steal of the passengers, poison food and drinking water - where is the safety? Politely put, this country is referred to as mismanaged. Somewhere a safer and more conscientious ship building company might be considering taking care of the passengers, ensure their safe journey, with focus to serve customers best interest so they will return wanting to use this trusted service again.

The shipping company that keep people enslaved by deception and the laws made by the captain of the ship is why people are choosing to go live over in other lands and vow never to return to UK again. A mindset that thinks to keep people as slaves - to keep paying up, is never going to empower people. Britain can never be 'Great' with a mindset who work manipulation to keep people down. Serving people is to enable people; not disable people.

When someone is being paid to create debt and do so in other people's names, this is not actually legal. No one is obliged to pay anyone else's debt. Where contracts are written and signed by deception, misrepresentation or coercion they can actually be made null and void. In Biblical law, Usury is forbidden!

The Queen being the crowned Head of the Court should actually know this.

There decision makers have been creating dependency on the system. In the year 2013, the sudden motivation to empower people is seen because empowering people is profitable. Sport is big business.

There is an expression 'Play the game if you want to get ahead and gain'.

Church and State are separate in some ways I can see why this is necessary to maintain the Christian religion. When the Church of England has more doubters and believers, this is a sign to return to the true faith. People were given the Authority of God, through Christ to protect them from being enslaved by man.

While documentary and second video are shared are providing food for thought, there is some important information contained within. Sometimes we can listen to an hour long programe and yet 5 minutes holds vital information that we are entitled to know. It is unknown what perils are ahead for the ship. The Titanic, the unsinkable ship was taken to be hit by an iceberg. What we see and are told is happening, is just the tip of the iceberg.

One day people will realise that the debt can never be repaid!

Ask Questions. What is the reason this is happening? Keep asking questions and you will discover many answers and possibilities too. If we know the root cause of illness we can identify a cure.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria