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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 12 July 2013

Will Kate Middleton Give Birth 13th July?

Well tomorrow is going to reveal many things. The promotion of this date has been published in the media so looking to see what is relevant about this. As it happens Henry II Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire shares this birthday.

The people are not going to know if she is induced or has a caesarian section, however Caesar is identified with this too. A title of an Emperor - a Sole Roman Emperor. To be sitting as a Queen on the Throne of an Empire, would indicate an Empress.

While an artists has depicted Kate Middleton with a halo and her baby crowned and gold - the media circus have been gathered outside the hospital to capture snapshots of a baby sold to be a future monarch over people 'who do not have God as their boss'.

There is a mentality in England that focuses and promotes individuals, instead of seeing the value every mother has and focusing on how important her role is in raising her child. Actually a mothers role is the most important in a child's life.

So while I wish Kate Middleton a safe and painless birth, she is not more important than any other mother. Her baby is not more important than any other child either. Already women see their selves as inferior - WAKE UP PEOPLE!

In another article, the headline reads 'Creepy' Kate Middleton: Duchess of Cambridge Depicted Breastfeeding in Controversial Painting' - Is the halo depicting that she is spiritually crowned by God to be Queen or the World? This might explain why the baby depicted as gold and crowned as if Christ. A corgi at her feet, Queen Elizabeth's favourite dogs - one red foot depicting blood.

Unknowing if this a commissioned piece of art or inspired art. Assuming inspired art, the artist has painted how Kate is being marketed to be a Queen by Divine Right - with a halo. We know this woman is not because she would have to bypass Jesus Christ to be crowned by God and it is these little and very important details the British establishment do not talk about.

Church of Melanesia cathedral in the Solomon Islands is part of the Anglican Communion and includes eight dioceses. The primate is the Archbishop of Melanesia, the Most Revd David Vunagi. The crowning of a monarch is carried out by an Archbishop. This particular Cathedral church is an Episcopal Polity - Is there deception by Kate Middleton and family to be Queen Head of the Anglican Church? Most people consider the Church as a physical building; supposed to be a House of God. A church is also an assembly of people.

Not forgetting the photograph captured by MrsRegalEyes of both William and Kate with floral crowns following a church ceremony in Solomon Islands. Usually floral crowns and particularly full crowns are connected with the Crown of Asia.

On entering the church of Wiliam and Kate's memorable experience in this exotic part of our world in 2012 the year of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, the people were already inside. They were led by the Bishop - a remarkable resemblance to the Archbishop of York who crowned Emperor Constantine, except this gentleman is not wearing his mitre. Behind the couple the Archbishop is wearing full regalia. These are observations that all High Church officials will understand in relevance to the occasion.

No surprise the couple returned from this trip, with an announcement of Kate being pregnant and her baby to be a future monarch was rushed through. They have been busy working overtime behind the scenes to justify this royal set up. And with officials being put in a position to take oaths to the Queen, her heirs and successors - ruling by deception is the way of man.

The Star of David and 8 pointed Christ star are depicted on the throne seats.

Baby's names - Perhaps they will choose boy names of an emperor or saint, even David after King David. A girl - Mary, Maria, Alexandra, Elizabeth being the Queen and Kate's middle name also Port Elizabeth in America and South Africa situated on the Indian Ocean. Perhaps even Diana to honor her husband's mother. That will win popularity from those who hope for a second coming. Mary for Maryland USA with the Bishops dedicating the land of America to Mary the Immaculate; so America is dedicated to Jesus Christ too.

In New York, New England USA and New Zealand is Cambridge. No coincidence!

Take a close look at the video setting. Headless figures in the back and the Lady, Lion and Unicorn Tapestry to the side. This set up was likely to test and surprisingly people say this couple would make a good King and Queen. Really? NOT!

Wizard wand waving Kate....Allow me to conclude why this is an issue. Sorcery is forbidden by God's Law especially because of interfering with the course of nature. People have used Sorcery and Witchcraft to cause harm and disable people too. Depicting Kate Middleton with a halo is portraying her as a religious deity, when she is not. Cathedral Church ceremony - what for? Holy Roman Empire Agenda - or WORLD EMPRESS Puppet. There are women who use witchcraft to trap and marry wealthy men into marriage and this would mean that both people have not entered into A LAWFUL marriage willingly. One has manipulated. Sorcery in the Royal House is a complete NO NO!

William, born with the Sun Most High. Is a Full Moon baby expected?

The heavily promoted and overly hyped Kate Middleton has overshadowed the importance of every other mother who holds a vital role in her baby's growth in her womb and throughout her child's life. There are around 370,000 babies born every day worldwide. Each life has it's own purpose and personal potential. Each Life formed in a mother's womb is a miracle of life.

"For you formed my inmost being. You knit me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13

When we consider that a living breathing human being is formed from the egg of a mother and sperm of a male. How they integrate and multiply to become a living, breathing human being, shows the miracle of life is phenomenal. What will be will be, however never underestimate your value if you are a parent too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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