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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Throne, Crown, Ring & The Bride of Christ

There are people having visions and messages being given that are relevant to know.

Jesus Christ is revealing himself, giving assurance to people....

Jesus Christ reminds people He is King and because God's Law has been broken!

Promises were made to the people...

It is limiting to say Christ reveals himself just in Holy Scripture and inaccurate.

Uploaded on 25 Jan 2010 by another lady who was guided to post this on the internet.

"The LORD Has released this prophecy today for the True Bride of Jesus Christ"

Recently I have been guided to look for a keyboard to play. Even though I do not. Having written a song, I am being inspired with the melody being recorded too. In my painting this was inspired and even the precise in the medium to use.

This inspired painting on a small postcard size was on it's side. Only when turning it around, Christ wearing his crown with a lady was seen clearly. Days later I was guided to a book in a charity shop with a picture of Christ holding a lamp with the words 'I am always with you' - this was being given for validation too.

The Living Lord knows our suffering and the injustice taking place.

One time thinking aloud, I wished that a physical sign could show God was actually guiding me. A lot of information has been revealed and obviously before sharing openly, I want to be absolutely certain that His guidance is from the source.

Then looking out the window moments later, the sky was unusually completely clear other than written in huge letters GOD. Unfortunately I did not have a working camera to take a picture to share with everyone. Only days before I had a vivid dream of the Universe and suddenly a blue eye transformed into an astrolabe. This was in August 2012. One of the locations of the Olympic Games had an astrolabe as a clock at the Palace. Planetary alignments are a reminder of divine timing too.

There are other signs given to remind people and bringing this awareness, is timely.

The big heart on the cross is symbolic of Christ and his love for the people. Underneath look like keys. At the base of the cross, the ring could be symbolic of a wedding ring, with love, or a halo. Also 'f' and 'g' are together with 'f' on top. My thoughts initially seeing this were France and Germany. Perhaps being written in small f and g together - could mean 'forgive'.

On the cross Christ said 'forgive them for they know not what they do' - Brutality of people in the ancient times is still prevalent today. There is a jungle mentality who have no regard for suffering they cause and human life either.

Last year, in another dream I was given a bunch of keys by a woman. There are many keys in life - physical and spiritual. There is an ancient traditional design called the Greek Key. One of the places Christ used to go that is sacred is the Mount of Olives. Going back in ancient times, it was Athena who brought forth the gift of the olive tree. Athena is my mother's name.

The Mount of Olives is also known as the Mount of Anointing because of the oil. The Mount of Olives being documented in Holy Scripture - it is important. Christ and Athena are connected spiritually. The name Christina is Christ Athena.

There is a rising movement of people speaking of Christ returning for his Bride and a Wedding taking place. In another dream, I was shown a very green mountain with trees and a big golden heart was suddenly beamed onto this from the heavens. Next when looking up to the sky in the clouds there were two rings together. One had an oval shape. This has appeared three times, twice in dreams and once while in a mediation where I had ascended up the stairway to the temple in heaven. Time will tell all.

Many millions of people are waiting for Christ to return now and his appearing to people is to prepare people. He is giving everyone the opportunity to mend the errors of their ways and to repent from wicked ways. Not everyone will. There is accountability.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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