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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Dream: Abandoned House & Spreading Weeds

Days ago I was given a dream vision to understand and share.

In my dream I was standing on land, looking ahead to a modern style detached house. The roof was damaged and it was empty. Someone said the owner wants to sell it for £100,000. I got the impression this house would 'normally' be priced much more.

The next part of the dream I was inside the house. It was very clean and modern. In the lounge area, there were white tiles on the floor, a white square coffee table with a glass centre and on top, a large white circular low mushroom shape light on top, that was initally off. When I walked onto the floor the light turned on, and when stepping back it turned off again. This technology has been around and used for some time in public places. This light was telling me the message was important to see.

The next part of the dream, on the wooden floor in another room, weeds were seen growing from beneath the floorboard. Then in looking on the ground, this weed mass had spread from a stringy stem, at the least with the strength of straw growing and covering the land area. In pulling it back, the tentacle was perhaps 30 or 50 feet and joined a main shrub type plant. Woke up.

My first thoughts were 'triffids'. My dream was showing these weeds are spreading over lands and they will take over, as in enter property too. Another afterthought came of the grand houses in history that have been abandoned. Some have had fires and destroyed so what was going on inside would likely have revealed why. What is happening on the land it called to know today.

Lightning bolts in UK the day Prince George was born was not a positive sign.

A detached house in Leicester was hit by a bolt of lightning that completely destroyed the roof. This is symbolicly showing something about the head of the house on this land. The media did not report the homeowner or the road to see if we can learn more. The information that is coming to light is looking beyond what is being presented.

It is unknown if these 'weeds are growing in Leicester.'

Looking to find out more - Leicester City Football Club, also known as The Foxes, is an English professional football club based at the King Power Stadium in Leicester. Leicester Square is also in London. Yes everything is connected!

With the fox face evident, the White Rose featured is seen with the House of York. The White Rose is also connected with Athens in Greece and the Queen of Greece. Sly fox is an expression that is usually connected with a woman - Who stole the crown?

As it happens the other house the media highlighted being burned inside is in Yorkshire. The Archbishop of York has crowned the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire in history. The British royal family know this and could manipulate this again! Did a ceremony take place in the Solomon Islands involving one or two Archbishops Crowning William and Kate 'in the Cathedral' there?

Exposed - 'The King Power Station' and if the house roof struck by lightning was in Leicester, the expression off with his head has been s shown to have taken place by the elements. Sorcery and Witchcraft is also cause of beheadings in history! Not saying this should be done - Sorcery and witchcraft are forbidden being detrimental to people and society. Sorcery defies God!

My previous article identified a Lord King William as the Master and head of a Court in the Land that equates with the Duchy of Lancaster. With the Queen being Duke of Lanaster and Queen of the United Kingdom - Then William and Kate declaring in writing they are Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom, there are people behind the scenes who have a good idea of what is going on.

The lightning bolts all over UK were seen as a reaction from the heavens.

J.F Kennedy spoke out about secret oaths and secret ceremonies. If my previous article, what has been uncovered is a secret ceremony with giving one family eternal rights to rule over the Court and the lands, Lord King William has been a busy boy.

It was announced that that William is to take over from his grandfather as President of Lands in trust. Vast landed estates have been passed down generations without paying inheritance taxes. The Queen already promised Prince Edward would become Duke of Edinburgh when Prince Phillip dies. Are all these people sincere in their faith? There are signs to show something is amiss.

Which banker said 'they do not care which puppet sits on the throne'. What is certain William has not been given divine rights to rule over lands or people. Ruling by deception does not give anyone the right to rule.

Recent articles have identified to Japanese Knotweed and the government have set up a solution costing tens of thousands of pounds to the homeowner. In my dream, the far spreading weed was low in height and is spreading on the ground - taking over the ground. The Japanese Knotweed is said to reduce the property value. Harsh chemicals is going to contaminate the earth more..

While on a walk I noticed Japanese Knotweed next to this groups of nettles. On the other side of the path is growing baby Hawthorne trees - all have appeared by the law of nature. Apparently the older trees appeared this way too.

A thought came to my mind, this could be reflecting what is happening in the world (the Holy Land also came to mind) Are the Japanese involved? The Prime Minister had some press coverage and I wrote an article for him to swap guns for guitars.

'IF' this Japanese Knotweed is connected with the Japanese, who are the nettles representing - nettles sting people? The Hawthorn trees could be seen to represent the living Christ family = people who want to live in peace and not have these self appointed overlords. Nature is revealing something is going on about the land we are all living on - the World Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has seen a few floods - seen to wash the royals influence to rule over the lands and people. This elemental reaction that also replenishes this earth. More floods were reported yesterday including in Cornwall. Prince Charles is also Duke of Cornwall unless there is the passing around of titles to his sons. God know what is going on behind closed doors.

When the House of Lords and House of Commons were burned in Westminster Place in the 1800's that elemental process was evidently to clear out what was happening at the time. A set up of people who lost their way? A clear out taking place?

Months ago I had a vision of a palace flattened. This could happen. This has happened before. With biblical prophesies unfolding, we are in the end times now. The defiant ones are being revealed. There is an expression - the devil has many helpers.

For a Palace to be ruined and flattened, that would be for a reason. Who is deciding to cause harm, particularly to the Jewish people. Whoever sets out to harm Jewish people will end up being ruined - (Esther Holy Scriptures). That does not give permission for Jewish people to cause harm any people - Trust God, who is the Boss, the Judge and Punisher of ALL.

Years ago I was told there are people involved in rituals for power and wealth. Many people have said they would or have sold their soul to the devil - this is for profit. The expression 'the devil sits on the throne' could be when someone has been possessed by the devil himself. History knows truths about this matter and history repeats itself til people learn the lesson.

England the country, where people are being mislead to give up their rights and freedoms to a system that violates people. A system that took British and Americans to war based on lies (Tony Blair has his oath of allegiance to the Queen and her family) Officials refuse to do right by people. A system where officials are having to obey orders and now officials are being asked to commit crimes. A system that is causing loss, suffering and hardship to people. A system that is not eliminating the cause of illness, instead treatment is reaping huge profit -A system that keeps people in ignorance and obedience to conform - The Beast!

After Margaret Thatcher selling Council owned properties, now officials are deciding to build more. These will likely be built under a new corporation that has been already established. The landowner will collect rent and the council, house taxes too. Then in Big Brother spying Britain, the laws for parking, stopping starting, speeding, going through lights will continue raking in billions of pounds a year, along with parking permits. People are sleeping to what is happening or they are completely blind.

The system, officials have said is corrupt. This cannot continue forever.

The law of nature alerted my attention when seeing the Spencer Court Apartment block building was demolished (Spencer Law Court), The area flooded 4 times since June 2012. The Jubilee relates to Jubilee Laws in the Bible.

Before 'Spencer Court' in Newcastle was demolished, the land gave way under the building 'exposing the dark columns underground' - The Land owner and Law Court Partners? The Ancient Temples have Light columns above ground. God's Government is in the heavens. On this earth is supposed to be God's footstool. This could be placed anywhere. It is here for a reason.

Time will tell if people will report of a spreading weed with long tentacles. My dream was as if happening and could be a premonition of what is to unfold. Early Last year I had a dream of a great wave coming over the houses and the following day all was clear with the sun shining.. A few years ago I had three dreams with floods over this land. The flash floods make people think and remember that there is a far higher authority governing over this world than those who smile and wave while plotting to deceive everyone.

The Land I am living on is the Duchy of Lancaster. While I have wanted to move, my situation and health has prevented me to. However, I have been shown another looking at the map, more is revealed as to why being guided to see!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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