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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 8 July 2013

Pippa Middleton: Beware of Media Attention

Take a good look at these photographs - what can you see? More below.

The full article can be read in the Daily Mail report link. There is an expression that a picture tells a thousand words. So the detail of the pictures published in the online newspaper are easy to access and captured for a reason.

Most people in England would consider these photographs quite innocent and just more media coverage. What seems evident that both Kate and Pippa boost the fashion industry and could carve out a carer if the royal road comes to an end. So with Pippa already been reported to accept and carry handbags that are manufactured in India for pennies an hour wages, the company she is promoting is maximising profit if I recall the bags were between £300-500. An earlier article was written about this.

The matter I want to address is that everyone within the Royal household knows that everyone else is being watched - ha we people are being spied on in every way, our telephone calls monitored, PC cameras - think about it, is a window one way or two?, then there is the Google earth and close up. While the media are reporting on the family of Kate Middleton, this is also giving the opportunity to observe what is going on. We might not hear. The media are not allowed to publish their private lives....

Just with the above photographs I wonder if something has come to light. If there is anything, it is likely we are going to hear in the coming weeks. The promoting of the birth of Kate Middletons baby on 13th July being heavily promoted, when this is the date of Henry II the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire - really is no surprise in this carefully planned out drama. As when William was born when the Sun was Most High on 21st June was no coincidence. Harry's real name is Henry too. Insiders know the score.

Sitting behind Pippa and her company who the media say is her boyfriend Nico is a lady with an expressive face. Notice she is holding what could be a recorder or a Ipad or mobile phone (I am not up to date with technology so excuse my lack of knowing what is what). The man sitting in the seats below is looking towards Nico and does not look very impressed, from his face.

The scene setting is Wimbledon and yet the couple seem preoccupied. Then what could be a peck on the cheek has been captured on camera in front of an international audience. The couple of kissing. In some countries people are arrested for such gestures in public places and with England having over hundreds of year created a country where now even gang rapists walk free from court, I doubt even officials will see anything wrong with two people kissing each other in Centre Court - where all eyes can see.

While this might be a paid modeling job, considering that the dress is promoted, the added attention might boost sales and bank accounts for who is to profit from all this. When the media name Pippa Her royal Hotness - is there a reason why?

Continuing with the photographs, after what may have been just a snapshot or few, keeping on the expression and observation - the lady appears to be preoccupied as waiting for someone. Other eyes are looking the other way and forward. Right at the foot of the photograph is a lady with her hand up to her face and finger towards her ear and another towards her mouth. Notice that Nico is talking into the ear of Pippa both seem to be unaware of the people around them and what they can hear. Meanwhile I am quite sure that both Pippa and her sister know that the mass population are being spied on. Kate is a puppet NOT born to be Queen by Divine Right.

Notice when Pippa and Nico are captured outside with a man seemingly watching from a distance towards the couple and camera. Also can be seen is a woman with what looks like a police cap. She could be security 'going on the opposite direction'. Actually the lady is going towards where both Pippa and Nico came from. Just in seeing the very first photograph I realised that what discussion is taking place might be recorded (as we are recorded too) The facial expressions show the people were not impressed.

Notice Pippas hand playing with her hair as the say she is a security lady passing. This might be 'a tell' that is a spontaneous response, feeling a little uncomfortable (or self conscious - although uncomfortable came to mind) with the moment. Of course this might be innocent - Pippa might be sweeping her hair from a gust of wind from her face. Also what can be seen is a cream bag and noticing that Nico had dark cream - is he carrying something> Is this connected. Just observations being shared.

In another photograph Pippa and Nico walk straight ahead towards the camera and audience. Behind them is one man who has his eyes towards the bag that Pippa is carrying, the other man with dark glasses is walking behind Nico. Look right in the background the police with his helmet talking - usually when Police wear their hats, this is a crowned authority to act in crimes and serving warrants. In this case the officer is talking/listening to someone. He is wearing a white full covered hat that is symbolic of a full crown. So this situation if the gathering of evidence is taking place, they can act on this. Without evidence there is no proof.

Last week: Pippa and her brother James were sitting in the royal box on the first day of the tournament. The posture, dress and conduct seems to have been carefully controlled. I guess William and Kate will be acutely aware of the family portraying the right image, considering what is at stake and the sister, mother, father and even Uncle Gary has undergone a PR makeover too.

In continuing from the above photographs, the lady in the background is holding up her camera. These days the digital camera can record video and also audio - this insight might be relevant. What if something was discussed enough to raise concern and this is just a what if scenario. In any situation, audio and visual evidence would be required. While I am aware that everything I write and say is recorded - I do not tread on eggshells. There are fundamental truths that have been spoken out to the police.

It is unknown how close the cameraman is taking the photographs so in the observation with what is presented, notice there lady is is being passed what looks like a drink and something to eat from the young girl next to her. On the other side a man is with two hands as if passing something to the other - the gesture. Notice again Pippa playing with her hair. What is going on?

Actually Nico is holding what paper and what came to my mind is 'Penalty points' - I wonder if this is a parking ticket. There is a man with glasses looking down 'eyes down came to mind and Bingo.' Bear in mind he cannot see anything going on behind him. In other photos the paper is not seen. The couple look as if they are clapping - with a man in the background doing the same. People are mirroring other peoples gestures, not knowing if deliberate because of the scenario that is captured on camera and recorded.

The Daily Mail caption to the solo picture of Pippa writes "Involved: Pippa reacts to the shots made during the first semi-final." She is said to be involved with Nico romantically with the media since this implying an possible engagement announcement. This might be to pacify any impression the media is giving to the Royal Arabic influences and in Dubai. The PR work overtime.

As Pippa and Nico are reported to be walking home, their faces do not look too happy, considering the occassion - after all a game was played. However, it might be their attention was elsewhere. With XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM capturing the couple, we can see a policeman with a helmet on walking behind Nico and his feet are about to cross the line. The couple do not look happy.

'IF' anything untoward has taken place, the media might not be able to report it. My sharing is to show, while we who are sometimes very foolish and by those who consider the mass population as being commoners - I AM NOT! Taking the mass population as fools is not at all acceptable. These years there have been wars based on lies and millions of people have been killed.

Not having a personal communication with any of the Queens family, my only connection is with the Queen though my mother. The Queen was crowned 60 years ago and she was born into a family of an already formed establishment. She did not manipulate her position. While the British royal family trace their lineage both sides of the family for thousands of years, they can do the same to anyone. With Carole Middleton being a Goldsmith, she might be related to the banking family too. Kate and her parents were pictured sailing with the Clinton's when she was a little girl. Her position could be a suited marriage to continue doing business with USA.

The promotion of Pippa's rear at the wedding suited the occasion - to maximise media attention and distract people with what is happening. It worked well with the handbag she was carrying the following day. While photographs are just observation, it is certainly uncanny that the camera captures moments to suggest there is much more going on. The film records all.

So Wizard wand waving Kate Middleton who urged her husband to join her, was blind to three visible headless figures (beheading was a crime of treason) and did not notice the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestry to her side. In this circumstance, and particularly as sorcery and witchcraft is forbidden, Kate should have flatly refused - especially with spell casting 'game'. Actually the afterthought on this particular scenario was that the Queen is watching Kate and she is being tested, as we all are. Even the Queen is!

And while there are so many layers of spying taking place, with the audience being able to read and see articles in the news, the All Seeing and All Knowing Eye of God can see everything that is happening, especially behind closed doors. It has already been reported that Harry's friends take drugs and any parent would be concerned if their child was going down a destructive path. However, my eyes were opened to learn that cocaine is a recreational drug that is common and apparently taken in lines. The young people today who are involved in parties and nightclubs are exposed to these temptations and might not consider the long term consequences.

Pippa Middleton is a target now. Once the handbag sell came to light, by her own hands since the wedding of William and Kate, she has attracted curiosity and the media can be very cruel. What can be seen above might be all innocent, however, in particular now that there are cameras everywhere filming everyone, there are even going to be people recorded drug dealing and prosecuted. The camera watching over all of us is powerful to get detail of peoples faces too. So imagine what God can see very clearly and in truth.

We are all sinners. We are not all commoners and Subject to Man!

Wimbledon is this where they say 'Game, Set and Match?' Perhaps the people are seeing another game being played - fashion modeling with the price being set in advance. The couple look connected - perhaps they are a match!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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