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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

HERNE HILL London - Flood. Why?

Another flood in London this time. The Daily Mail are quick to report with more photographs. Each picture is a scene, a location and the reason for being. Photographers capture in a moment a snapshot and so what is to be is not always planned.

This flood has been reported to be caused by a burst water pipe.

The scene is presented at the junction of Herne Hill and Half Moon Lane. It has been named. The area is flooded by piped water and so this is water that is being pumped somewhere, perhaps to peoples homes at a cost. This is before:

It is unknown how much the water corporation is making for what was once a free resource. Furthermore toxins are put in our water, so people are not only forced to pay for this (probably paying for this) toxins that contribute to cancer and debilitation of brain functioning. Then because water tastes vile in some areas, people are buying bottled water. A racket.

The Yellow fronted shop is the Half Moon Dental Clinic. On the window is a half moon shape with a big smile. Next door we can see 'Born' written clearly and also what is visible in part of a sign as HA - or could be HAL.

HAL are abbreviations of Holland American Shipping Line.

In the ancient times, Noahs Ark was built because of the Great Flood and so any flooding can be seen to be replicating this connection. At the time the people had sinned and refused to repent. Something is going on in Herne Hill to take notice of.

Because the Scene is in London, this concerns directly this area. Now it could be with burst water pipes, much like the purse is full and over flowing. However in keeping with the theme of washing the land, this might even be being done by and with the corporate structure. Perhaps British officials are waking up and refusing to put up with self appointed overlords too.

Herne Hill is a district in south London, England, around four miles from Charing Cross Herne Hill is bordered by Brixton, Denmark Hill, Dulwich, Loughborough Junction and Tulse Hill., overlapping the boundary boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark.

The area is home to the 50.8 ha (125.5 acres) Brockwell Park; near the hilltop stands Brockwell Hall, built in 1831. The hall and land were opened to the public in 1891 after being purchased by London County Council.

The Herne Hill Velodrome, hosted the track cycling events in the 1948 Summer Olympics. The same park also has a football pitch and was the home of Crystal Palace F.C. from 1915 until 1918. (NIKE 1948 store was reported to be r-opened in 2011) Here on this land was also Crystal Palace football club - a name of a physical building that became an exhibition centre.

The Church of St Paul on Herne Hill, looking on googlemaps has a blue sign with bright yellow writing. Saint Paul was an Apostle of Jesus Christ. The blue is the same colour worn on the Queen's sash and seen connnected wtih the Ukranian Orthodox too. As it happens, another article indicated that the Sash is connected with the All Saints Orthodox Church and this would be in context that the Saints had a personal relationship with God, they have been divinely guided and instructed by Jesus Christ himself.

The lake in Sunray Gardens of Elmwood Road and Red Post Hill was originally the fish pond in Casino House (a large estate established in 1796/97, now demolished); the adjoining Casino Estate still bears the house's name.' Casinos are gambling and eating houses. Notice there are people who win, yet the casinos have grown because they profit. There is also reports of money laundering taking place by using Casinos. As with being an element of privacy, this also protects the casino founders from investigation too.

With Denmark Hill, Prince Phillip is Danish and this landmark is identifiis the paternal nationality of his children and grand children. The day after another dream, I was guided to discover in Denmark a statue on land of 4 huge men sitting on thrones. There is a dog named the Great Dane. There are sharp minds family in this particular lineage of Dukes and Earls. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse also comes to mind - Please keep an open mind. What is relevant is going to come to light and something is going on.

With Brockwell Hall, being purchased by London County (Castle - written by mistake is meant to be) Council. London Castle is where? A Hall used by the local Magiatrate to decide the law and punishment. Is London Castle making more laws for the people?

Brockwell Hall was built between 1811-1813 when the area was part of Surrey. In earlier artitles last year, I had written about Thronton Heath, Surrey where I was born. This has been revealed as important being born on Beulah Crescent and this connecting with Beulah Land - the Holy Land. Also Thornton means Thorn Town - consider the Crown of Thrones. As it happened, a gentleman who was also preparing the way and evidently guided Lord Leverhulme lived in Thornton Hall and built a castle too.

Of course, we can look at the Omen Movie and Damien Thorn. The depicted movie was created at a time perhaps to show a future agenda and to also have a an ruling over England and America. Then people were inspired and knew what was going on behind the scenes. Only recently has cloning humans come to light although common sense should be aaying this has been going on for a long time. As it happens the ease nd acceptance of IVF programes is done on trust, however people have been accepting how this is done for decades already. The test tube baby phenomenon must have undergone some testing to see if the outcome would produce a healthy human being.

As it happens, looking more into this area, Eugenics comes to light and the Eugenics Society. There is a mindset who have been involved in human experimentation and deciding who shall live and who shall die. This is not new. The Royals have taken it upon theirselves to ignore the commandments of Godand even arm Christians to go fight their bloody wars - particularly to conquest land.

At one time I am told, Queen Victoria had 3/4 of the world in her possession. She family sit on the thrones in Europe. Perhaps her intention was pure, then again, perhaps it was not. We do not know the truth. The royals today are not like those who are from the ancient times meaning Jesus Christ and his mother, however, they do claim to be related with genleaogy. Incidently another report wrote of Queen Victoria paying then in her life £1 milion to trace her genealogy to King David. The truth is unknown.

So the Galton Institute that is named, is in this area. The problem is the degenerate minds who beleive they are superior beings, who might be still functioning with very primitive values. A jungle mentality in life will lead in this way. If we are to live as in the animal kingdom, lets get rid of all the weapons and see who really is the protector and predator. Both do exist and everything is because it is meant to be. However, we are all given laws to live by and there are abominations going on.

Eugenics is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human hereditary traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of more desired people and traits and reduced reproduction of less desirable people and traits.

Intelligence, Refinement, Conscious and Conscientiousness can be developed with upbringing, personal and social awareness. What people watch they learn from and children from a young age are being taught by the programes they watch on televison and the people they grow up with. As every child is individual. they will evolve accordingly. Learning of a lady from a very rough upbringing and poor area, who grew up knowing prostitution, drugs and alcohol addictions,seeing the cycle of self destruction of crime, she decided to train to be a lawyer and address the issues - she decided to change her life. That decision came from within her being.

The Eugenics mindset would have cast her in the no hope garbage can. It is evident that there is 'stem cell' research going on and escalating. This is quite likely inclusive of the Eugenics programe. People are being vaccinated in all sorts of potions as portrayed as preventative measures, sold as being for their safety. What if this is the opposite?

Soldiers/troops are given a number of vaccinations and some vaccinations have been discovered to contain DNA. People now are using religious grounds to refuse vaccinations. Not long ago someone was complaining about Jehovahs Witnesses and yet from the founding of this, came the warning to people not to accept other peoples blood. Since not only the HIV and AIDS has been brought to light, now synthetic blood is apparently being made. We have different bloodgroups for a reason 'because God designed this to be' - Our blood is also our lifeforce, which is why learning of people involved in Satanic Rituals and Vampires consume it.

This flood cause is said to be when a 3ft wide mains pipe burst. So this is directly connected on land and the main people who are over this land and in charge. Because water is fluid, it flows. Owning of the waters has allowed commercialisation and piping water on land that has also been possessed and owned, allows the landowner to earn from this too.

With the announcment of William and Kate delcaring their occupations officially on a legal document - a regisration of birth certificate, do not ignore that this has identified the birth of their newly decided status too. The heavens reacted with the plans and agenda of their baby being a king and overlord over the people (evidently who do not see God as their boss and do not have a personal relationship with Christ so they are easily rejecting him to accept a flawed human being - WE are not perfect.

In relation to the flood above, particularly with the land being with named Half Moom land ' the dark side of the moon' just came to mind. We see the light but the truth of what is going on is hidden. Incidently Kate Middleton was born on a full moon apparently so watch how she is sold - silly me, she has been heavily sold for a long time already. Her baby is drinking your energy.

The future of the monarchy has been preserved by keeping people in the dark where they have forgotten who is the authority and especally that actually it is God who appoints who is going to sit on the throne. Man has defied God for a long tome.

Lawyers speak of natural law and the law of nature taking its is obvious by speaking to many that they are not of the mindset with social conscience or in understanding that every decision brings consquuence. They are not of the understanding by ignoring matters that are of grave consequence and detrimental to the whole of mankind, the evil will escalate. They are now in a sysetm by taking their oath to overlords who have no right to e ruling over lands or people - they planned this to be.

Speaking to an elderly Barrister a couple of years ago, he said Pauline, 'unfortunately, what was once a noble profession is no longer what it used to be.- The man is one of the last of a dying breed of people with integrity in UK. And this gentlemen said he would take on my case but I needed to go through a lawyer, because not all Barristers have public access. Not one lawyer out of hundreds would work for justice. The degenerates are not found just in the people who have been deliberately kept down.

Take a look at these people, a storekeeper who is providing groceries for the locals clearing their shop of water. This shop owner knows where the food is being bought from. Many fresh foods are bought from market gardeners -reliable resources and trusted services is what people have sought. Once providing nutrious meals for a family, has lost it's importance. The supermarkets are a magnet for people buying 'junk food' and also a vast amount of foods have addictives and preservatives. Around 6000 products contains Apsartame, yet this was found to be deadly and dangerous, from brain tumors in rats. Are people really being protected?

Governments decide what people consume, Cartels control the prices.

The police are paid to protect the people - this is supposed to be their job. Because they are also following instruction from the office, they might not even be aware of any deeper reason of why anthing happens. They right not be aware of the universal laws of cause and consequence. They might not be aware that this flooding is to reveal a reason. Behind these officials are the flood and a large bucket is tipped over. Remembering a lawyer speaking about 'not opening the can of worms'. They Know!

The shop is named 'Just Williams' then on the other side of the tree 4 way Pharmacy.My grandmother owned shoops one was rented to a pharmacy who were highly ethical and recommended natural treatment. To take swelling from mosquito bite with camomile tea compress. Not sure if poeple know this, however it did work with the swelling of my eye and surrounding area and itching gone.

There is a four way sign in the photograph in the centre of the water area at the begining of this article. Streams become rivers and rivers enter the seas. The Queen ship is known as Queen of the Seas. The elements include water provision and this vital resource sustains life and growth. Water is also used to put out fire - and earth too. Nature thrives natually. When anyone goes against the laws of nature, they are defying the cosmic order and all that is out of order, must be brought back into balance again.

A Prince is another title for a monarch and so.....The man who makes the laws has been deciding the rules people live by. The Trust held land owners and the Prince are now in a collaboration for Prince William has been made President of Lands in Trust.

'Nice man' William might be - no one is perfect or completely trustworthy. See people for what they are, not for the masks they war, their titles or wealth. Do you hold respect for the big drug barons who supply...would you even know one?

With a yellow illuminated sign that warns 'caution slippery floor' in the background, this man has used his initative to lift up the lady so that she does not get her feet wet. People have forgotten to take notice of their insticts and see that actually, we are in tune with what is happening. Remembering seeing a man with a board strapped to him saying 'there are signs everythwere'. Another expression - 'the writing is on the wall'. Seeing the landmarks and road signs, they really do provide more information.

'Floating along: This photo taken from the ground shows the fire brigade moving their boat across the flood' - appreciation for the Daily Mail for pointing this out. Where with the police photo the black bucket is over, the fire brigade are holding the blue bucket. Notice also the pale yellow pillars of the scaffolding. The Royal Blue Sash is connected with the Temple Church. And in the ancient Temple, this was built with pillars above gruond on top of solid foundations. Firemen are 'rescue workers'

Scaffolding is used in building and restoration. With the yellow coveer in this support, the impression is being given that the Temple Church is being restored with the help of the people - all who are under the umbrella of God. That tall dark lamp post might provide light to the street 'at a price' and yet the light that comes from the heavens is Priceless.

The ground floor of a flat is being shown flooded with the stairs leading to the photorapher. The image caption identifies Thames Water and there is of course the main river running through London named the River Thames. We are shown that the ground floor of the foundation has been flooded and yet people can claim insurance from this multi-trillion pound industry (another one) - if people are paying for a service, they have rights. People paying for 'clean water' do not want deliberate added chemicals to poison us.

The Metropolitan police helicopter captured this image. It seems the train travels on the Bridge over the ground here. The Metropolitain Police was founded in Bury, Greater Manchester and since has connected with other areas. This explains why the police all have their individual hats and badges. They are the Queen's helper to make sure the people are protected. In this case they are bringing to the people's attention an overview of the situation. Notice the impression of the water being pale yellow too.

Metropolitain has Greek origin in meaning Mother City.

Firefighters on a boat in Herne Hill - think about this. Just yesterday having discovered some underhandedness of a castle on a hill with an eternal court being set up in an araa that equates with the Duchy of Lancaster. As the Duke of Lancaster is also Head of the Commmonwealth nations, I am unsure if the carefully secret plan was to include these too. Could be.

William was given an honorary law degree to meet a fundamental criteria to be the CEO of The Law Corporation. People who are not lawyers are not allowed to own a law firm. All lawyers take an oath of office work in the court. The reason why Christians are forbidden to take oaths is because this is being used against them. Yet consider why in the marriage vow 'Whom god has brought together, let no man part'. - it is lawyers who assist the divorce process and also dividing families here. Some legal work is known as ''deviling'.

The London Borough of Southwark includes the City of London and it is in the City of London that the financial district is located. It is in the city that the Temple (where Barristers chambers are) and an old Temple Church that festured in the Da Vinci Code movie too. It is in the City of London that Fleet Street and the media are located. The government say what can and cannot be published. They are blocking truths that are important for people to know for their safety and well being. Instead now a sell is taking place The City of London is, if I recall where the Queen must ask permission to enter, of course she has not been refused.

On the matter in relation to the media, the huge scandal about people having their telephone calls listened to - we all are.Our every move can be tracked. People are asked now in a few shops to provide their postcode for purchases. Paying by credit card already has the details of the purchaser, where they live and what they buy. This information can be used to people's benefit and detriment. One time some activity taking place with my credit card was brought to my attention to warn me. The potential to have a highly efficient machine taking care of the technical details with ethical people is there now. Unfortunately not everyone is ethical.

Apparently just from what has been happening - God is having none of this! This appears to be about the man and his wife, who is taking the place as the head of the monarchy and shepherding THEM. There is an extensive royal family. What else?

On the front the British royals seem nice people and could be. In history there have been murderous minds; even killing off their own family to succeed to the throne. This could happen again. Harry's simple script is telling people he is 'just 'one of us'.

Water, once a free resource for everyone, could even be reasonably supplied with a token fee. One final point, has a decision been made in these days about the water and water supply for the pipes to burst so that water can run free? Could be!

The River Thames brings to mind the Themes Valley Police. It is shown that the police, who are Queen Elizabeth's servants to take care and protect the people, are already in position to take care of the Land of River Thames Valley too. The 8 pointed star police wear on their hats and badges has meaning. Without Christ they would not be Servants of Christ either. And as Prince William and Kate Middleton chose to use a Court in to Sue and gain compensation in France, they can also be arrested and prosecuted here too.

Being forced into court was not my choice. Officials broke the law. Now I also understand more why the case with legal corruption endures - theft of inheritance includes first born birthright. Hopefully it will not drag on forever. Justice WILL BE Done!

The Southwark Coat of Arms Motto clearly states: United To Serve.

What is most interesting is this land being 'Surrey' - where I was born. Refusal and Obstruction to Justice is a very serious crime.
In Thornton Heath, Surrey a building has been named Westminster Court. The Royal Courts of Justice are in the City of Westminster where is Westminster Cathedral. Westminster Abbey (St. Peter's) is where the Queen was/is Crowned in a 'Solemn Ceremony'.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringement intended.

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