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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Lady Gaga Expressive Creative Messenger

Everything we see has meaning and every belonging we own has an emotional connection. When we wear something, this is our personal expression. Lady Gaga is by far one of the most known people in our world today. The audience and fan base have made her stay in the limelight.

While songs and music carry messages, Lady Gaga is against bullying and not only is one of her songs titles 'Born This Way' - Lady Gaga is by this also reminding everyone that we are who we are by birthright. One of God's Laws relates to the 'First Born' Birthright.

The Daily Mail has published a number of photographs of Lady Gaga these days. I am going to share some of these because evidently they are carrying some message too.

Lady Gaga, with dark hair swept back with paint on her face and wearing black. 'Black and blue' came to mind as if bruised. The media wrote 'war paint'. There is an expression being in the wars, as in when been fighting or attacked. Lady Gaga is in Los Angeles when this was taken.

Lady Gaga is with Ryan Seacrest. Ryan Seacrest works on radio, television presenting and production of the Kardashians and a show about an Iranian family. Not seeing either. However there are wars taking place and innocent people are being killed. Warmongers silence the peacemakers.

Quote 'Look familiar? Gaga on the front cover of her new album ARTPOP, shot by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin' - Lady Gaga looks as if she has been crying with makeup on and rubbing her eyes. The white reminded me of a shroud. She is awake with what is happening in our world.

Lady Gaga with long brown hair cradling the arm of someone - we see the mediation pose. Lady Gaga whose real name is a Catholic who has posted photographs in prayer following the Santa Maria fire in Brazil that stole over 200 innocent peoples lives. What people forget is Lady Gaga is a person in the entertainment business, privately her heart, intention and prayers are her very own.

Lady Gaga getting into a car with a minder holding the door. The black outfit has netting on the back, shows she is partially exposed. Her head is part shaved with a crucifix with letters R and O. Is Lady Gaga Rhesus O negative from the Christ family?

There is an orange illuminated light on the open car door near Lady Gaga's thigh. The traffic lights are on Green. The 'P' is for parking, is white with Royal blue background. 'Ross' is seen, a name connected with Scotland. Every detail has some meaning of what we can see.

Lady Gaga wearing a revealing outfit....look behind her to what is being revealed. There appears to be buildings on fire. A man is standing wearing white shirt. Looking closer there appears to be other figures of people. Disturbing at this is, we are meant to see this too.

Quote 'Skin-baring: Earlier in the day, Gaga looked just as provocative, sauntering along to a gay bar in West Hollywood, California wearing just a black lace bra, frayed black shorts and knee-high black boots' - In the background a white van with LAW written can be seen and a man on the phone. Lady Gaga is holding hands behind back 'as if' handcuffed and being arrested'.

Quote 'Just a quick trip: She popped into the longtime gay hotspot and went unrecognized as she listened to one of her new singles from her upcoming album ARTPOP' - Lady Gaga was not alone for this trip as seen in the car. Behind the mirror is reflections of someone big wearing a white top and fans taking pictures.

Quote 'In the nude: Gaga recently released other images promoting her upcoming album, including a futuristic shot featuring her naked - but for boots and bizarre glasses - atop a chair made from computer parts' - Wearing long brown hair, both eyes open; the glasses are like electrodes that pick up and send signals. With our eyes being the windows of our soul, the ability to see and our soul to connect with other souls is revealed. The computer components show connected computers.

Pictured in white being surrounded by people - Notice the White Cross on her heart. White is a symbol of purity and pure intentions is shown here. Lady Gaga is loved and her fans feel loved and cared for by her. Individuals are on stage telling people they are loved and worthy and people are listening. In our world there are so many young people who have lost their way and yet once they have a sense of belonging, knowing people do love and care, they become stronger together.

Despite people thinking there is some competition between the Pop Princess's and Queen's of Pop, has it not occurred that there are a great many born royals in this world? People have written 'Gaga is an attention seeker' - how many people are actually paying attention to her message?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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